Good Morning Friday


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G'day, everybody.

Well, we're home. At least, easy child 2/difficult child 2 is. Right now she's asleep on her father's side of the (water)bed. She's been sound asleep for hours now. Barely touched her lunch, not eating more than a sliver of food each meal. Just sleeping.

I also have been sleeping - three consecutive days into the city and back has exhausted me and finally caught up. Today was especially bad - no parking. Even the parking station was hard to find anywhere, it was only my disabled permit that found a spot.

And the weather is hot. Very hot. And so humid it should be raining, but it's a blazing sky. Two nights ago on the way home from the hospital we stopped at a fast food place where the air conditioning inside was chilly. The windows outside were completely dripping with condensation, just from the air-con. We're sleeping with the windows open, the fan on and wearing very little. They've forecast it to be hotter tomorrow. And every afternoon now, they've forecast our storms. And they're not arriving in our neck of the woods. I'll know easy child 2/difficult child 2 is feeling a lot better when she joins me outside to dance in the rain.

difficult child 3 is going to need to work on his school assignment over the weekend. That means I'll need to cancel stuff I was planning to do, but I probably would have had to do that anyway.

We'll see - miracles do happen.

Have a good Friday, everyone.



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Well I hope you get some rain. Just how hot are you getting right now? We are finally seeing some signs of spring, the tulips and daffodils are coming up... still cold though. We are having lots of rain here and snow in the mountains, Bald Eagles still around and the Osprey should be back any day. We have a Pileated Woodpecker doing a mating call on our metal roof every morning!!! Very loud, and early. He is pretty though. I am glad your Daughter is resting.

I am going to try and get some as well.

Good night/good morning everyone!!! Happy Spring!!! I spray painted all of our outdoor wicker furniture!!! I let difficult child pick out the colors... purple,yellow, red, orange, turquiose very bright, but pretty!!!


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<span style='font-size: 11pt'>Good Morning my friends.
Marguerite,glad daughter is home and resting. Hope she gets a bit of an appetite soon. The heat sounds awful. I can relate. Get rested. If you wear down then you won't be able to do anything. I'm beginning to think our calendar isn't in sync with the weather The seasons seem to start later than what the calendar says. Stay cool.

Totoro,your wicker furniture sounds festive. Does this wash off or do you keep it like that for the summer?

I'm heading north to the Pitts. area. F I L had both knee joints replaced on Monday. We are going to check up on m i l and see what needs to be done.
easy child finally got an acceptance letter to a university. It's a worry off of my worrier easy child's mind. We have a week yet to wait for the others. It's exciting and a little sad. It's the moving into the next chapter of life. Both easy child and I will have different lives by Sept.
difficult child looks a little shocked that his younger brother will move on. While it seemed natural that difficult child should go away, difficult child never considered that others have a life that doesn't include him as the central point. Reality is a bear to live with.

Hope your day is free of difficult child meltdown. </span>


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Good morning!

Marg- Glad to hear easy child 2?difficult child 2 is at home an resting. It is hard to need to keep doing long drives. Good luck with catching up on the homework this weekend. The heat sounds a little much over there! It is comfortable weather here right now, but the summer heat will be here soon.

Totoro- I was so glad the read about your difficult child news this morning! It is such a relief when a medication is on board that is actually helping and not causing too many side effects!!!

My difficult child still is doing well at home. He got another 100% at school yesterday. My NAMI class was also good last night. We talked about how medications work in the brain and side effects different ones can cause. It is almost the weekend!!!


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Fran- Hope things are well with-father in law. My easy child is also going off to school in the fall. It is a new set of emotions when I think of him moving out and on with his life.


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Good morning, ladies,

Marg, geez, hope you get some rain and get cooled off. You should be taking it easy, more rest for you. Waiting until full exhaustion isn't safe. Glad difficult child 2/easy child is home and resting. I'm sure her appetite will build in time.

