Gotta love sisters!!


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husband, difficult child and I were at my dad and step-mom's yesterday for their 4th of July get together. All told there were probably about 20 people there - kids and adults - in addition to my folks and sibs. Everyone but us were spending the night either in various areas of the house, a tent or camper in the yard. Of course difficult child want's to spend the night too but we decided that it wouldn't be a good idea because there were already so many people staying. We got all of the "but...., I only...." type arguments and were interrupted whenever we started to say something. He got a little mouthy about it for a minute but I put my foot down, said no and we were done discussing it. What almost made me laugh out loud though was during one of difficult child's pleas when he got a little disrespectful. Both of my sister's were in the room and the older of the two, after hearing him get a little mouthy with me, whipped around, pointed at him and said "Don't you ever let me hear you disrespect her again!". Ordinarily that wouldn't sound out of place, right? Just a typical aunt chastising her nephew. LOL Well, this particular sister of mine is 19 (only 2 years older than difficult child), all of 5 feet tall and maybe 95 pounds soaking wet. (difficult child is at least 6' 1") husband and I both commented later that we had a hard time keeping a straight face when she said that. She's just soooo tiny and was sooooooo fierce looking when she said it. :warrior: <--------- Warrior Auntie!!!


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Oh, yes! Way To Go, Aunty! No matter who, it always has more impact coming from someone other than parents. Even someone small and so young.



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Hee hee. I had to chuckle - I could just picture it! :smile:

Nice you have that support!!

Go, Aunty, Go!!! :warrior: