Good Sunday Morning


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Happy Sunday Morning :smile: and Happy April Fool's Day :hypnosis:

Everyone must be sleeping in this morning. It's nice to have one morning when the schedule is not as challening.

Longer than usual service at church this morning since it is Palm Sunday and the beginning of Holy Week. difficult child has asked if he can take his DS......I said yes.

Not too much on the schedule here this afternoon. It's a little chilly now but it will warm up a bit but rain most of the day with thunder storms anticipated late this afternoon. Sounds like a good nap is in order........

Have a lovely Sunday :angel:.



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Good morning! :coffee:
Sharon- We must have been typing at the same time! Enjoy that nap! :flower:
It's Palm Sunday here, we will have a processional walk from nearby the church if the rain holds off. :bow: Duckie gets to help by carrying the "small" processional cross. She's psyched! :princess: Afterward, she will scrub the kitchen floor to "earn" a webkinz carrying pack that she felt she just must have. :rofl:
Last evening was fun, we never left my friend's house though because guests weren't clearing out until after 10:30pm, I had planned on being home at 11pm. So we cleaned up and I came home. The afternoon was rough, though, as I brought Duckie & my friend's two kids to the church for crafts. Friend's daughter really pushed her limits with me. She's a real drama queen. :slap: She's usually a sweetheart, but not yesterday! :hammer: The good news is that Duckie saw her behavior and made a connection to how she used to behave. She actually apologized for making my life so difficult! :bravo:
Have a great morning! :thumb:


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<span style='font-size: 11pt'>Good Morning TM and LDM. I'm a little under the weather but I have a brunch to attend. :ill: Why do these things happen when it's inconvenient? I'll give it a shot and then back to bed for me.
Enjoy the Palm Sunday Service. Isn't Passover soon? I forget.

Have a peaceful day. </span>


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Good Morning TM, LDL and Fran. Sorry you're not well, Fran.

I was all set to go to church this morning (haven't been for weeks and weeks, life gets in the way) when the local doctor rang with a message for mother in law. We rang the hospital to talk to her. She's still in hospital, can't telephone us but we can call her, she's in because her heart began beating erratically on Tuesday night. She told us that her heart stopped completely last night. She's on a monitor, the nurse saw the trace go flat and rushed in. mother in law found herself being shaken awake and asked if she was OK. Apparently by then her heart had restarted itself. Then they checked - it had restarted itself back into NORMAL, the erratic heartbeat had fixed itself. easy child 2/difficult child 2 says proudly, "Grandma is a freak!"
By the time I got off the phone, it was too late for church. So I went to my supplies and melted out the wax to begin the candle for 2007 - it is lit for the first time on Easter Sunday. Pouring the candle, topping it up and digging out the cavitation took all day.

difficult child 3's German lesson - we had to finish the Black Forest cake he began yesterday. He did a good job (with a fair bit of help) and we just cut it tonight. Yum! I've got to download the photos so I can print them and send them to his teacher.

Terry, you asked about something I posted on Friday. I had mentioned that we were at a restaurant right next to the Sydney Harbour Bridge, where a small wooden cruiser was smashed to matchwood by a Sydney River Cat on Wednesday night. Three people were killed and they're still searching for a 14 year old girl. A second Sydney ferry was on the scene within minutes, pulling people to safety, but never a sign of the girl. We saw the search boats on Friday night, the divers would have been working below. Sydney Harbour is very deep (it's a drowned river valley). If she were alive she would have made it to shore, and those shorelines have been searched thoroughly. The search has continued night and day. But her father won't give up hope and the search still hasn't been called off. The police are not being permitted to say, "We've given up hope."
So, Terry - still no news. The search continues.

Tomorrow I'm getting X-rays to see if it's osteoarthritis that is making my life more interesting. Then easy child 2/difficult child 2 sees the surgeon for her post-appendectomy check-up. I'm hoping to drop in on mother in law after that and maybe get some shopping done. I'd like to get something I can use to paint the Easter candle this year, instead of the coloured wax I usually use. Last time I tried it, the stuff I bought had congealed in the jar and had to be thrown out. This time I'm opening the jars in the shop to check them first.

Gotta go, it's getting late and tomorrow is a big day.

Have a good Sunday, everyone.



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Sharon- enjoy church

tm- i'm glad duckie gets to help, it must be exciting for her

Fran- i hope you feel better, and make it through your brunch

Marg- the cake sounds yummy, good luck with your x-rays

Well difficult child started his new dose yesterday, things went okay until my friend and i decided we wanted to go shopping. He had a mild melt down, then started saying he was starving. Well my difficult child is never hungary so after we fed him he was fine. It was weird, but if that's going to be his only problem i'll take it. We went to about 20 different stores, and he was fine. It's another beautiful day here, so i tihnk we'll be off to the grocery store soon, then find a empty parking lot to kick his new soccer bal around, soccer starts next sat. Have a nice day everyone!

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Good morning friends,

Sharon, we had that rain yesterday. A quilt, good book & pillow just in case you fall asleep are in order.

TM, I have a drama queen here - can you guess who it is? I'm glad duckie was able to connect the dots.

Fran, hope you're feeling better soon.

Marg, I hope mother in law is feeling better soon.

Jen, I'm surprised that a 13 y/o boy would be okay with that level of shopping - I'm proud of difficult child. Most "normal" boys would hate hanging out with mom at a mall.

"hi" if you snuck in - I'm typing slow this morning.

It seems we'll have another rainy day today. kt is calmly play on her computer - Sims pets, I believe. I believe PCA will be in around 1; this morning as long as kt is self amusing I will be working in the basement - cleaning out the laundry room. Sorting out clothes to be donated.

Have a calm day - I plan on it. Take time to smile at the absurd & laugh out loud.

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Good Morning,

I'm a bit late getting on this morning but have been up for hours as difficult child has been up and a major PITA. easy child and I went to church-no way were we taking difficult child this morning. I'm hoping to squeeze in a nap and will definitely get in a workout. It's so windy here the house is shaking.

Sharon-Naps are good-enjoy!

TM-Sorry for your rough afternoon-glad the night was better. I bet Duckie had fun at church this morning.

Fran-I hope you are feeling better soon. :flower:

Marguerite-Keeping a good thought for your mother in law. Good luck with the candles.

Razzle-Glad to hear difficult child is doing well.

Linda-Smile at the absurd-I sure do that a lot around here! Enjoy your day.