Good Middle of the Week Morning!!

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    :beautifulthing: Good Morning Fellow Warrior Parents!

    It's the middle of the week already! I thought I would use something other than the cold icons we have been using each morning for the last few weeks. We know it's cold......thought I would use something to show how good it was to open my eyes and put my fee on the floor this morning.

    I don't usually go to the 6am water fitness class on Wednedays, but easy child, her best bud, and my cousin are going on a collectibles shop and second hand store shopping spree this morning!!!!! So, I thought I would get my workout in early rather than skipping. It's always tough to go out and get that car started at 5:40 :2cold:.

    difficult child came home from school about two weeks ago and said, "My art teacher said I should take the animation class." Once questioned, I found out this was an after school, twice a week, program that starts end of this month. A local artist from one of our local artist workshops, will come in and work with 10 kids. They will do all kinds of cool stuff including clay camera stop animation. Went in on Friday afternoon to deliver his form to the art teacher and she said the class was already full! She wondered why difficult child hadn't brought the paper in sooner. Anyway, she and I sat down and talked a little since I've not done that with her and found out that difficult child is one of her fav students! She said he is such a sweet kid, always follows directions, and she never has to speak to him! Well, knock me over with a feather!!!!!!!!!! Sure she had the right kid????

    Anyway, we chatted and I told her this was the only after school thing difficult child has wanted to do in middle school. His 1:1 has tried to get him to sign up for stuff and told him he would stay. Yesterday I got a text message from the 1:1 and he said that Ms. R said she talked to the artist and she thinks she got difficult child in the class!

    I am thrilled that difficult child actually wants to stay after school twice a week and is interested in something other than his easy child or 360!!!!!! Keep your fingers crossed this works out.

    Well, gotta run and throw down a little more caffine!! Have a great Wednesday everyone :peaceful:

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    Good morning to all

    Sharon - Tell me the secret of your difficult child's new interest. My difficult child spends all his time on the easy child playing a game or on 360. I want to know this secret. Enjoy the water fitness.

    Science fair was last night. I was so proud of him. Although when I got there first thing he said was, so how much do I have to study tonight. When I told him he needed to read through all the notes he snapped at me. husband was there too, i avoided as much as possible. difficult child gave a wonderful presentation to the judges. I did have to leave and get in a nap before work. i do not know the outcome.

    And, tonights the night. I am so scared. husband and I are seeing the therapist together. Or atleast I think he is going. We haven't spoken. I just informed him the other day that we had an appointment at 5:30 tonight. I am really afraid.

    This is my last night of work. I have worked the past 8 nights. (12am - 12pm). Looking forward to 4 off. Four days full of appointments though.

    Have a great Wednesday.
  3. Kjs

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    After my post I realized the date and had to update my signature. Kenzie is 2 today. She is definately a difficult child dog. Must be touching you always. Now she is a teen too.
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    G'day, folks.

    Sharon/LDM, the shopping trip sounds like fun, I love pottering around 2nd handshops and antiques.And it's really exciting about the art class, I really hope difficult child has a place.

    Kjs, happy birthday to Kenzie. I hope difficult child has done well on the Science fair, it sounds like he deserves to. And I'm thinking of you with the therapist appointment, I hope husband turns up and cooperates. Keep remembering what I said - his behaviour is NOT about you in any way, do not accept any of the blame he is trying to thrust on you. You are a good person, a worthwhile and beautiful person, this is about communication and sharing, it's not about sex.

    husband & I have just got home after our anniversary dinner. We started our anniversary celebrations early this morning, we caught the early boat and then from the boat, walked to the cinema. It was lovely and cool in the cinema, even though it was still early, the day was really heating up outside.

    We saw "Doubt", I can heartily recommend it. I beleive it is based on a play, from what we could determine, the play script must be brilliant. Layers within layers, but not so that you have to dig through it all to work out what it's all about. Brilliant acting from not just Meryl Streep and Philip Seymour Hoffman, but from all other cast members too.

    We left the cinema with just enough time to grab some takeaway, and then head for the boat again. We could have stayed to browse around the shops (the place is like a resort, lots of touristy shops, cafes, clothing boutiques) but decided to eat our lunch back on the boat heading home.

