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  1. Marguerite

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    G'day, folks.

    I hope you are all doing well despite cold weather. Just hold this thought - it can't last for much longer, you've probably reached the halfway point by now. If you have garlic sprouting, now is the time to plant it (midwinter).

    It was a bit cooler today, we could have gone to the beach but it was a bit windy. difficult child 3 & I had a fairly quiet day, he's still pottering about with our old computer. I dropped in on my friend, she's been out of work for a couple of months now and has put the time into renovating her house and is now giving thought to looking for a job at last. she rang me tonight with some good news - her neighbour and good friend of ours who was diagnosed in August with inoperable pancreatic cancer, has responded to therapy enough to finally go under the knife - and they got the whole tumour! A few months ago he was told he had at most 6 months to live, and it now looks like he will see his baby girls grow up. We are very happy. His wife was crying with happiness, I don't think she had dared hope.

    Our days are going to heat up again, no rain forecast in the next week. Fires are an increasing risk.

    husband has taken the next week off work, he does every year because it is a week of birthdays and wedding anniversary for us. easy child rang tonight, she is coming to visit next weekend for the long weekend (Australia Day plus difficult child 3's birthday). And school goes back the day after the long weekend! The new school year is on us again, time for difficult child 3 to knuckle down and get some work done, and for me to post in what he managed to do over the holidays. If I post it by the middle of next week, it should be waiting for the teachers on their first day back.

    I've got a lot of work to do with the vegetable garden, I let everything go to seed but it's just about time to harvest it all, rip it out and put in a new soaker hose system, before replanting. Time to dig over the bed, aerate it and maybe add some water crystals to it. Maybe all I need to do is pull off the bird net and let the hens at it, to pick it over and dig it over for me (and maybe add their own little packages of fertiliser). There's a lot to be said for the happy litle noises they make when doing such useful work.

    Enjoy your Saturday.

  2. goldenguru

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    Morning Marg - I must confess that I'm green with envy!! Gardening sounds so wonderful! Enjoy your time with- husband. How many years are you celebrating??

    Chores this morning. Maybe a walk outdoors (after putting on 4 layers of wool). Got a new book from the library last night with my name on it. Leftovers for dinner. Not a bad way to spend a Saturday.

    Happy weekend cyber friends. :)
  3. Marguerite

    Marguerite Active Member

    G'day, GG. It will be 31 years this year. We've spent 30 of them in this village, we love it here.

    difficult child 3 & I were at our little library this morning, we were discussing oxymorons with the librarian (and some other villagers). Someone mentioned that "army intelligence" is a good oxymoron; I had heard that the world's no 1 oxymoron is considered to be "Microsoft works"!

    Sounds like you've got a pleasant Saturday planned. take it easy, you probably need your energy.

  4. cadydid

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    Sounds like a good weekend for everyone so far. As for me, I have a full weekend.. First on the agenda, get son's room clean. He's been give two weeks to clean it on his own, and now it is mom's turn. That should be good for a few hours.

    Then I'm going to do the one thing that I can do in my house that is a stress buster.. bake.. banana's are perfect so banana nut bread smell will be filling the house later. Yummmmmmmm!!! If I have time, I want to try and make home made dog treats.

    Tomorrow is laundry day and house cleaning day.. anyone want to come and help? But even this is not as bad as it used to be. I made a game of it.. I write down all of the chores that I want done and cut them into strips which I fold up and put in a basket. I throw in a few 15 min breaks, give your chore to the person of your choice,, other little things to make it fun.. Son responds very well to this (especially last time when he drew in a row all 4 of the breaks I had put in there lol)

    Oh and taking care of husband.. he has a cold that will not go away.. he thinks he is going to work outside today.. keyword here think.. I want him to stay in bed and rest... we will see who wins that battle lol
  5. Andy

    Andy Active Member

    Marg - We are actually above zero F today and even in double digits (18 F). We must have somehow found a way to snatch some of your hot weather. Great news about your friend. Five years ago, our young (42 yr old) neighbor was diagnosed in late stage pancreatic cancer. It was so sad, cancer tests came back negative and local docs wouldn't even look at the possibility because "it is an old man's cancer". It was a horrid slow, painful death and he left behind a wife, a 8 yr old son and 4 yr old daughter.

    Golden - Have a great day!

    Cadydid - Banana nut bread sounds good! I know you invited me to come help you clean - that brings to mind The Little Red Hen story where no one would help with the work but everyone wanted the bread she worked hard for.

    It is 18 F ABOVE - yes, ABOVE - zero at this very moment. Almost makes it worth being up this early to see (feel). husband started out to our property and came home. He stated the winds are blowing strong. The roads are good but the winds are creating white outs. He is going to the men's group at church and then try again in the day light.

    I hope the winds go down. The kids and I have a birthday party in the country to go to. I will take the route through town which should have better roads.

    I should stop in to church today to get Sunday School materials to prepare for tomorrow. I wasn't at church or school this week to work on it. I think Tuesday will be my day to help the 2nd graders so I can work on next week's then.

    My supervisor told me the office I was assigned at our new building will most likely not be mine now. There is not enough office space for our councelors. One councelor was given an open office - no door and we don't have the funds to change it. For confidentialilty reasons, the councelor will need a door - my work doesn't deal with personal issues beyond billing. I can be more careful as to how I talk on the phone and relay info so no one knows who I am talking about. The only time clients or their family would be outside my office is if another staff are escorting them and that will be seldom. So, the newest plan is that I will be given the open office on one of the units. Plans change though so I will know for sure when I am actually there. I am hoping it has more files.

