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    As many of you know, difficult child 1 had to go to court for the situation that was caused by a medication. You know, the one that got him put in a psychiatric hospital for the first time instead of juvie like the idiot cop wanted and they filed charges 4 months later. If you remember, difficult child 1 got probation UP TO 6 months, a fine (able to pay off doing community service), community service, and a class for delinquents.

    Well, as of Saturday evening he's completed ALL of it! The judge ordered a report after 3 months (due next month). The report will say that he has completed all the requirements and recommend that he be taken off probation and then the charges will be erased from his record. His record will be completely clean so he doesn't have to pay for it ever again. Personally, it was idiotic in the first place but he was a real trooper and did what he needed to do to make it all go away. Maybe NOW he can let it go (I dread him EVER running into that cop again).
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    Great job!
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    Amazing! Great job difficult child!
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    That's great news!! Congratulations to difficult child 1!!
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    Great news!!!!
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    Very good! I'm glad you mentioned community svc. That's something to suggest to the judge when we go to court next month.
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    Very good news!
  9. Yeah for difficult child! Great news!
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    Awesome. Huge waste of tax payer money to have even done this but so proud of difficult child 1!
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