Good Morning Sunday

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by Marguerite, Nov 27, 2011.

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    G'day, folks.

    Just grabbing a few minutes in what has been an incredibly busy ten days or so. Meetings, appointments and other obligations have had me double booked and more. Today I was quadruple-booked. First, husband's train club - I had to send my apologies there. I was rostered on for church and couldn't get out of it. So I did the best job I could, it seemed to go okay. Just enough time after church to grab a cup of coffee and then head off to another village church for a memorial service for an old friend. Then I left that early to head off to an appointment for MRI - yes, on a Sunday! The third MRI in a week. I see the specialist on Thursday. So right now, I'm really tired.

    Tomorrow I have my annual check-up with the eye specialist to see if my retina is behaving itself. difficult child 3 is coming too so he can drive me. Legally I have to be sitting beside him, but he is ready to do his final driving test, I would trust him to drive on his own if he had his license.

    We've had really wet weather for a week, wet and cold. Then the sun came out yesterday afternoon and all that rain turned to steam. The road was flooded out yesterday but thankfully the flood had receded by today, I didn't have to drive the long way round after the day I've had. I grabbed a few minutes' catnap in the MRI machine.

    Enjoy your Sunday.

  2. hearts and roses

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    G'day Marg (though you may be going to bed now), and good morning to those who follow!

    Marg, I hope all your dr visits go well and all MRI's come back good.

    Finally home again. It's difficult to go from a Cali king to a queen, but thank God I'm back in my king again. H's rls wouldn't settle down for a minute while we were in PA.

    Anyway, on today's schedule is visiting mom this morning with a coffee and The Times, followed by a trip to the grocers so I can recreate Thanksgivng dinner for my kiddos (theirs was apparently less than at their aunts this year). Once the bird is in the oven I have some housework & laundry to take care of and then some journaling for my class that is due this week. After dinner, I'm thinking a bath and bed.

    Have a beautiful day! It's sunny here!
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    Good Sunday Morning Ladies!

    Marg, it does sound as if things have been nonstop for you. Glad to hear it is becoming more seasonable - hope all your testing comes out is a positive way.

    Jo, sounds like a really busy Sunday for you - - I hope the girls know how blessed they are to have you as a mom - cooking after being out of town, with homework and laundry - you are a good mom!

    Late night last night - had a little dinner party (just 5 of us) that ran really late - but it was a lot of fun. Today I'm tackling the laundry, getting everything cleaned up and put away from last night and then taking my aunt and uncle (who are in town) down to tour the new theatre/mansion/restaurant facility we recently opened. My uncle remembers the space when it was an abandoned theatre and a falling down condemned house. Then I'll coheres difficult child into getting his homework done, cut his hair, and then I'll hopefully grab a 30 min nap on the sofa!

    I hope your Sunday is a restful and peaceful one!