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  1. Jena

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    so i felt like maybe we all should especially me do our own gratitude journal.... holidays are approaching, stress is increasing for some soo ill start.......

    i'm grateful for:

    my warm house, its' very cozy and makes me feel good when i walk in the door
    my beautiful kids who make me smile on occassion lol
    my two wacky dogs
    the food in our refrigerator
    not having the pressure right now to work while i deal with-difficult child's issue past 6 mos.
    my husband; sat with wedding pics tonight saying ok what went wrong; at least he's there to see if we can work things out
    and how could i forget everyone here, who believe it or not keeps me sane in my insane world at times

  2. DammitJanet

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    Lets see:

    Even though Im pretty ticked off at him at the moment, I am grateful for Tony. I assume we will work through our issues. If I dont kill him first.

    My grandkids. They are the reward for surviving parenting.

    Most of the time I am thankful for my kids. Though on some days I would trade them for a

    Im thankful I have a house, such as it is, thats paid for so I know I always have a place to live.

    Im always thankful for this board.
  3. Bunny

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    I am grateful for my husband, who is really trying to get onto the same page that I am in connection with difficult child,

    For both of my kids, even though difficult child can drive me to drink on some days.

    For the roof over my head, the clothes on my back, and the food on my table.

    For the fact that I can afford to stay home, even though both of the kids are now in school full time.

    For the hobby that I love and that keeps me sane on some days.

    Anyone else?

  4. Jody

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    I am grateful for:

    Both of my daughters, 18 year old in college, A's and B's and majoring in ministry/biblical studies. Youngest (difficult child) who is making straight A's and making high Honor Roll. SO excited about that!!!!!

    Grateful that my difficult child is stable right now. After diagnosis for Bi-Polar and medication change, years of agony it is working out.

    Grateful for my job.

    my mobile home, which I love but needs work.

    My Golden Retriever Broady. He is a great, sweet dog and a pleasure to be around. Big Cuddler.

    My friends.

    This Board, as it has helped so much over this past year. Lot's of good people and good information, and just a great place to go sometimes when you have special moments to share that most people don't even understand. Everyone here does.

    Grateful that even though seems are sometimes so difficult that they generally have a way of working out. Last week, my car broke down and the furnace. Thankfully I was able to get both repaired and we will still be able to have a great time Christmas Day. We are glad to just all be together!!!! Have a good meal and play some games and a few presents will be exchanged.

    When the pain in the butt things started getting me frustrated, I am going to reread this and remember it's pretty darn good sometimes!!!!
  5. Star*

    Star* call 911

    I'm grateful for -

    All the things that are wrong in my life right now because they are making me appreciate the times when I thought things in my life weren't so great.

    I'm appreciating the driving instructors that are swearing like Pirate Lords and screaming at school when you don't get something - because despite not being thin skinned - I'm going to get this class, be a good and safe driver, and get my license which means a better job someday. Oh Lord PLEASE let me get out of here. lol.

    I appreciate my ceiling - because every time I look at it - it means - it's my ceiling, it's my house, it's a quite house now with love - bad things are behind me and so are days when I used to wake up and not have one to look at.

    I appreciate my 20 year old car - even when people look at her faded hood and interior - because she gets me where I need to go and is hard working and loyal.

    I appreciate the people that ripped me off for all my savings. Because for the rest of my life? I will never trust another person in a sales deal - no matter what it is - you will have to prove to me the item you are selling is yours, works and give me a receipt with your information - short of dna? I'm not parting with my money. Having a hard time praying for them, but that's coming along.

    Most of all I appreciate my family. What's left of us I cherish. I can't be with any of them again this year, and while I'm beyond words over those feelings, have no money for presents, no decorations but the cards I have gotten here to brighten the house? I am so grateful because I passed a family the other day who lost their child to cancer and gift wrap and holiday dinner and all the other things I seemed so upset for not having - just really paled in comparison to their loss. So for that lesson? I'm grateful.

    My furchildren who keep me sane and just know that when life pours a bad day on me? They are there to lick it up.

    My Mom - who inspires me every day to just be me - silly as I want to be.

    I'm also very grateful for my son - despite overwhelming odds - he knew I had no way to get home to see my Mom and took his prized posession - that he'd waited almost 15 years to get - and sold it for 1/10th the value to send me cash - for a plane ticket to see her. I almost didn't go to the Western Union office - I didn't want to be let down . But when he called DF to make sure I had gone? We went and the note said MERRY CHRISTMAS MOMMA - I love you. I wasn't able to do anything for anyone this year - and then that? I was speechless and crying in Walmart. Nothing short of a miracle - his behavior.

    And for all of you here - You're like the rubbermaid/tupperware of sanity savers.

    Merry Christmas.
  6. ML

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    I'm grateful for all of you and this soft place to land. I am grateful for my problems because they mean I'm alive. I'm grateful to have a home with heat and running water. I'm grateful to have a job that I don't hate. I am grateful for my mom, brother, son, stepsons and mother. My daily prayer is "God, if I cannot have what I think I want, teach me to want what I already have".

    Hugs all,
  7. Hound dog

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    I am thankful for the fact that for the 1st time in 10 very long years all of my children and grandchildren will spend Christmas together. Even with the difficult child drama..........when you've written a difficult child child and grandchildren off as you'll never see/hear from them again......there are simply no words for such a gift as no other gift can come close to this one.

    I am thankful for my children who have grown and matured so much even just over this past year. I can only pray Katie can do the same.

    I am thankful for my grandchildren who keep me sane and keep the little girl inside of me alive.

    I am thankful for my furbabies who firmly believe I can do no wrong.

    I am thankful for my home..........which until that last unemployment extension passed I wasnt' sure I would have after xmas.

    I am thankful I will be able to cook xmas dinner.......also due to the extension that passed.

    I am thankful beyond words for a grandmother who not only loved me, but who's wisdom guides me every day of my life.

    I am thankful that mother in law is now at peace and is with her true love father in law. I miss her terribly, but she will always be with us.

    I am thankful for this board family who has always been there through thick and thin. Love you guys!
  8. Mom2oddson

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    I am thankful for my wonderful parents. The more I hear people take about their families, I realize that my parents are extraordinary. They have been married for 52 years and are more in love than when they first started out. They are a great example of what love should be and how families should support each other. I can always count on them to be a shoulder to lean on, to be a coach to encourage me, and to be a loving enough to tell me I have my head on backwards when I need to hear it.

    I am very thankful for my husband. He loves me the way my Dad loves my Mom and that is very special. And that no matter how many times mother in law throws hurtful things his way saying that she'll stop when he divorces me - he never has and never will.

    I am beyond thankful that for 2 weeks, 1 day, difficult child-Ant has been clean and sober. That he is still willing to go into inpatient rehab when his bed opens up. And that he is becoming that wonderful person that I always knew was in there.

    I am thankful that both of my boys are home for Christmas and that they are getting along so well. They even got on the roof together and put up Christmas lights as a surprise to me.

    I am also very thankful for all my friends here! I can't even put into words how much each and everyone of you mean to me.