Good Morning Saturday


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G'day, everybody.

I waited, but nobody else seemed to be starting the morning thread, so...

I guess you're all sleeping in because it's the weekend. For me, it's Saturday night. easy child 2/difficult child 2 is on the phone to BF2 (he went home to visit with his mother for Mothers Day) but the phone next to this computer carries some of the noise through to the cordless she's on, so I can't make any noise in here right now.

I found out today that an artist friend of mine lost his wife during the week (she was also a friend of mine). They have a daughter a couple of years younger than easy child 2/difficult child 2. Very sad. Husband is a very shy, quiet man, I think he will be lost without his wife. We've known each other since our daughters were babies.

I was expecting visitors tomorrow - BF2's family - but it seems we'll be driving over there to visit them (outcome of the current phone call). I had been cooking today to have enough for an afternoon tea - I made some paté as well, but it won't travel. I'll be able to take some scones and jam and cream there, though. So one way or another, I'll get a chat and afternoon tea with BF2's mother. She's a Warrior Mum too, well and truly! She's the sort who gets hospital wings built.

Have a good Saturday, everyone.



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Good Morning Marguerite, thanks for starting the thread. It's not quite 6AM where I am so I suspect you are right in that most are sleeping in on a Sat.

I'm glad to hear you are able to be up and about. Your mother's day plans sound lovely. It's nice that you and boyfriend's family are so close.

I have a busy day ahead so I wanted to say good morning before heading out.

difficult child isn't feeling well. He was very emotional last night. Not his normal difficult self but in the pits of despair. I try to not give in to his moods of self pity but there are times when it does break my heart. I'll worry about him for hours and he is probably fine and forgot all about it.

It's heating up temp wise. I suspect pool weather is upon us.

Marguerite and all who post, hope your Sat. is productive and your difficult child's act easy child ish.


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Marg- sorry for the loss of your friend, i hope her husband does okay

Fran-i hope difficult child feel better

Well it's been another stressful week, smokey our cat with asthma, started having a real bad attack, so difficult child had to leave school early on thursday to take him to the vets with my mom, they came home and smokey seemed fine, we were woken up at 4:45 am friday by a horrible cry, that was smokey not breathing well, it's sad to watch it's hard when it's a kid, but so much worse on a cat, thankfully we were able to keep him breathing until the vets opened, difficult child was heart broken crying the whole time. Well four shots later, and another kind of medicine to go with his prednizone he is doing ok. Today difficult child has a soccer game at home thankfully, bad news is we are snacks, i had to come up with a half time snack and end of game snack for 18 kids, ugh. Have a nice day everyone!


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Good morning. :coffee:
Marg- I'm so sorry to hear about the loss of your friend. I hope the family stays strong. :angel:
Fran- Fingers crossed that difficult child has bounced back emotionally by today. :warrior:
Jen- Poor Smokey!!! I hope the prednisone does the trick. :doctor:
Duckie has dance, I have yard work. At least it's a quiet Saturday around here. :wink:
Have a great day. Hi to anyone that snuck in. :salute:

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Good morning friends,

Marg, sorry to hear of the loss of your friend.

Fran, I see that despair in wm on a regular basis. I hope difficult child is feeling better soon.

Jen, have fun at the soccer game.

TM, enjoy your day.

husband & kt have come up with a pre-Mother's Day event. They are taking me out somewhere today to get a gift & then out to dinner.

Tomorrow we are heading out to visit with wm. If the weather holds we are planning an outing to play putt putt golf (I think that's what it's called).

Enjoy your day. "hi" if you snuck in.


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Good morning all!

Marg - have a nice visit with boyfriend's family. So sorry to hear about your friend. Her family will be in my thoughts.

Fran - Hope difficult child is feeling better soon.

Jen - hope the soccer game goes well

TM - have a good day!

Linda - have a great Pre-Mothers DAy! I hope the visit with wm goes well.

husband has to work today but difficult child and I are going to my dad's house. He and my uncle were in Florida last week and got my grandma packed up and (FINALLY!!!!) got her moved out of the fifth wheel RV she was living in. Now that Grandpa is gone, she will be moving to Raleigh, NC with my aunt and uncle. They don't have a house yet so for now she is staying here in Indiana with my dad and step-mom. I'm so relieved she's with family again. I haven't seen her since Grandpa died and it will be strange seeing her by herself but it will be good to see her. Her things are already in NC in storage, which, I have to admit, caused me to have a definately twisted thought. When G'pa died, he was cremated and put into a double urn. (When G'ma passes, she will be cremated also, placed in the other part of the urn and then the urn is to be buried). This is sooooooo twisted but I just had to wonder if she brought Grandpa with her or left him in North Carolina????? Awful I know, but that's how my brain works.

Aaaaanyhoo.......hi to all that snuck in and here's to a good weekend.


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Good Morning Everyone!

Marg- Sorry for your loss... I hope the rest of your weekend goes well. :smile:

Fran- I hope difficult child pulls himself out of this slump soon. Save you from too much worry... :frown:

Jen- I hope Smokey feels better! Good luck with the snacks!!! OI VAY!

TM- I bet your little dancer will be the shining star today!!! How cute! :smile: Gardening.. me too.

Linda- I here's to a wonderful visit, and nice weather.

Mustang- I hope your family visit goes well.

I am sitting on the couch with difficult child 1 watching a dog show! She was depressed this am, so we were relaxing before the others got up. They just got up, peace is over...

We have Chickadees nesting in a box outside one window and out another window in a gourd we have Swallows nesting as well! So fun to watch.

I hopw everyone has a great weekend!!!