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Discussion in 'Substance Abuse' started by exhausted, Jun 15, 2012.

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    Dear friends, so sorry for disappearing.I have missed you and appreciate your concerns. I will catch up with all your posts as well. The end of school year was grueling. I have just come out of a horrible RA episode-the worst I have ever had! Also some other issues-may have to have surgery. My mom is also going in for surgery and I needed to help my brother with things. The most stress I have had in years! I think my body just gave out.

    difficult child finially came home after 5 days! She was very sick. She ended up on IV fluids and anibiotics. She had impacted sinuses, an ear infection, and strep. That week was my last week of school and we were at the Dr. or hospital 4 times! No court date as of yet-adding stress. She won't go back to new therapist. Is on emotional edge except when she can just be here doing nothing-very edgy emotionally. I am too sick to press any issue. She did walk in the graduation-that was the only pleasant day in 3 weeks.

    I have not felt so low since post-partum! I am worried that the stress has finially got the better of me. Despite this support board, FA meetings and all the years of therapy, I think that I may have depression on top of the physical pain from RA. I told my principal to cancel reading for summer school and I plan to rest as much as possible. I am also going to see if medications. may be needed for my mental health (I hate to think of this). My family doctor. is great and she will know.

    As for difficult child, she turns 18 in late Sep. and my mind wont turn off about what to do and how to handle this. She is enrolled at community college, although she has some final paperwork to do and she has not asked to take care of this. We will see as I won't mention it or manage it in any way. She has got to take initiative.
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    Many hugs. It sounds as if the stress is getting to u physically.Let others fend for themselves as much as they can so that u can get better in order to be there for all that u will need to do. You do not have to be superwoman for everybody.
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    I am so sorry for all you are going through. It's no wonder you are depressed...look what you've had to deal with. I'm most concerned about YOUR health issues (physical and mental) because if mama ain't happy, ain't nobody happy, as they say. Be gentle with yourself, you are very fragile right now.

    Get your strength back first. Try to be there for your mother, of course, but delegate to your brother whenever possible. Let husband deal with difficult child for now. Her being missing for 5 days, then being so sick, along with dealing with the last week of school must have sent your body into shock. When she's 18 in Sept., then you have some leverage if she refuses help, etc.

    Pain from your RA probably contributes to your depression. I'm sure you know all about inflammation, and foods and supplements you can take to help reduce inflammation, etc., so take good care of yourself.

    We're here for you. Check in when you can.
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    Exhausted: I am so glad to hear from you, because we were all worried about you and your difficult child. I'm so sorry that your health is not good, and you have so much stress to deal with now. You have been under incredible stress, and this has to take a toll on your body. I agree with Jane that this is the time that you have to take good care of yourself, and take the time to get stronger and healthy again. It is a wise decision not to have to work at summer school, because you need all the time you can get to rest and get stronger. Try not to stress out too much over what might happen when your difficult child is 18 in September. There is a lot of time before she is 18, and worrying about what "might" happen will not help you at all.

    I hope that you can rest and get stronger. I am sending you lots of good wishes for rest, no stress, more rest, and time to recover. HUGS...
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    Hi exhausted, I'm glad you are OK, we were worried. I'm sorry you aren't feeling well and it's no surprise with everything that's going on. I'm sorry your mom is not feeling well and hope everything goes OK with her surgery. I understand the toll all this takes on your body.

    Hopefully things will fall into place and difficult child will decide to step up and take care of business for community college. I always told my difficult child that she had to either be in school or working full time.

  6. AmericanGirl

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    Glad to hear from you. Sorry to hear of your health changes. Addicts seem to always come with a dump truck of stress sent special delivery for us, don't they?

    Happy your difficult child graduated!! Progress.... I know what you mean about needing forms, etc. filled out. Have been doing a ton of deep breathing trying to get through those tough situations. It's a balancing act...

    BUT....please try to put yourself first when you need it. YOU ARE WORTH IT!!!
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    I'll keep praying for you. Hopefully, I'm also going to start depression medications. Its o.k. When its the right medication it helps. Just take care of yourself.
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    Hi Exh, thank you for checking in. No words of wisdom to share. I just want you to know I care and I am glad you are keeping in touch. Please take good care of yourself. The weariness of this whole thing just gets overwhelming; I am feeling it too. And I am glad you are getting some help. Please don't be hard on yourself or feel guilty about feeling bad. I mean - life is crummy and you feel crummy. Goes hand in hand... Know what I mean??

    {{{hugs}}} And please stay in touch.
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    Hoping you can relax a bit since you won't have the summer reading. Try to do something you enjoy to help take your mind off of difficult child. Stressing over our difficult children certainly wears us down and we don't heal as fast as we should. Please put yourself first so your health improves. Hugs to you.