Good Tuesday morning

pigless in VA

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We are having a cool, rainy week here; I'm down with that. It is teacher appreciation week, and the PTA is treating us to several nice lunches. I keep wishing that the roving margarita truck will visit us at school, but no luck with that.

Candy received an award yesterday for her participation in the orchestra. Ferb took his first AP exam which gave him a big headache.

Cheers all . . .

Wiped Out

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Good morning!
Pigless- our parent have lots of nice things planned for us this week too!

We are finally due some sunshine this week! After work I well take difficult child to his my team triumph practice and then make dinner- nothing too exciting. I should mow my lawn but that will have to wait!

I hope everyone has a great day!

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It is teacher appreciation week, and the PTA is treating us to several nice lunches. I keep wishing that the roving margarita truck will visit us at school, but no luck with that.

I was one of the moms who planned and prepared the Teacher's Appreciation Luncheon, pigless and wiped out. We would go for margaritas afterword. Who knew the teachers were thinking the same?!? We were so young, and we had teacher-awe. I don't think we believed teachers drank alcohol.

Good for Candy and Ferb.

A roving margarita truck is a great idea. Can you imagine?!?


This morning I have been thinking about Lil's mushrooms that she picks. It's funny what we remember from the day before. Also, awakened to "Sun, sun, sun, here it comes." from the Beatles.

It was a good way to wake up.

Wishing everyone such a nice day.


P.S. No more woodticks.




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Happy Teacher Appreciation Week!!! Enjoy!
No such kudos here, but unhappily going back to work to the same place I worked before the accident. Im.happy, but nervous.

Looks like a nice day and am ready to go.

Have a good day you all!!


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Good morning, ladies.

Going to see the movie "Mother's Day" with my mom this afternoon, and watching "Chopped" all evening. Tuesdays are a TV day for me. I love watching the chefs cook.

This morning, I'm working on my class. It's absolutely fascinating. I'm really enjoying being a student again.

Have a wonderful Tuesday!


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Good morning all

I am at work patiently waiting for my boss to arrive with payroll paperwork from our multiple programs in the next town down the line.

Enjoyed dinner at Subway last night with easy child, his girlfriend and their happy dog. When easy child was growing up, he and I had a standard Dinner Date every Monday at Subway. About six weeks ago it struck me that I miss easy child, and that's silly cuz he's right here in town! But I realized, if I don't make the effort, I won't ever see him except at holidays and birthdays and such.

So.....I texted him with the memory of our standing Dinner Dates from his childhood and asked if we could do that again. I'm so glad I did! Of course, with his work schedule he could only make the first one 6 weeks ago, so then I asked my brother if he'd like to stand in the following Monday., and he agreed!

I'm pleased that I acted on a wish. :love_heart:


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Today has been relatively uneventful. I've had two hearings, one of which went away. This is good as I need to get some typing done! It would help if I wasn't so tired all the time. Jabber and I never seem to get caught up on sleep.

I had a moment of foot-in-mouth today. I was conducting a hearing and noticed that the child was born in 2015. Trouble is the father had been in federal prison until 2016.

I meant to say, "Were you out of prison at any time in the last couple of years?"

What I actually said was, "How did that happen?"

Thankfully I stopped him after he said, "Well...That's quite a story..."


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I'm an itinerant teacher (roving to four schools a day) so I'm in, out, load all the equipment back in my car, dash off the next school, set up, wash, rinse, repeat. And no time for goodies for teacher appreciation week. On the one hand, I'm pretty free of the politics of being in one classroom, one school, etc., but it does get kind of lonesome sometimes, and since I'm the only adapted PE teacher in our 25-school district, I have no colleagues that do what I do. Oh well. I do love my job and wouldn't do anything else.

I'm really missing my daughter, today, too. She's 8 months pregnant, relocated 800 miles to the north of me in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, but she's all about family, and even though she has a beautiful new home, she would rather be down here with us. She also has a semi-tamed three year old boy (we call him The Three-nager---oooph she has her hands full!) and with her history of pre-term labor, every time she texts (which is a lot), I jump. I'm hoping she can keep that baby girl in there until my school year ends. I'm going up there to spend most of the summer with her, and my husband is staying home to take care of Difficult grandson and his sister by himself, five days a week. Oh lordy.

Tanya M

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Relaxing after a nice dinner. I cook and hubby cleans up the kitchen.
I spent a good portion of my day working through emails. I deal with our international distributors and it's always interesting and somewhat entertaining trying to decipher what they want. I have one where the woman (French) and I have been emailing back and forth over the same issue for several days. I just cannot get her to understand me. She called me today and that only made it worse. Her accent and very broken English made it impossible to understand her. I think I finally got her to understand what she needed to do, at least I hope I did.
I want one of those translator thingy's they have on Star Trek!:faint:


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Cedar, I'm finishing up Christianity through its Scriptures, and started Buddhism through its Scriptures today. My cousin told me about a wonderful website,, where you can take almost anything your heart desires, from prestigious universities...absolutely free. These classes are a block of six, started with Religious Literacy, then Christianity, now Buddhism, and later there will be Judaism, Hinduism, Islam. These particular classes are through Harvard Divinity School.

This is a dream situation for me. I would be a professional student if it came with a paycheck. I love to read and learn, and suddenly all these subjects are open to me. It's almost overwhelming, but so exciting, too.