Good Sunday Morning!

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Good Morning All!!!

I hope everyone is enjoying a nice weekend. We saw the new HP movie yesterday and thought it was good overall. This morning I'm going back to the health club after taking yesterday off.

Later we are supposed to be going to the pool but we'll see-the temps were supposed to be in the 80s and now they are only calling for 79. At some point I will need a nap because difficult child had us up really early today. husband got up with him at 5:30 but then I got up at 6:30 so husband could go back to sleep.

I hope everyone has a peaceful and relaxing Sunday :beach:


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G'day, Sharon. I'm glad you enjoyed Harry Potter. I'll probably wait for the DVD.
I hope you can get to the pool - 79's not too bad, if there's sun and not too much breeze. Enjoy your summer while you have it - soon it will be summer down under and I'LL be gloating!

I was hoping to get to church today, but this cold still has me in its grip. I did get out to difficult child 3's friend's house for a short while, but even that tired me out so much I came home and rested.

School's back tomorrow, for second semester - difficult child 3 has gone to be prepared to work on his New Zealand report tomorrow. And we see the pediatrician on Tuesday, so some work tomorrow will be important.

Back to the grindstone!



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:smile: Good Sunday Morning!

Sharon, mine haven't asked to see HP yet.....I probably have a few more days!

Marg, hoping your are over this cold soon - seems it has been hanging around for awhile and has overstayed it's welcome.

Moving slow this morning. easy child had a gathering last night and with 6 teens, 3 girls and 3 boys, and all dating couples - I have to be on my toes and not go to bed until the boys are gone! The girls (and difficult child) are still sleeping. But, easy child has to serve as deacon at church today so they will be getting up soon and we'll all head to church this morning.

After church, the girls will go home and easy child, difficult child, and I are going to the gym. difficult child wants to play in their pool and easy child and I are going to do some laps. After that, no's nap time!

Hope you find the time to relax today.



Morning all,

Sharon, the pool should be fine as long as it is not windy. It was suppose to be 79 here yesterday, don't know the exact temp. that it was, but there was 20 mph winds, so it felt cooler.

Marg - just seems so strange for you to be talking cold and school. I don't look forward to that at all.

Haven't done much. I am on my 7 day off switch over week. Spent the first two days staining my deck. Then a bad headache set in, still have it. Haven't done much of anything. We are dog sitting for the neighbors two dogs, so that makes 4. Those two dogs stay home most of the time. It is just across the street so we go over feed, water and let them out. Play with them a bit. difficult child recieved money for this. It was his job. But, I am up early so I let them out and feed them. difficult child went over his first day and called, thought the older dog was dead he wouldn't move. He is 13 yr. old. lab, and can hardly walk so sometimes he just doesn't get up.

difficult child had a baseball game yesterday. Again, same attitude. I think I got it. They have won most of their games, and they are playing the top three teams these last three games. They lost the last two. When they start losing, difficult child flips out. Calling names acting so embarrassing. Yesterday husband yelled at him when he was on the field. Between the two I don't want to claim either. Last season game tomorrow. #2 team. difficult child's team was in third place, slowly slipping. As of now, tied for 3rd with three teams. I do believe all make the playoff's, but I do not think they are as strong as these last two teams.

Doing nothing again today. Maybe a little yard work.

Have a good day.


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<span style='font-size: 11pt'>Hi kids, I got back last night from the family reunion/vacation. It was very pleasant with lots of laughs. husband had a bit of gout the last few days but he is on the mend.
Now we start the wild rumpus of selling a house, buying a house, sending a son to college and moving. There is an open house today so I may have to escape for a few hours.

difficult child did pretty well while we were gone. I thought he would complain about work and start a downward spiral ending with him quitting or getting fired but that wasn't the case. He had a good few days at work and is finally in good spirits. :thumb: I was already working myself into a state about what to do next if he got fired. Whew, dodged the bullet for a little while longer.

It appears that we have had quite a bit more rain but today is beautiful. I haven't seen the news or heard anything about the weather for a week. We were tucked away in a remote mountain house with no internet and limited TV watching. No cell phone coverage is the worst. I survived and even didn't miss it too much.
Of course it will take me quite a while to catch up.

I will be catching up all day. Hope your day is a satisfying one. </span>

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Good morning friends

Absolutely nothing going on here today. I had in home PT yesterday & the current schedule will be 3x/weekly for the next 3 weeks & then hopefully I'm off the homebound status.

Enjoy your day - I plan on it.
Good morning, all! Had a few minutes waiting for everyone to get ready for church. easy child is bugging me about seeing the Harry Potter movie; difficult child doesn't get to see that kind of thing yet. husband will probably take easy child in a week or so; I'll wait for the DVD, too. Anyway, hope everyone has a good day!