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Discussion in 'Parent Emeritus' started by SgtReese, Sep 24, 2014.

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    I first posted here back in 2011. My wife and I were at the end of our rope at the time and looking for a PRTF and a means to pay for it.
    A lot of water under the bridge since then, the Kid continued to get in trouble, dropped out of high school and served 30 days for a probation violation last Oct. Since then, however, he has been much improved. Moved out, got a job and has held down an apartment with his girlfriend for over a year. He's back at community college getting his diploma and has plans for more education. He still has his moments of bad temper and bad decisions, but NOTHING like the old days.
    For the first time in years, I don't feel my blood pressure rising just being in his presence. I really think he's on his way to being a law-abiding, productive and happy person. So, no matter how bad things are, don't give up trying and don't give up hope. It CAN happen.
    Best wishes to all y'all.
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    Thanks for the update. We like to hear good outcomes!

    What do you attribute his turnaround to?