He had his first counseling appointment...

Discussion in 'Parent Emeritus' started by Lil, Sep 30, 2014.

  1. Lil

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    ...and came home in an okay mood. Which was good surprising. Husband and I saw him on the road, we were headed home as he was leaving. Called 5 minutes later in a state! Couldn't figure out the GPS on my phone I'd loaned him (he used to have one just like it) and couldn't find her office. Didn't know the street - he's lived in this town his ENTIRE life and it's one of the MAIN streets - and he was cursing and freaking out. I told him which street it was and mapquested it and told him the cross street and called the therapist and told her he'd be late. :rolleyes: I figured she'd see him in his usual, OMG SOMETHING WENT WRONG AND THE WORLD IS ENDING mood.

    He has "homework" and said they talked a bit about his sleep problems...which I didn't even know he had. She suggested magnesium and melatonin. They talked about his being easily frustrated. I don't know what else. He has another appointment next week. He said, "I'm not just doing this for me...I know I can't keep doing this stuff to you guys." I said I appreciated that, but he needs to do it for him...I want him to be a happier person. I hope he's going mostly for himself...but I appreciate that he seems to see how much he is distressing us with his tantrums.

    So...hey, he went! And voluntarily made a second appointment. I see this as good. :happy-little:
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  2. Echolette

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    Sounds like he is ready to be a tiny bit more persistent, huh? still going to work even though he hates it and follows through in seeing a therapist...we takes what we can gets!

  3. Lil

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    I hope so. Last night he said he thought his job would last through the winter and he may try to get on full-time after that. Of course a few minutes ago he was ticked off and slamming out the door because he couldn't find his house key. I calmly gave him mine...I get home last anyway...but the mood was on. I really hope that he figures that out. He's such a drama queen. Even one little thing goes wrong and to him it's the end of the world.
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    Oh the difficult child we all know and love. HEHE

    The mood swings and the drama over everything are probably the single most annoying part of it.