Totoro, the outdoor furniture sounds so pretty. Great colors for spring!! She must have been thinking Easter :smile:

Fran, congrats to easy child!! That's wonderful. I'm sorry to hear about difficult child, though. Wonder if it's shock or jealousy, maybe a little of both? Enjoy your trip to Pittsburgh, nice of you to help mother in law out.

Oceans, I am sooooooooo glad difficult child is doing better. What a huge relief. I am just so, so, so, so happy for you! LOL! (Can you tell?). Enjoy your weekend.

Well, aliens took my difficult child 2 away and brought, well, I don't know what. We did family counseling last night and it was a good session. Then we came home, I took Dylan and easy child up to bed, came back down and difficult child 2 was DUSTING the family room!! Then he vacuumed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NOBODY had to ask him! I think he's ill, maybe I should call the E.R.?

I thanked him and gave him a big hug. It was nice.

Today it's just him and I. SO is off to work. We'll drop Dylan and easy child off at the babysitter for school, then difficult child 2 and I have a full day.

We stop first to see the psychiatrist at 8:20 AM. We are going to ask him to write an rx for a Family Based (not Wrap Around, something else) plan to be put in place in home for when he returns. It will be our first step to having intervention in place. difficult child 2 isn't thrilled about the psychiatrist appointment, but understands why we're going.

Then to Wal Mart, need to buy pellets, paintballs, etc for our trip this weekend. Then to the grocery store for snacks!

I have to get my nails done somewhere in between. Then we're going to have lunch.

Home to finish laundry and pack. By the time we get on the road, I'll be exhausted! I hope nobody is relying on me to help them stay awake tonight for the ride LOL (it's a 6 hour ride).

Up to the mountains we go! Won't be home til Sunday. Everyone enjoy your weekend!


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Good morning ladies,

Marg, glad to hear that easy child/difficult child 2 is home & on the mend. I hope you do cancel a few thing & get some rest as well.

totoro, your outdoor furniture sounds very colorful & festive. I love the sound of the birds returning in spring.

Fran, good news about easy child's acceptance letter. It's too true how our difficult children are so self involved they don't realize life is going on about them. Every now & then kt or wm are surprised out of their cocoon.

oceans, I'm so glad to hear that difficult child continues to do well. Rattling beads this continues.

Today is my day with no appointments; kt will be leaving for school in 45 minutes or so. Groceries to get into the house, light dusting & a quick vacuum through the house. Then I'm going out to prune back my rose tree. It's over 12 feet tall & taken over my kitchen window. I was told by someone at the UM agricultural center that I can & should cut my tree back now before it starts to bud & bloom.

Really not much more I can do in my yard until the ground dries out a bit otherwise the grass will be damaged.

Have a good one all - keep it calm.

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Good Morning,

Marguerite-I'm glad easy child/difficult child is home. I hope you both get some rest and a break from that awful heat.

Totoro-I hope you get your rest. The colors for your patio furniture sound fun!

Fran-Yeah for easy child :bravo:I'm sure it will seem strange for difficult child not to have him around. I hope your father in law is doing well and that you enjoy your trip.

Oceans- I'm glad difficult child is doing so well! Your class sounds interesting!

Janna-How nice that difficult child 2 was helping. Sounds like a nice but busy day. I hope your weekend is fantastic!

Linda-Enjoy your day of no appts.

Last night was the last of the wrestling for difficult child except his banquet in April-it'll be good to not be running around but difficult child will miss it.

Today is difficult child's last day of suspension. Hopefully it will go better this morning than yesterday morning. Yesterday afternoon he slept which was nice. Actually I have a lot of running around today to get ready for the trip so we will be doing school stuff but not as heavy duty because this stuff has to get done. Usually we would have exhausted ourselves and done it last night. It won't make the suspension fun for difficult child 'cause he hates doing this kind of stuff.

Right after husband and easy child are done with work/schoo we are heading out for the weekend. I'm looking forward to the wedding.

