Have you EVER wanted to just kick some...

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  1. nvts

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    you know what?

    difficult child 2 is one of the nicest little kids I know. He's got his heart in the right place, empathizes with kids and adults, loves dogs and babies (except ours right now - he's in a wicked jealous stage, but talks to me about his "I hate Evie" feelings), but his true love is music.

    The kid can listen to and enjoy just about any type - Big Bands, Rock n Roll, Rap, Showtunes, you name it (even likes symphonies - a special affinity for the Four Seasons by Vivaldi!), but his absolute favorite band is "The All American Rejects". He saved up his money and bought their very first recorded cd on Sunday. He went to school on Monday and told the class during "what did you do this weekend" section of the day that he bought it.

    The teacher told him that she would bring a boom box into school and they could give it a listen during free time. He brought the cd with him Tues and Weds. and asked the teacher if she remembered the boom box on Wednesday. The teacher said "Oh, did you bring the cd?" and he said "yes, it's in my backpack". She went and got it out of his backpack and asked him "is this it?", he said "yes" and she proceeded to put it on the desk and snapped it in half and then cracked the case.

    She looked at him and said "Here you go". And walked away. Now this gets better - difficult child 2 hadn't gotten home from school yet and another Mom called me to tell me what had gone on.

    Now difficult child 2 is on a 50 point system...the best being 50 and the worst being 1. He came home with a 50. So now I know that not only did he not act rudely or aggressively to listen to the cd (she's really tough with points), but he didn't melt down when she did what she did. The other kid corroborated difficult child 2's story.

    This is just sick! I'm waiting for a response from the school. Good news was that husband called them and got the Asst. Principal and basically told her that considering ALL of the allegations through out the year that this woman is psychologically a menace to these kids.

    I would have been happy to just go there and kick her...

    alright...I'll go to the corner!

  2. Abbey

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    What the heck? What teacher would do that? I'd file a formal complaint. NOT a cool teacher.

  3. KTMom91

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    Not cool at all. I'd be in someone's face, even if I had to stand on a chair to do it. And the teacher could replace my kid's CD.
  4. hearts and roses

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    Wait, let me pick my jaw up from the floor....OMG. I cannot believe this actually happened (not doubting, just in shock!)!

    I can't wait to hear the school's response - do tell. Poor difficult child - that woman is a whackjob.
  5. AnnieO

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    I think she's the difficult child in this case.

    I hope the school forces her to replace the CD. Perhaps another one as well. That was uncalled for. This is behavior worthy of my kids' BM.

    I am beyond appalled.
  6. Lothlorien

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    I'm with Jo, I'm picking my jaw off my keyboard! She has a few screws loose!
  7. FlipFlops

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    That is one of those stories that are so...unreal it is hard to believe. Hard to wrap your head around. I do believe you, but it is one of things that are unbelievable. That must have been devestating for your difficult child. And kudos to difficult child for still getting a 50!! How heartbreaking for you all.
  8. lizanne2

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    OK, clarify for me....

    This was an intentional act?????

    Kudos to difficult child. He is amazing.
  9. DammitJanet

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    She tells him to bring in the CD...then breaks it in front of the class? OMG...I would have been so in there and breaking something of hers...in front of the class. Like her nose!

    I think this warrants a complaint to the board of ed.
  10. jbrain

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    I can hardly believe this! This is insane! I would be in there insisting on an apology and replacement of the CD and I would be going to all her supervisors too. I cannot believe the cruelty of this woman! Your difficult child did so well, you must be very proud of him. I would love to kick her *** too!
  11. CrazyinVA

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    Wow. I'd have a serious problem restraining myself and not calling the teacher, or marching down there and letting her have it. I can't wait to hear what happens next, actually ...
  12. Shari

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    I'd call a newspaper.

    And if she doesn't replace his CD, call me. I will.
  13. flutterby

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    Wow. What a nut job. I feel so bad for difficult child 2.
  14. Wiped Out

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    Time for her to find another career, I can't imagine any reason in the world that she could justify this. Yuck!!!!!!!
  15. susiestar

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    I want to go and yank this woman's lungs out. Through her nostrils!