    Everyone have a great day! Find a way to make your difficult child laugh.
  6. LittleDudesMom

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    :2cold::temps: Good Saturday Morning :temps::2cold:

    Marg, how lovely that husband takes the week of special ocassions off! I know the family will enjoy the time. You do a little relaxing Marg's Man!

    Golden, a tad frigid for a walk - but good for you for doing something healthy today - come over and join us on Healthful Living! Enjoy the rest of the restful day you have planned!

    Cadydid, baking sounds like a great thing to do today! Do you need my mailing address? I love the "chore game" - brilliant!!!

    Adrianne, glad husband came back to the house this morning - you and the kid be smart and safe about that drive too!!

    We are actually colder than Adrianne this morning. We are sitting at 6 degrees right now, which is the first time since 2004 we have been in the single digits!! Even though I have the furnace running and I'm sitting next to the fireplace with a blanket, I feel the cold. Remember, I live in a big old house and it "breathes" like crazy!!!!!!

    easy child is teaching water fitness at 10 this morning. Her best bud and I will attend the class. After class, easy child, difficult child and I will join my cousin and her folks (my aunt and uncle of course) at a Thai place for lunch. My aunt and uncle are in town till Monday.

    After that, the agenda is totally clean!!!!!! We'll see.......

    Hope your Saturday is relaxing and meaningful. I was reminded yesterday by a friend's illness at how fragile and brief life really is. Count the blessings and take the time to enjoy what you do have.

  7. Wiped Out

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    Good Morning,

    Marg-What great news about your friend:D Congrats on your 31st anniversary! I love hearing about your gardening.

    GG-Enjoy your day-it sounds peaceful. What are you reading?

    Cadydid-Sounds like a busy day for you. I hope you can convince husband to rest! I like your chore idea! Enjoy the baking.

    Andy-You have such a positive attitude about change! Enjoy your day and I hope the winds die down.

    Sharon-Stay warm today! Thai food sounds delicious-enjoy!

    I actually slept til 8:00! Didn't have to work this morning and with difficult child at respite no one woke us up. In fact, I think I'm heading back to sleep in a bit! We stayed up last night watching The Godfather II. I had never seen it and really thought it was a good movie. Also, I'm embarrassed to admit, we just finally took down our Christmas tree last night.

    Today is a day of cleaning and a visit to the health club. Some friends may be coming over for a game night (we set the date awhile ago and I need to double check to see if it still works but couldn't get ahold of people last night).

    Wishing everyone a peaceful day:peaceful:
  8. dreamer

    dreamer New Member

    good morning everyone. Marg.LOL even if I had sprouting garlic, getting it into the ground would be problematic, it is minus 25 last time I checked and wind is howling..(it never howls here) nad there is some snow blowing. Im not sure I even WANT to know the temp with wind chilll factored in. We did break records on it this week. We havebroken several weather records this winter. That is so cool your husband took the days exciting and fun! Tomorrow is baby shower for easy child and I have been cooking wrapping, organizing etc. The shower is also the daddy to bes birthday and mine and husband wedding annoversary.

    Goldenguru, I can hardly wait to get back to reading the books easy child got me for christmas. My favorite passtime, reeading a good book. I went yesterday to the Sams Club and walked thru there briskly to get in some exercise. It is just too frigid outside.

    Cadydid. my favorite stress buster is baking, too, mostly cookies, but banana bread is always so yummy! Around christmas, Ibegan to flare from our frigid weather and all the shoveling, too....and I couldnt keep up in the house with chores. My family decided I was "on strike" and did nothing topitch in, went out of their way to not pitch a mess. Even natural consequences did no good. Im not sure what Im gonna do with my family & chores. Enjoy your baking.....

    Adrianne, Im sorry about the office ...I would be disapoointed. The birthday party today sounds fun. Is it really 18 above by you? I think I'm jealous.

    LDM - that sounds nice to visit with your aunt and uncle. I hope your Thai lunch is good. and then? WOW enjoy your clear schedule!

    Wiped Out, ENJOY ! sleeping is always nice. :) The yung people here have been doing a lot of game nites at our house. I usually putter around them cooking or baking or something.

    today I have a lot to do for shower tomorrow. I am so excited about it, we have a surprise birthday party planned for the daddy to be at the shower. We have invited nearly everyone in town.seriously....including guys kids and babies. Sadly the store easy child registered at - the computer is and has been down, so no gifts bought got recorded into it. Today I am bakeing several kinds of cookies and assembling some meat cheese fruit and veg trays. and a candy tray. we have pizza chicken mostaciolli italian beef and salad ordered and several pizzas. we ordered a cake for daddy to be, but easy child requested I make and decorate brownies as the shower cake. We have several games to play with lots of prizes.
    It is still going to be so very bitter cold, but........

    I cannot even load up my car tonite due to the weather, everything would freeze. (the shower is at a local banquet hall- but we have no kitchen available to us)
    After the shower, I can hardly wait to meet my grandson! doctor said this week that baby is great....weight is good heartbeat is good, ultrasounds have all looked good.....
    easy child has already done most of this semesters schooling online ahead of time in preparation in case she has difficulty keeping up now.......

    Keep warm, have a good weekend....