hahaha - the ridiculousness of these people truly do make me laugh.

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  1. Shari

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    When easy child 2/difficult child was younger, everyone at our house had a horse, including her. She went thru a period where she didn't ride the horse in well over a year and didn't seem like it was going to change, so we sold that horse.

    For the past 18 months or so, she's been riding with me regularly on grandpa's old horse, so I told husband about 4 months ago that I was going to start looking for another horse for her. I found one.

    Her birthday was a couple weeks ago, so that was her birthday present.

    Apparently sometime in the past year, unbeknownst to us, easy child 2/difficult child's mom told her that she could have her mom's old saddle. She told us this when we gave her the horse. So I guess easy child 2/difficult child went back to her mom's after getting the horse, excited to use the saddle.

    She can have the saddle. But she can't bring it to our house!

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    Well that is just sooooooo helpful. What is she supposed to ride, a piece of firewood?
  3. Shari

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    That's her mama, and how she rolls. The saddle's been sitting unused in her garage for at least 7 or 8 years now...but its better to sit than to let it go to the ex'es house where her daughter could actually use it. She's that way about everything.

    When she and husband split, they owned a stock trailer. She took off with it and hid it from him. husband had another trailer and never hunted it or pursued it. She kept easy child 2/difficult child from him for almost a year, and after he got court ordered visitation and started picking up easy child 2/difficult child, the trailer was not at her house. By the third pickup, it was log chained and locked to a tree in her front yard! She had no stock or use for it. husband still never made an issue of it. It was titled in his name only. After a few months, she'd move it to the woods behind her house, then bring it out again later and chain it to the tree. Eventually, she cut up and tried to sell it as a homemade flatbed trailer. Its sitting out behind her house now.

    (easy child 2/difficult child hides her skates in her bag when she brings them...which I don't condone...but if she asks to bring them when we go to the park, her mom won't let her bring them cause "mom bought them, not us", so what do you do???)

    But that's the way she is. Gotta love it.

    And easy child 2/difficult child has a saddle to ride at our house. Its not like she's hurting us that way, either.
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    easy child's dad was the same way.
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    Everyone gets a horse?

    Ummm...so when can I move in?
  6. Shari

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    No, lol. Just happened at that point in time, everyone rode and everyone had one. As the boys got older, they lost interest, and their horses got sold off, too. husband is the only one who seems to hang onto horses that we don't use...

    But since easy child 2/difficult child is only here part time, her horse is available for sharing, so come on over!

    (they are spoiled...I have no doubt...but for the kids to have a horse is a very self-serving thing...Mama don't get to ride if the kiddies can't follow along...Know what I mean????? LOL Oh, and the other reason behind her getting a "new" horse, is we're retiring the old one of grandpa's that she'd been riding. Best case scenario, he's 31. Probably older. And its starting to show.)