Gotta run cause difficult child is being a PITA. Enjoy your day and weekend. Hi to anyone who snuck in. :kisses:


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:smile: Happy Friday :smile:

We made it!!!!! Sorry I can't address each one of you this morning - I do enjoy addressing each of you in my morning posts but, I haven't even had my shower yet and it's 7:15. easy child and got into a great conversation this morning about the Crusades (she was showing me a Crusade recruitment poster she had to do for history). We talked so long, we are both running about 1/2 hour late!

Wishing everyone a great Friday and a good weekend!



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Good morning!
I'm running late this morning. Sorry about not addressing each one of you. I have to get Duckie ready for school & get myself ready for fish fry prep. Ugh. No one should feel rushed until after 9 am.
Good Morning Everyone :coffee:,

Marg, I'm glad easy child/difficult child 2 is home!!! I hope you and easy child/difficult child 2 get the rest you need and easy child/difficult child 2 is feeling well enough to eat and dance in the rain with you soon!!! Keeping all my body parts crossed...

Totoro, I would love to see your outdoor furniture!!! Maybe difficult child is a budding artist...

Fran, I hope father in law is doing well. mother in law is lucky she has you to help her. I can't imagine what it must feel like for you with easy child already getting an acceptance letter to a college. I think I'm going to be happy and sad all at once when my easy child gets her first one. However, she still has to get through high school first!!! Amazing how difficult children think everything and everyone revolves around them :hammer:...!!!

Oceans, I'm so happy your difficult child is doing so well. Way To Go difficult child :bravo:!!! The NAMI class sounds interesting.

Janna, Could you please send difficult child 2 over my house??? The cat is even chasing the dust bunnies!!! :rofl: I hope you have a wonderful trip to the mountains. You deserve it!!! :flower:

Linda, I hope kt has a "melt-down" free day!!! Your rose tree sounds so pretty!!! What color are the flowers??? Can you tell - I'm definitely in a spring type of mood :flower:!!!

Sharon, I haven't been anywhere but directly to this thread so far this morning... I'm hoping difficult child BEHAVES today!!! I'm keeping all my body parts crossed!!! I hope you have a fun weekend!!!
You have been through so much lately... I can't wait to hear about it when you return... ENJOY :flower:

Sharon, I also end up losing track of time when I'm having conversations with easy child. I hope you get to where you need to be on time and you have a great day!!!

Unfortunately, I think my coffee pot might be headed for coffee pot heaven or he**??? I haven't decided yet :grrr: Hopefully, it is only clogged - husband and I could only each have one :coffee: cup this morning - this just isn't going to work!!! I'll have to stop by the local drive-thru on my way out today... I just can't make it without :coffee:!!!

I have to do lots of errands and a bit of grocery shopping. I also want to check on husband's aunt before picking up difficult child 1 at school. Tonight is sort of a girl's night out. I'm taking easy child for a haircut and to do a bit of shopping. I'm glad we're going to get to spend a bit of time together.

Hi to anyone who snuck in... I hope everyone has a good day and a "melt-down" free weekend!!! :flower: WFEN


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OK, it's late at night and easy child 2/difficult child 2 has just been vomiting again. Not good. The surgeon wanted me to bring her back to the hospital tonight so they can put her back on the drip, but she feels she can try to drink some fluids tonight, rather than make a long, bumpy drive 40 miles back into the city. If she's still not eating/drinking much tomorrow, back she goes.

So much for helping difficult child 3 finish his assignment!

And it's election day tomorrow, voting is compulsory. Somewhere in there, everyone but difficult child 3 has to cast their vote.

Cross fingers, toes, rattle beads please everyone.


I'm so sorry!!! I'm rattling beads, keeping every body part crossed... I'm praying for easy child/difficult child 2... :angel: Please update when you can... I know how hard this has been on easy child/difficult child 2 and the rest of your family as well... Sending cyber hugs :flower: WFEN