Good Morning Wednesday


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Crikey, what a day!

G'day, everyone. difficult child 3 had his day at school today and I'd been looking forward to a chance to snooze in the library while I waited. Instead, us parents got shepherded into a room with someone who looked slightly familiar (I thought she was a teacher) who turned out to be a Dept of Health worker there ti give us a lecture on dealing with the stages of adolescence. The same lecture that we copped six months ago which went on interminably and was telling us basics which so many of us have had to deal with, since there are a high proportion of difficult children at this school.
I got the same talk. Only this time there were only a handful of us so walking out halfway was not an option. Last time it was only supposed to go for about 20 minutes (I suspect the same today) but we slipped out last time after 90. Today it fizzled when her computer (PowerPoint presentation) went into screen-save and she didn't know the password. Tragic. As it was we still almost missed lunch. We'd already missed morning tea.

easy child 2/difficult child 2 spent today waiting for the smash repair people to ring - they didn't. We finally found out about her boyfriend's car (Monday night - she spun it out on a damp road, blew out two tyres going into a ditch). The repair people say it's been written off - suspension's gone. Oh, dear. Expensive, especially since it wasn't her car. No insurance. boyfriend doesn't know yet (I'm about to drive down to the wharf and meet him off the ferry). He's been nursing a sore leg, I gather he slammed it on the dashboard in the accident. At least easy child 2/difficult child 2 did nothing wrong, she's not got any points on her licence (accumulate points, you lose your licence).

We're in for an interesting night.

Gotta dash. A boat to meet. Then easy child 2/difficult child 2's roses to water (and my herbs) because tonight we're allowed to use the hose for a few hours.

have a good Wednesday, everyone.


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Good Morning,

Marguerite-Too bad you had to listen to the lecture. I'm glad her pwoer point froze! I'm sorry about the car. Here we lose points on our license and when it gets to a certain point you lose it.

My walk, dinner, and bookclub were all fun last night but I'm tired now. Today is finally difficult child's psychiatrist appointment. It's after work which is good. He has so been on the edge -this appointment can't come soon enough as far as I'm concerned.

I hope everyone enjoys their day. Hi to anyone who snuck in. :kisses:


Good morning everyone!

Marg, sorry about the boring lecture and all the car troubles. Hope you have a better Thursday.

Sharon, hope the psychiatrist is helping to suggest some medication changes that will make a difference. Please let us know how it goes.

difficult child 2 had to visit the orthopedist yesterday because she hurt her finger in PE on Monday, and it was fat, discolored and painful everytime she tried to move it. It's a bad fracture, and she's now in a half cast wrapped with an ace bandage. She can't write, and because it's state testing this week and next, she has to have a scribe fill in the bubbles for her.

Not much on the agenda today. My parents are still in town. My dad has a meeting all day so my mom and I might take in some shopping as well as visit a school difficult child 2 was just admitted to (she was accepted to 2, and we're trying to figure out which will better meet her needs).

Hope you have a great day. Hi to anyone who snuck in.


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Good morning everyone,

Marg, I'm surprised they got away with no insurance. Here, without, they take your tags (your license plate) so you can't drive. Hope everything works out okay.

Sharon, glad you enjoyed your night out. Good luck with the psychiatrist appointment today.

Smallworld, sorry to hear about difficult child 2's finger. Ouch! Good she has a scribe, hope everything heals up okay. Enjoy the day with your mom.

Another busy night tonight. Dylan signed up for the sports after school activity, so I pick him up there at 5. The boys both have psychiatrist appointments tonight as well. We will discuss (again) adding the Concerta to Dylan's mix. I am still apprehensive about adding more medications, as he is already on alot of pills, but if he really needs it, what can I say?

Last night was karate. It was fun. The boys had a good time, however, poor Dylan is discovering he doesn't have much flexibility. We're working on that lol.

Hope everyone enjoys their day.



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Good morning!

Marguerite -Sorry to hear about boring meeting and car accident.

Sharon- I hope that the appointment goes great!

Small world- Ouch about the finger!!

Janna - It sounds like a busy time for the boys.

Today is the last work day for me this week. I took 2 days off to do catch up and to do something enjoyable for my b-day on Friday.

difficult child is doing really well, and we have a meeting about him at the hospital tomorrow. I am thinking he can come home soon. Maybe we can do some medication. adjustments while he is here. They are dragging their heals at the psychiatric hospital because the psychiatrist assignmed to him is on vacation.


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Morning everyone
Marg, am glad you didn't have to sit through the whole presentation and am sorry to hear about the car troubles.

Sharon, it sounds like you had a busy night. Hope the psychiatrist appointment goes well today. Please keep us updated.

smallworld, sorry to hear about difficult child's finger, hope it don't take too long to hear. Glad there's someone that can fill the bubbles in on the test.

Janna, with all this time spent taking the kids places for their sports, I hope you're able to squeeze in a few *Janna* moments daily. Keep your batteries charged.

oceans, Glad to hear you're able to take a couple days off for yourself. Am also glad to hear that difficult child is doing well in the hospital, hope that carries over for when he's able to come home.

