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  1. Well I got paperwork in the mail yesterday requesting me to get all of difficult child's medical records and to call and schedule a home visit.

    I called the nurse to schedule the home visit, which is scheduled for 12/22. I also asked specifically what they need for medical records. They also are looking for forms that they want filled out by a teacher. I talked to her about this and explained difficult child's current school situation. She said to give them the forms, and as soon as I can get an IEP, give them that.

    Anyway, I am wondering what I should be prepared for regarding this home visit. What are they looking for? What questions should I be prepared for and what questions should I ask?


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    Not knowing the program you are talking about....but if it is similar to the Medicaid Waivers then I would say .....they are looking for anything that will qualify your child for their programs. I had to provide testing from my son's neuropsychologist twice. Then we still had to jump through hoops for them later on when we went to crisis.

    I would try to find out what services that they can offer to help your child, how long it would be before they know if your child as been approved, and how long before your child can start receiving these services. I do wish you the best of luck and try not to be nervous.
    Just go at this home visit as something that will help your child get
    better help and fight for the services.

    I hope I helped a little.
  3. thanks critter, you did. I just have never had anything like that before and not sure what to expect.
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    How did the home visit go Butterflydreams?
  5. Thanks for asking! This was for the Katie Beckett waiver. It went pretty good. She asked a bunch of questions about what difficult child can do and can't do by himself. Stuff like hygiene, etc. She made a bunch of notes. She told me that it has been taking 1-2 months, so I should know by February. She was going to put in the request for medical records and hopefully would get them fairly quickly, I haven't heard from her, but with the holiday's who knows. She said they would only wait a couple of days before requesting again, otherwise they would let me know so I could bug them.

    I was given information about the waiver. I guess if he is approved, he will get medical, dental and vision. This of course would be secondary to my insurance from work.

    The only thing will be that the psychiatrist won't be covered, because she said that since he is out of network on my insurance that Medicaid won't cover him. (There is only 1 psychiatrist covered under my insurance and nobody at the psychiatric hospital where difficult child was had ever heard of her.) But all things considered, just having the prescription copays covered and other stuff too, and if he goes inpatient or even the dental and vision (which my insurance is awful) will be a big help. One of his medications is currently $120 per month, which if I don't pay that out, then paying the $150 psychiatrist appointment won't be bad.

    Anyway, time for fingers crossed and whatever other good luck things we can muster!

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    Sounds promising Christy.....fingers crossed and prayers in place for ya hon!