Good morning my friends....

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It's a warm morning here - with a very gentle soaking rain. The type of rain we would run through during the summer.

kt played with her new friend from the neighborhood yesterday - B came over to our home & they played up in kt's room. Listening to the laughter & giggles over the loud music did my heart good.

After kt heads off on the bus this morning I head out to see the rheumatologist & then off in search of copies of test results for the neuro doctor to see later this week. Although this is a neuro doctor brought in for a second opinion I'm not sure why he hasn't gotten a copy of all this stuff. Oh, well.

Enjoy your day - keep it calm.


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:coffee:Good Morning Linda and all to follow!

Linda, I know what you mean about the laughter doing your heart good. There are days when difficult child comes home from school and tells a funny story about what happened that day, and I hear the laughter and see the light in his eye and I thing "this feels so typical kid-like." Glad kt had fun.

We had some lovely weather this weekend - with the promise of fall in the air - but the temps are on the rise and humidity is returning tomorrow! I was kinda hoping fall was here to stay but, central virginia in September can be summery /forums/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/hot.gif (I think that's a new word)

Yesterday difficult child was not too happy about going to school. I'm hoping it was the Monday blues. He had a great day and I'm hoping it was just the tiredness from the weekend talking. He said is 1:1 agreed there should be three days in every weekend!

I'll be at the office this morning then I have difficult child's IEP meeting.

Wishing everyone a Tuesday without incident. :thumb:


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Good Morning,

Linda-How nice to be able to listen to the giggles of kt playing with a friend. :flower:

Sharon-I totally agree with- difficult child about 3 day weekends!! :beach: I hope it really was just the Monday blues! I hope the IEP meeting goes well!

It's supposed to be 85 here today-weather I love in the summer but I'm ready for Fall weather! It's an inservice day so the kids have off but we have to work. I'd rather be teaching as most inservice days are boring.

After work I am planning on heading to our health club on the other side of town because than tonight we have our annual book club dinner to choose books for the year. Should be fun but makes for another long day and night.

I hope everyone enjoys a peaceful day! Hi if you snuck in. :salute:


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Good morning. :coffee:
Linda- I too love the sound of kids laughing and playing. I'm really glad kt has found a friend. :princess:
LDM- We start to warm up today as well, but only to the mid-70's & sunny. That's my favorite weather. :beach:
Sharon- Enjoy the book club dinner; I hope the in-service day isn't too boring. :rolleyes:
Duckie was introduced to the concept of the spelling word list yesterday. She doesn't have her pretest until next Monday and her test at the end of next week, but she doesn't like the idea of the test. We don't actually have homework for it this week, but she decided it would be better if she wrote each word once a day until she took the test. We'll see how that goes, lol! :faint:
More cleaning for me today, I'm finally starting to get out of the "Oh, yuck!" stage and starting to find my home underneath the mess, lol. It's been a rough couple of weeks for me since I sick. Yesterday was the first in awhile without a catnap.
Other than that, Duckie has cheer. :dance:
Have a great day. Hi to anyone that snuck in. :salute:
Good Morning Everyone :coffee:,

Linda, I'm so glad kt has a new friend and had a great day!!!

Sharon, I hope difficult child's IEP meeting goes well!!! I'll be thinking of you. Please udate when you can...

Sharon, I hope the work part of your day goes quickly!!! As always, I'm glad you're headed to the gym... The book club sounds fun.

TM, I'm glad you're feeling better. Please give me some much needed inspiration - I just can't seem to get in a cleaning mood!!! The cat threw up a fur ball - The dog ate it - My floor is clean. HELP!!! I have to get in a cleaning mood... Maybe if my difficult child's stick to the floor when they get home from school and I can't get them out of my sight, I might become inspired...

Today I have a few errands to run, work, and then pick up the difficult children after school. I'm hoping to get a few minutes to go to the book fair. The nights are getting cooler. It would be nice to cuddle on the sofa with my favorite sanity saver, a cup of tea, and a good book...

Hi to anyone I missed. As always, I hope everyone has at least one reason to laugh or at least smile today... :flower: WFEN


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Good Morning all. It's a lovely sunny crisp morning.

Linda, I love to hear my kids laugh. It does just warm your heart. Linda, I don't know what it is about Dr.s and offices but I have learned to keep copies of all testing and mri's. They are always lost or not sent or whatever. I have heard this so many times that I just give them the copies and keep originals. It makes me nuts.

Sharon, glad difficult child recovered from the Monday "blahs". I think I have them too.

Wiped out, you sure do have long days. I'm sure inservice is boring for an active girl like you. :flower: After reading your post about the car ride, I thought I would pass some on some of our suggestions. First we got the mini van. One child in the back and one in the middle seats. Head phones are a must.Each has a set with a cd player or laptop or whatever so they can watch/listen separately or together. Books on tape or movies or music. Anything to take the attention off of each other. Surprise treats that they didn't know were in the car. (normal stuff that I pull out when they were getting restless) If difficult child can't behave in the store then one adult goes in while the other parent stays out in the parking lot. If he can't hold it together in the store then don't set him up to explode.

TM, when can you stop by to help de yuck my house? Have fun with the cheering.

difficult child has been very helpful. I have him putting up screens and helping with some of the heavy chores. He is in good spirits. He said although he is enjoying the house, he feels unsettled since he doesn't know where things are. He again voiced that "transitions are tough on him". It's been a good visit so far.

My cars arrived yesterday. It felt good. One step closer to normal I guess. With the weather being wonderful, I took the jeep out for a spin with the roof down. I just needed to feel connected to my stuff.

The pups are showing their trademark stubborness. husband thinks we wear a sign. "Stubborn is Welcome Here". Behavior mod works for a bit and then they just stop participating in the training. Thank goodness they are very sweet, pleasant dogs.

Today I'm off to get the car washed and more paper work, more house work and more phone calls. :coffee: Mostly, I want coffee and a chance to go back to bed. LOL.

Have a good day. Hope your difficult child gives you a reason to smile today.



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G'day everybody. I'm very late today - busy day indeed. I had a doctor's appointment (everything seems to have recovered fairly well, at last, I need some tests done to determine new baseline) and since difficult child 3 also had his after-school drama class there really wasn't any point going back home (over an hour, round trip) so we did the shopping while we were out - it's been a while. Bought a new pillow - a good one this time, I'm hoping for a good night's sleep. I hate having to spend $100 on a pillow, but I suppose I can argue, my neurologist told me to get this one.

difficult child 3 has a special day at school tomorrow - a combined study day with (I think) media opportunity. One of our science celebrities (difficult child 3 is a fan of his) will be there. They're cooking lunch for us - a teacher rang on Monday to check on difficult child 3's allergies, which I thought was very proactive of them. But they are very good with this, at this school. Maybe because they don't often have to meet their students face to face.

Tomorrow should be fun, if tiring after an already big day today. I'll let you know how it goes. I'm off to check out my new pillow, give it its first thorough test drive. Plus, I'm going to need my sleep, the way tomorrow is shaping up!