Hi all...lil update


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Can hardly believe that it was around June of 2002 the first time I posted on the board. Both of my sons were at drug rehab then...it's been a long road for sure. And many here were of such great support to me, thank you still.

Today, wow...
Oldest difficult child will be 20 next Friday. He is still at drug rehab down near Houston. easy child, husband and I visited him weekend before last and he looks SO GOOD. Still the handsome son he always has been and sounding so positive about the future. husband is actually going to employ oldest difficult child again when he gets out of the half way house which he will be sent to sometime in August we think.
Oldest difficult child plans on attending AA meetings where I attend Al Anon, the same building/group.

Young difficult child meanwhile...well he is married now and joined the Army. His new wife is a sweetheart and also pregnant. Yes, I will be a grandmother, if all goes well, by mid Novemeber. I secretly hope it's a girl, smile...but just a healthy baby regardless.

Young difficult child is away at Boot Camp in Ft Benning Ga. He will graduate on August 10th and easy child, my mom, young difficult child's wife and I will likely drive there while husband's fly's in. We are all looking forward to this event. I am so proud of young difficult child. He is sending money home for his wife, calling, writing letters and getting used to the routine. Yes, he will likely be deployed to Iraq at some point...probibly Novemeber it sounds like. I will worry about that then, not now.

easy child...well, she makes mistakes every once in a great while but she's still a easy child and no sign of drug use. She just completed 9th grade. We will be going to El Paso next weekend for a national bowling tournament she qualified to be in and also easy child, my mom and I will be going to Vegas for another tournament late July. Oh and easy child, husband and I will go to Buffalo New York soon for another tournament as well. So you can see we'll be flying around the country bowling quite a bit this summer.

husband and I are doing better these days. Spending lots of time with easy child and looking forward to the future. We still have plans to move back up to the mountains of Colorado again one of these days...

Just wanted to check in and let you all know I'm still out here and the difficult child sons are still doing their best to figure it out and move forward. I am so hopeful for both of them and really can't wait until oldest difficult child is with us again. I look forward to the new baby as well...his mom, young difficult child's wife gave me a card thanking me for contributing to such a good son, etc. She and I will go maternity clothes shopping soon. I am doing my best to be a good mother in law to her and I think she will be a very nurturing mother.

enough for now.
Hugs and care to all my old friends and hope you all are enjoying the good where you can find it.

PS...I try and keep up with you all by lurking in the various forums as often as I find the time.


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How wonderful to read that good things are happening for you and
your family AND that there is reason to hope for a happier future
for all of you! Wow, I am grinning from ear to ear just reading
of the progress!

It is always a treat to get an update from you, my friend. You
sound so much healthier each time you post. God bless you all.


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Congrats on the new baby coming! That is always an exciting time. Im sure you have noticed I already have one grand daughter and I am almost ready to have another one probably the end of this month or the beginning of next month. We cant wait! I have to admit, my grands are my heart. I love my boys but these lil girls are something else.

I am thrilled to hear youngest difficult child is doing so well in basic. Way To Go to him. Dont borrow trouble about the future. Jamie was in for 4 years and never left the states.


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What a wonderful update. Sounds like youngest difficult child has found his place in life. I will keep oldest difficult child in my prayers that he has the strength to continue on his positive path once he is back out in the real world. I hope he goes to his meetings and follows the program.

There was a time I believed that following the program wasn't that important. But I learned from my difficult child's experience that until he learned to do it, he couldn't stay clean for long. He has been living in his soberhouse for 7 months now, going to meetings, has a sponsor and has been clean for 8 months now. I really believe that his following the program is what has kept him on the straight and narrow and I hope he continues for a long long time.


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LMS - So nice to see you here! Thanks for the update, glad to see you are happy & all is well. I was surprised by the news of young difficult child! WOW and Congrats!



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Good to hear from you Tammy. Sounds like life is moving forward for you all, in good ways finally.

Congrats on the grandbaby. Mine will be here in Sept.- His name will be Jameson. Both my girls are doing very well too.

Have fun flying around bowling. My 2 younger brothers did the same thing, so I have spent many many days at the House. Have fun.

Love and prayers always,



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Hello my friend. I am so glad to see such a positive update. It looks like things are finally coming together in Texas. Oldest must have had a change of "heart" since you last posted. And youngest is married??? And in the Army???? WOW! Of course a easy child will make mistakes--the difference is they own up to them and learn a lesson---it's what makes them not a difficult child! I'm glad you posted. Stay in touch--and have a wonderful summer.


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It is so wonderful to hear from you LMS. Sounds like you and hubby are doing much better. Also sounds like hubby and oldest are getting along great. That is just HUGE!!!

I can't believe youngest is in the Army and almost done with basic training. Will he be in the weather field?

You sound soooooooooooo good.

I'm a grammy. Been one for two years now. :smile:


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Hi There!!!!!

And Welcome to the "difficult child Grandma Club" :bravo:
Wow....Lots going on by you! So happy to hear that things have improved. Youngest son in the military and expecting a baby with his wife......God Bless Them.
I wish you nothing but good things and blessings.
When is that baby due????? :smile: :smile:



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Thanks for all the warm greetings.

To answer a couple of questions...
Young difficult child is enlisted pvt in the army, no weather related duties. He's just fortunate they even let him in...he did do it all by himself, well and with the help of a very eager recruiter I hear. Also, baby is due November 5th. I hear he or she will be either "Joey or Jolenne". My mother and I took my new daughter in law shopping yesterday for Maternity clothes. She was very gracious and tells me she loves me.
She says..."thank you for raising a son whom I can love".
She got a letter today delivered to our house from young difficult child so she will be stopping by in a bit, I think it has a check in it for her too. Young difficult child is really taking on this role of responsibility so far. I am very impressed with how this is working out at the moment.

Well, will go again for now but will stop by every once in awhile and exchange updates with you all.
Thanks so much to everyone who replied, hugs and care and all the best to each of you and your families.


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Hi LMS! I have missed you. I am so glad that oldest difficult child is getting help, that he and husband seem to have a good relationship in spite of everything, and WOW, a BABY for youngest!!

It really sounds like youngest difficult child is standing up and learning to be a man. He will stumble, but he came from a foundation of love and it will go to the next generation. New daughter in law sounds like a sweetie.

Very proud of your easy child going NATIONAL with her bowling!! What a huge accomplishment. She truly is a shining light.

Get in touch when/if you can.