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    Katie volunteered the other day when I was taking the family home that M no longer wants to settle for being "just a lowly dishwasher at 50". He wants to learn to read......at a much higher level than he does now. He's wanting to take the reading courses at the community college so that once he's done he can start the GED courses. He's even had Katie call to ask about the program.

    M is only 2 yrs younger than I am, by the way.

    Seems if they have enough interested people they have 3 class times, morning, afternoon and evening. He spoke to his manager to see if they could put him back at going in at 6pm while he takes the reading courses. Manager was supposedly giving him a hard time and not wanting to cooperate. Katie asked what they should do. I told her they were putting the cart before the horse (as usual) and needed to first enroll him in the classes, see what time of day he'd be going, then work from there. He should be aiming for morning classes anyway. Odds are whomever is teaching the courses will do their best to work with him.

    Since I was curious I asked why the change of heart? She said it was because he'd put in for cook at the restaurant (he supposedly has tons of experience, after eating his cooking I'm not so sure) but they refuse to bump him up to cook position (more hours and more pay) because he can't read well enough to read the orders. Katie asked me why they can't just holler out the order? I said because this is a family restaurant and even if they did that he'd never be able to keep them straight or remember them all.

    I told her once he had his GED he'd be able to get factory jobs in the area too, as long as he could walk there or whatever. Then I chose that moment to remind her that she can as well because she got her GED a long time ago. Katie ignored me when it came to her.

    I love the girl but she is so damn lazy it drives me nuts. There is NO excuse for her not to be working somewhere. All 3 kids are in school all day.

    M may be a perv........"may" nothing, that is a known fact, but once he has a job he seems to stick to it and work hard. I have to at least give him credit for doing the best he can for his family. It irks me no end that I can't do that for my own kid.

    Would do them both a world of good to get their priorities straight too. Kayla is literally busting out of her clothes, Alex's coat is 3 sizes too small.....Katie doesn't even HAVE a coat.......and their worried about buying Alex video games and spoiling the kids with this or that stupid junk they could do without. I backed Katie up with she flat out told Kayla she didn't care what her friends have, she'll never have a tv in her room. Then got ticked off when kayla spilled the beans on her Mom that Alex has one in his room so he can play his video games. Oh, good lord. They'll do anything to keep that boy quiet and out of their hair, no wonder his development is still lagging so damn far behind his peers.

    Katie accused Kayla of being a clothes hog. I thought wth? She's busting out of her clothes mom! That's not a clothes hog, that is wanting something to wear that actually fits. omg I did tell Katie that I'll watch the thrift stores ect for bargains on jeans in kayla's size, but if I pick some up for her she's paying me for them. ugh I also told Kayla she can start working at 14 or 15 and then buy all the clothes she wants. lol

    I guess I can't expect them to get better all at once. *sigh*
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    Don't you wish they would stop spinning in circles and just listen to you! Ugh!
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    Geez, I hear you Lisa.............but it's good that M is trying to better himself and that he takes care of his family. ......sigh..........hang in there...............it's all relative isn't it.......... I would be THRILLED if my daughter were in your daughter's shoes!!