Grrrrrr He makes me sooo MAD!!

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    Ok..So Rob has been acting like the usual jerk again..Just when I think he might be doing ok...poof..nope not happening.

    So, last Sat night around 530 we gave him a ride to his girlfriends house when we went to my sis in laws house for the evening to hang out. We dropped him and our step son off there to hang out and told them we would pick them up when we head home. So, at 7ish he texted me and is like..Can you pick up Kenny? I said, yeah when I pick you both up when I am done here. He said "ok bye". So, at 11 we headed home..I drove over to get them. Here comes Ken out the door and when I asked where Rob was, he said "oh he isnt coming". So, I went to the door and he answered it and was like.."what do you want"? UMMMMMMMM Hello...what do I want??? You to get your rude little butt into the car! I didnt tell him that of course I just told him that he needed to get his shoes and we need to get home. He argued with me about staying and was like Im not going with you Your a F***ing B***ch and slammed the door in my face. Well, He called my husband who was driving his car home (we met at sis in laws) and had him come get him. I was so mad... But I told him that was not ok to do ect ect ect...

    So..then yesterday he was supposed to watch my friends son for her while she worked yesterday (daycare closed) and he wouldnt even hardly get out of bed..then made sis and hubby watch him mostly. He was supposed to get done at 430 and then when i got off at 5 i would go get him and give him a ride back to friends house (not by my agreement but it was a pick you battle moment for hubby). So, I show up at 510 and was like..wheres Rob..Kenny said he had left about 2 hrs before and left Kenny to babysit..I was sooo MAD........Tried to call answer of course. Anyway, last night I got really sick out of the blue and ended up in ER with double kidney infections..Got home about 12...NO ROB...No word from him... So I call him and he answers and Im gonna call to check in?? I got the whole..Im sorry Mom..Time got away from me ect ect..So I told him "did you know I spent all night tonight in the hospital" then told him all about it. He was like..Im sorry there anything I can do.. I said Yeah..not make me worry about where you are and what your doing and get home. Oh, I dont have a ride home this he just stayed the night there....was supposed to call hubby this morning and check in..No word as of yet today. Hubby went to work at 2 and hadnt heard a word....

    I want to just ignore him and see what he does..will he call and wonder why I havent called him? Or will he just stay gone? I had to come to work at 645 this morning and work until 5, same thing tomorrow. Hubby is working late shifts this week and is off tomorrow so he would be around home..but I just dont know what to do...How would some of you handle this? I know my mom instinct tells me to not put up with this **** go get him and get him home now ect ect..but the part of me that deals with his moods and his anger dont know what to do...

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    I'm sorry you're having trouble with your son.

    I'm wondering why he is allowed to babysit when he shows such irresponsibility. I'm also wondering where he was when you finally reached him on his cell phone.

    In your shoes, I would pick him up every time at the agreed-upon hour and at the agreed-upon place (and if he has left that place, I'd go where he has ended up). If he can't show responsibility in meeting curfew, I wouldn't let him go out. He is only 15, after all.