He Has Reared His Head


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Son contacted me at 8 a.m. this morning. He is in Dallas. His childhood friend was here to pick up his truck. His mother lives on the corner of the street right before mine. He was in his truck about to head back to Dallas. F decided to go back with him and he wants to stay and he can work with N at his fathers business.

I expressed (envision if you will, a pressure cooker blowing it's top) my feelings on how this all went down. Those of you who have been through this do not need a blow by blow of his responses...you have heard them all before. He wants me to send his wallet and phone. I will use the money in his wallet to send it to him. I suggested he contact his attorney and his brother. I also invited him to not contact me for at least 6 months. It will take me that long to no longer want to choke the #[email protected]& out of him.

I want to extend my gratitude to each and everyone of you for your prayers and for being there for me as I ranted, worried, and aged 20 years. I would have had to check myself in if it were not for the amazing warriors on this site. Pat


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What a rollercoaster. Relief, anger, sadness, I imagine you're feelnig every emotion under the sun right now. I am so glad he's physically ok, but my heart is just breaking for you -- the fact he put you through this is just unbelievably sadistic and hurtful -- and yet it's so predictable when it comes to our kids. I'm so sorry, pasa.

I think using his money to pay for sending his stuff is a good call, as is cutting contact for a while. Please take care of yourself -- if you're seeing a therapist, this is a good time to check in with them, or head to an Al-Anon meeting. Cry, grieve, then do something nice for youself. You deserve it.

Big hugs.
I'm glad he's okay, but I can only imagine the torture you've gone through not knowing what happened to him. I'm so sorry he deliberately put you through that. I'd want to wring his neck too.

A little distance and time will lessen the desire to strangle the little bugger. Like others have said, put him out of your mind and do something nice for yourself.


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I am so glad he is well, and that he has finally contacted you.

Spur of the moment decisions seem to be a hallmark of our DCs.

Thanks for letting us know!


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UCCCKKK, shades of my own two.

Thank goodness Pasa, but what a little twit.

How terrible to put you through all of that.

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Oh Pasa,

I'm glad he's ok.

(if I could, I would hold him while you choke him) o_O

Very typical of a Difficult Child to think only of themselves. I'm so sorry he put you through this.



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At least the story makes sense... maybe. Could be impulsive, could be planned... but at least not totally insane. Just totally self-oriented and clueless.


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Oh Pasa, I am so glad he surfaced, but the agony you've gone through.......yes, most of us here have been through it, or a version of it.......I'm sorry, I know how it is..........yes, do something very kind for yourself,do whatever you need to get yourself back in balance......sending you warm hugs and caring thoughts as you regain your sense of peace.


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I know I can't possibly be as angry as you are - but even I am livid! I was terrified for you! I truly thought they would find his body somewhere! OMG I can't even believe it!

Dear Pasajes, you deserve SO MUCH MORE! Do something kind for yourself. Hell, use the money in his wallet to do something nice for yourself!

I'd want to throttle him. Then beat him. Then throttle him some more. :mad:


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Oh Geeze...what a stinker brat!!! (putting it mildly)

I am so glad to hear your son is okay but so sorry for all the anguish he put you through.
Stay Tough!

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Sounds like something my genius would do.

Don't worry, we're always here for you. Glad it turned out well, even though he's a fool. Now you can relax and take care of yourself. I'm sure his father's family has been worried, too.

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Oh, we are so helpless in the way we love them! I don't know what to say. That brat. Thank God he is alright. What was he thinking! Did he know he was going to do this, or did the friend just show up and somehow, he needed to leave right then?

How could he do this to you.

Surely, he did not understand how long the nights have been, for you.

At the end of it, thank God he is alive, and that he finally did call.

Warm hugs, pasa. It's like when they were little and we couldn't find them and they would say: "I wasn't lost, Mom. I knew where I was."

They don't have a clue what they mean to us. They really don't.