    Once we got home, we gave difficult child 3 our leftovers (we'd left him at home for the morning) and then head for the beach. But we found a mini-crisis with difficult child 3's medical bills which took time to sort out, then when I was putting in my contact lenses to go for a swim, the first lens broke up in my eye, and it took some time to get the pieces out. Luckily they're soft contact lenses.

    By the time we got to the beach, the afternoon storm was looming and dark, we only had about an hour before the thunder became really loud and we decided home was safer.

    Then it was a shower to get the salt off, and time to get dressed to drive out to dinner. We drove through the storm, most of it missed us although we did have a few drops of rain. We were able to leave the car windows down, mostly.

    A lovely dinner, a pleasant, warm summer evening, an early night. Another hot day tomorrow for husband's birthday, I'm going to let him play all by himself in his shed. Isn't that what most men want?

    Enjoy your Wednesday.

  5. Rabbit

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    Good Morning All! Just enough
    time today to say Hi and have a good
    day! Hugs Rabbit
    I will keep you all in my thoughts And
  6. Wiped Out

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    Good Morning,

    Sharon-Good for difficult child for showing some interest! My fingers are crossed that everything works out!! You are amazingly dedicated getting in the pool at this hour!!

    Kjs-I'm saying a prayer all goes well at the appointment. tonight. I'm glad you are getting some time off-you deserve it!

    Marg-Happy Anniversary!! It sounds like a lovely day except the bills and contact part!!

    We're due for a heat wave today-they are forecasting 29 degrees today and 35 tomorrow before the bitter cold returns on Friday and Saturday!

    After work today we have to take difficult child to his monthly psychiatrist appointment. It's much needed but I'm not sure there is much we can do medication wise right now.

    Wishing everyone a peaceful day:peaceful:
  7. timer lady

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    Good morning friends,

    Sharon ~ art is such a fun fascinating (in my humble opinion) past time. GO difficult child!

    kjs ~ wishing you luck at the therapist's. Marital counseling can be some of the toughest.

    Marg ~ belated happy anniversary to you & husband.

    Rabbit ~ a good day to you as well.

    Sharon (with-o) ~ hey we're getting the same heat wave! Amazing! Good luck at psychiatrist.

    Our winter carnival starts this weekend but the ice carving is beginning today. I'm hoping to drive by that park today & catch a glimpse of the sculptors in action.

    I've a neuro doctor appointment this morning & then I take kt to school for a placement mtg. Keep your fingers crossed this works. This child is losing skills by the day yet is terrified to attend that setting. There has to be an answer here someplace.

    Have a peaceful & calm day.
  8. artana

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    Good morning all!! It sounds like you guys have such busy days.

    I am very proud of my sons and their behavior on the bus. They have been having more good days than bad days lately. I love them so much!

    It is freeezing today. Back to temperatures like last Thursday. *sigh* I am so not a Northener. I need to go back to the tropics.
  9. Andy

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    Little Dude's Mom - The shopping spree of collectibles and second hand stores sound fun. I am so glad that your difficult child has found something he really likes to do.

    Kjs - I hope difficult child received a great grade on his project. Good luck at the appointment tonight.

    Marg - Sounds like you had a very nice anniversary day. I hope husband has a great birthday tomorrow.

    Rabbit - Have a great day today!

    Wiped Out - Enjoy the "heat wave".

    Timer - I love ice sculptures. Good luck with the meeting.

    Artana - Proud of your kids! What a peaceful feeling when bad days turn into good days. Stay warm.

    Yesterday nothing absolutely nothing went as planned. I arrived at work to find that there was training at the new facility but no one knew if I was suppose to be there. I dropped off Annual Plans at one of our vendors and headed over to the new building. I should have skipped it. I left when we were dismissed at noon without the one training session that I needed. This morning there is a refresher so I am going at 8:00 to get that training. Hopefully back to the office for awhile (I am sooooo far behind) and then back to the new building for telephone training.

    Yesterday I also did not have a cell phone and could not get hold of my friend regarding lunch. I was going to cancel our plans but finally asked a co-worker to borrow her cell phone so I could call. We did meet for lunch.