I think we're going to try and make a trip to psychiatric hospital today to see difficult child, unsure what time though. SW is already talking discharge since difficult child isn't showing any type of bad behaviors, when I saw him Monday he still talked about bad voices in his head while the SW was in the room with us, not sure what was told to the doctor though. Was a bit po'd though yesterday when regular psychiatrist called and when I told her difficult child was in hospital she didn't know, the hospital never called her. Insurance company finally has evaluation, so not sure how long a determination will take for Residential Treatment Facility (RTF). Was told ins. also needs a copy of hospital evaluation as well.
The fun times never cease.. *shaking head*

Morning to everyone that pops in after me. I hope all have a great day.


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Hi, me again with some updated news on the car. The "no insurance" thing - we MUST have some insurance, but the minimum required is Third Party Personal. This means if you hit someone you're covered for their medical costs. And because this was an old, second-hand rebuilt in the backyard car, it only had the minimum, plus Third party Property (so if you drive into a Merc, you're also covered for damage to the Merc). It means that any damage to the car itself, you pay for. And since boyfriend's family basically put the car back together themselves, they figured they'd be able to fix any problems.

And so it seems. boyfriend has just got off the phone talking to his dad (home late tonight) and a lot of the 'damage' the smash repairers said, such as the hood being out of alignment indicating the frame is bent, etc - boyfriend's dad simply hadn't bothered to line up the new hood properly when he put in on a few weeks ago, when he put in the NEW MOTOR. And other stuff which the smash repairers said indicated damage, boyfriend's dad says was already there (and the car was definitely drivable).

Then husband got to have his first look at the address of the repairer's - "They're shonky!" In the rush and the wet dark night on Monday he didn't check where they were taking the car. Apparently there is a car dealer in the area who we know to steer clear of. We bought a car from them once and it was badly misrepresented, as well as parts it was supposed to have had, had been switched for inferior. From when we test-drove it to when we took it with us, they had switched the good radio speakers, for dud ones. They had removed an alarm system but left all the loose wires there. They didn't know about a kill switch that was part of the alarm system that had never been disconnected (we accidentally found it ten years later).
So its seems we've found one conduit for this car yard to 'launder' spare parts. boyfriend's car has only just been done up, with new parts.

Thankfully boyfriend & family have their own connections in the car business. boyfriend's dad has a mate with a tow truck and a repair business coming over tomorrow to collect the car and do his own assessment. I'm tempted to ask this mob for their assessment in writing, so we can hang them out to dry with our motoring associations. There are a few choice Aussie adjectives I'm wanting to utter right now.

And the smash repair bloke was rude to me on the phone. I had to hand the phone to husband to get any more info from him other than, "it's written off!" As far as I knew, it only had two torn tyres and a broken headlight.

boyfriend's mum is also sceptical. She's cluey about cars, said this model is as strong as a tank.

Now, final stop press - boyfriend's dad has just rung back, he's getting the cops involved.
easy child 2/difficult child 2 just got home - an hour after the smash repair bloke told husband the litany of severe damage, the bloke rang easy child 2/difficult child 2 and gave her a much better prognosis. It might have something to do with husband saying, "In that case I'll inform the owner - boyfriend's father."
Definitely shonky. Tomorrow will be interesting. Wish I could be a fly on the wall!



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:salute: Good Middle of the Week!

Marg, I'm so happy, errr, I mean sorry the power point failed! Glad difficult child 3 got his whole day of school work in :smile:!

Sharon, glad you had fun last night. I'll be thinking about you and difficult child this evening - keep us posted :angel:.

Small, that's fun that you can take your mom to look at schools - you girls have a good time and take in a nice place for lunch too :smile:!

Janna, sounds like a long day for you guys. Tell Dylan to stick with it :kisses:!

Oceans, well you enjoy your time off and Happy Birthday! Since you are not too far from me, you will probably have some nice weather tomorrow :wink:!

Joanne, sounds like it's not time for difficult child to be released. I'm sure you wish everyone was on the same page :grrr:

Well yesterday was beautiful here and I spend 2.5 hours outside working on my patio and the little garden surrounding it. Before I knew it, it was 7 and I hadn't planned dinner yet. It's supposed to get up to 81 today. I'm going to spend a couple hours out there this morning as well, but need to make a Lowes run first.

difficult child had his psychiatrist appointment yesterday. Everything is going well and he agreed that we would wait until summer to totally remove the remeron.

Wishing everyone a great middle of the week! :salute:

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Good morning all,

I slept in this morning! What a luxury - won't be happening much anymore once kt's home.

Not much going on here - I have a doctor's appointment this afternoon; a surgeon is biopsying a lymph node on my neck. With the history of cancer in my family doctor thought it would be a good idea to have it checked.

Keep a good thought.

Have a calm day all - I plan on it.
Good morning, all! Not a lot of news here. Too much work at work and the house is a pigsty. husband's father and wife are coming back into town tomorrow, so easy child and difficult child will be spending a lot of time cleaning today. Right. Well, husband will spend a lot of time trying to get them to clean, at any rate. Had easy child's parent-teacher conference yesterday. She's very bright and the only issue people really have with her is that she'd rather be reading her books than transitioning to other (read, less interesting) activities. difficult child was with us and he behaved very well (for him). Not much else right now.

Hope everyone has a good day. And Marg, I hope the authorities can do something about those deceitful car repair folks. Glad you didn't fork over a lot of money to them!