    This was vicious and cruel. I would make a request to the Board of Education that she be formally reprimanded and relieved of any and all duties where she could come into contact with your son. Maybe contact with ANY child.

    I would also look into getting an order of protection as she is harrassing your child and terrorizing him. Civil charges of theft and whatever else you and a lawyer can dream up.

    At the very LEAST she should fund a new CD (or 12) AND fund any psychiatrist, therapist or emergency assistance you need as difficult child deals with this.

    Wiz carried abuse like this inside him for YEARS. For a long while I thought they would never fade. WE did not abuse him, but he had 2 years stuck in a classroom with an "award winning" teacher who was just vicious. Completely vicious - drove Wiz to try to kill himself and left him with a crushed self esteem and self doubts that still pop up.

    Is there any way difficult child can avoid the rest of the year at school? If it is just a few days I would tell the Board of Ed that he is taking some time off to handle the trauma and broken trust and he cannot go into school if she is there.

    Be prepared for some PTSD behaviors. I remember when Wiz would just tremble as I hugged him before he went in to his teacher. I missed the signs and I also had NO clue the teacher would treat ANYONE this way!!

    It is time to get a lawyer and to get a local or regional paper interested in this situation. I am willing to bet she has damaged and traumatized kids this way in the past.

    Hugs to both of you.

    And if you want to call the CD Posse for a Midnight Behavior Adjustment, let me know. This teacher just might need an MBA from the CD Posse.
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  16. mstang67chic

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    What the %^&*(*((& kind of person IS this?????? Hell yes.....call the principal, call the superintendant, call the papers, call the tv stations, call the state board of education. This woman has no business being in a classroom. None. SHE told him to bring the CD in. SHE told him they could listen to it in class. SHE offered to bring in a boom box. What POSSIBLE reason could she have for doing this? Technically, if a kid had done something like that to her, that child could have been charged. I'm being nice here by saying that I would seriously consider pressing charges depending on what the school does. Then again, if it were my kid, I may do it anyway.

    DEFINATELY let us know what happens with this. That is just completely over the line and unacceptable.

    And yes, HUGE kudos for your difficult child going through that and STILL coming home with a 50. And even bigger hugs to him. That hoovers big time.
  17. everywoman

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    She did what????? Dear God, this woman is in a classroom teaching. Please call the cops. Have her arrested for destruction of property. I hope they arrest her in front of the class.
  18. nvts

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    This gets even better. On difficult child 2's neuropsychologist, the psychiatrist actually noted that her biggest concern for him was that he was sooooo easily influenced that she was concerned for his safety. You know, the one kid in the world that would fall for "help me find my lost puppy" nutcases that are out there.

    Since he's so easily led, we have to question him very, very, very carefully because this kid will be swayed by anything. He would confess to being the dog that influence the Son of Sam back in the 70's.

    Well, the teacher was totally "surprised" when questioned by the AP and claimed that she'd never touched the CD. The other kid SAW her with it, but it doesn't matter because he's an emotionally disturbed kid (has Aspergers but since his classification hasn't been updated - it doesn't matter).

    So before difficult child 2 goes into the AP, the para (who was also questioned that morning) asked him if the dictionary in his backpack could have broken it by mistake?

    Ok, says difficult child, if that's what happened then I owe her an apology.

    He then goes to the AP and says that he must have been mistaken.

    I'm ready to jump down this ones throat, so I've been setting up my complaint to the State Dept of Education. I'm tired of selfpolicing by these clowns!

    Have a good night!

  19. ML

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    Grrrrrrrrrrrr. Unbelievable. I hope next year he has a better experience. That is just wrong.
  20. Hound dog

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    :919Mad:I say we ought to all come down there wearing our warrior Mom armor and give this so called "teacher" a very serious lesson.:919Mad:

    OMG! You've no idea how livid this makes me. Why? Because Travis was always the same way. And a teacher he had used it to the hilt to abuse the hades out of the boy. Took years to convince him he wasn't at fault.:mad:

    This "teacher" nut-case needs fired yesterday.

    Now difficult child is going to doubt his own eyes, as well as suffer at this witches hand.

    How long of the term do you have left?