    After school, difficult child and I visited our local county museum to see what changes they have made. Then back home to wait for husband to come home. I was going to go into work. easy child called and asked if I was going to take the sign language class with K. It was last night from 6:00 - 7:00. Neither of us were registered. husband dropped me off at work a few minutes after 5:00 and picked me up about 5:50 to get to the class. I will have to go into community education today to pay for this. Last night was numbers and letters. Numbers 11 - 20 are different from what I have learned and I need to work on "reading" signs. It was a fun class and I did learn some little details that I don't remember from 25 years ago.

    The stress is mounting. I NEED to find time to spend in my office. Hopefully tonight? The good news is that the work orders I have been struggling with have finally been approved for signature. However, that means time away from my normal work to deal with that. Aghhhh.

    When I arrived home from the class last night, difficult child was pushing the last button on the bread machine to have delayed baking. The bread is coming out right now! Yummmmm!

    Everyone have a great day today! Find a way to make your difficult child laugh!

  10. dreamer

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    timerlady- MANY thanks! I had forgotten about the winter carnival here, it is also this week.....had been cancellled several years- well many parts of it due to too warm weather and not enough snow. THANK YOU for reminding me!

    LDM- how cooll about the animation class. My son signed up for one at our college, it is for homeschooled kids, but it got cancelled due to lack of enrollment...but he is currently taking a similar class there...and waiting for next semester. That is so wonderful to hear of him being a favorite student!

    kjs, Im not sure if I have a popular opinion here, but I always resented when there was an outside of school hours school thing and still lots of (or any) homework. I resented those days for taking all MY time with my child from me for a day. and if I were a child, I can easily see them thinking yeesh, I go to school all day, I go to this extra thing after and then I also still have homework, too? I am VERY happy to hear you have a day off! I know you will be busy, but....lady, you work so hard! Good luck with the appointment. PM me if you want to. I also did the nite shifts and the loooong shifts. It was SO hard.

    Marg- ewe yukky ouch about the contact! HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Margs Man ..(and also to kjs Kenzie! LOL) I know I myself am weary from medical bill crisises.....we have gov ins from military.and easy child and difficult child get help from state aid, and the condition of our state has been a huge problem in claims being paid........which angers the docs and pharmacy..and is quite time consuming for patients. You do sound like you are haveing a lot of good times, tho.I am so happy for you!

    Rabbit- HI to you! :)

    Artana, - keep warm! thats great about the behavior on the bus! a warm thought to help keep you warm?

    wiped out- good luck at the appointment. LOL when I saw temp rise to 10 I said oh my get out the swimsuits. my kids just LOL'ed.

    Adrianne- Im hoping today goes better than yesterday, glad you were able to do lunch yesterday. Oh bread sounds so yummy! we have been working on sign language here, I learned some when I was a child, and my sons scout pack had someone coming and teaching it to us all, and we also get some classes at our park district. easy child and her boyfriend are considering doing baby signing with their baby, too.

    OK Im off to doctor appointment with easy child but they had to call us to reschedule it and now we have to fly off to another town for it......with a diff doctor.becuz the doctor we were scheduled to see got called out. It was humorous yesterday docs office called to cancel appointment..then called to confirm the appointment, becuz whoever made THAT call must not have realized appts were being cancelled.and then they called to say nevermind the confirmation, the appointment is cancelled. At the same time that was going on.I had sent son & husband to buy something and use a credit card. when I use a card, I usually call first to confirm it is good, becuz the last year or so, seems like the cards change their limits, and close accounts and do not always notify first. they called me from store to tell me card was dclined. husband was a little upset and a lot embarrassed. They got home just as the card company called here to alert us to fraud use of the card. Um..nah, it was not fraud, it was US. Trying to make a legit purchase. Oh well. Bummer is, it was not in our town.but across the county. ANd husband only took that one card and no other method to pay...(becuz I had just confirmed the card was good) So after doctor appointment, I will run over and attempt to make the purchase.

    The sun is shining high in the sky, looks so pretty outside. It is still kind of cold, but NOTHING like it had been. :)

    Hope everyone has a wonderful day!