Gone only 3 days and it all goes to...UPDATE

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he!! in a handbasket.

I left on Wednesday to bring easy child to her extern in VA and difficult child seemed fine...she was working, visiting her sick aunt, being well behaved. Then Friday got here...H found empty beer and wicked iced tea bottles and caps in MY car yesterday morning. Talked with difficult child, thought they had an understanding. I came home late last night and talked with difficult child at 11PM. She asked if she could come home at midnight, I said yes. She called at midnight and said they were going to be late, they would be in around 12:30 (her BFF was with her). I said fine, took my shower and started reading my book. 1:25 AM and still no difficult child. Hmmm, I call her friend and read her the riot act, tell her she can't sleep over - has to go to HER house and wake up HER parents at 2AM, drop difficult child off on the way. difficult child comes stumbling in at 2AM (I heard her friend peel out) totally wasted drunk. I send her to bed, she can't sleep and asks me if I will come talk with her, ahem "NO, go to sleep" (I am dead tired from traveling all day). Today, she's remorseful, wants to kill herself and says she's no good, a bad human being, calls one of her loser friends and he convinced his mom to come pick up difficult child!! I called the mom, filled her in and difficult child is staying put. I also discovered that difficult child didn't take her medications for 2 days while I was gone...thanks H. Ugh.

This is somewhat new, the drinking business, when will it end? I don't think I can take the whole summer like this. And worse, since difficult child graduated, it's not like school will begin in the fall. And I'm so angry with her BFF, the kid who has basically lived at our house for the past 5 years! I want to call her mom and tattle but I know the kid would get punished and be banned from our house...she is difficult child's ONLY close friend. All the rest are far away from our home and kind of losers.

This week we're applying to some local community colleges so difficult child can enroll in a fall class or two. She needs to do something!!!

And she's been shopping for a car - ha! What a joke that is.

Lord, give me strength.


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To me...that's the worst part. Not being able to count on seeing
"the light at the end of the tunnell". It's like open-ended torture! Sorry. I had a drunk last night too. Bummer. DDD

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difficult child just showed me some welts on her wrist. Obviously, it's just an attention grabber - if she really wanted to do it, she easily could have. I can never tell if she's just trying to deflect our attention from her bad behavior or if she's really that depressed. Not taking her medications for two days and drinking on top of that is obviously a precursor for this behavior, but it still really gets to me. I have so many other worries for my easy child right now (long story) and I come home and now this.

difficult child is on the phone with our family DR right now - she wanted to speak with her and since she's very easy to talk with, we paged her. I hope she can offer some words that will help difficult child get over herself. I gave her a xanax to calm her down, so she must sound a little out there...but then again, she is also quite upset so she sounded a little out there already.

It's almost 4PM and I haven't had one calm moment yet since I woke up. And I have to go back to work tomorrow after being out all last week. This bites.


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Ugh. My daughter was a drinker. I hate to break the news to you, but it's possible she's been drinking all along. I didn't know my daughter drank, but she did (along with abusing drugs). It's amazing what they can pull. When my daughter was on her drug/drinking kick, she often self-abused. Hugs--I hope it gets better. I know how it is.


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sorry I don't have any words of wisdom to offer other than I hope things get better. Is difficult child working? That could help to give her something to be responsibile for and something to remain "on her toes" for????????

Big hugs, I hope tomorrow is a little more settled. :angel:



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I don't have any experience with this, so I have no words of advice to offer, but did want to send along some gentle hugs for you!

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We just got home from the hospital. difficult child will do a partial hospital program ><hopefully>< if my lousy insurance will cover it. Otherwise we will have to wing it with our family doctor until we find a new psychiatrist. ugh.

difficult child seems okay, a little dopey with all the medications they gave her last night to calm her down, but okay. She just showered and is cuddling with her pooch. on the other hand, I am a wreck and feel like hammered doo doo. I also caught easy child's wicked cold and only got about 4 hours sleep last night, if that.

Thanks for the hugs and support.