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    Star* call 911........call 911

    So unemployment hasn't decided if I get unemployment yet. Okay - and Foodstamps hasn't decided if I get them yet -OH wait - yes they did - I applied 3 weeks ago and they didn't make them retro. Just March. GOLLY. Sigh - Messed out of another week of something. Love it!

    So DF and I drive to WALMART (OH I detest Walmart with a passion) Usually we do rock, paper, scissor and the looser best 3 out of 5 takes the list and the debit card. Today we tortured each other and went together. Dog food, gallon of milk, coffee creamer, then gone. Get the milk, get the creamer, and then we go down the dog food aisle. We're looking at the prices of the 40lb bags of kibble, the words just slipped out of my mouth "WHAT THE H>LL?" in reference to the prices. DF's head snapped around and so did this other lady...(exhale, oh the shame - too late for me to cover it up with "WHAT? THAT's SWELL!) I'm a marked woman. Cursing in the Walmart. (drats) and the look on DF's face was just - well - rolling eyes, shaking his head....his woman the local potty-mouth.

    I'm left standing there with this woman making tch tch tch noises, thinking Hey lady what are you the gum Nazi? "Dirty mouth? Clean it up!" No Orbit for you. So we push on towards the rest of our excursion and we're through the clothes. I turn around wishing I could shove socks in my mouth - and there behind me is DF with a package of Hanes football socks....lol. I just chuckled out loud and he said "What?" So I asked "Those for me and my Tourettes syndrome? - I mean we haven't even gotten to the Peanut butter yet - I heard it's nearly $7.00 a jar." and he said "You're SH(*%$)(* me." At which time I took the razor knife from my belt and asked him which color he wanted to put in HIS filthy mouth?" Actually he hadn't meant the socks for me - he was pricing them for himself. ahem.

    So Mothers Be warned - Walmart may not be a place you want to take your young children without earbuds, earplugs or headphones......because the prices are enough to cause even the normally most mild of people to go running for the listerine or scope.

    And don't even get me started on those THIN SKINNY BOXES OF cereal......or .89 apples.
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    The price of cereal has gotten OUTRAGEOUS!!! It's a good thing it wasn't that high when my kids were little or they wouldn't have had any! I either do without it now or I buy it when it's on sale if it's cheap enough. I sometimes get it when I go to the Dollar Store because most kinds are at least a dollar cheaper there than they are at the grocery store.
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    I can laugh because you should've heard me in the dog food isle and I wasn't the least bit ashamed at what came out of my mouth. (I can't say the same for the conversation I was holding with myself trying to keep the weights / prices straight) And oh, for about an hour I had the brilliant idea I could make their food using rice, broth, some veggie scraps, meat scraps.........Have you seen the price of rice?? (I'm hoping to heaven aldi's has it cheaper)

    What do the poor do when the "poor" man's food is too expensive to eat? I grew up on rice, mac & cheese, and peanut butter because they were cheap. I think easy child said hotdogs doubled in price. I dunno.....I bought one of the huge things of them at Sams forever ago and we're still working on them, so I haven't bought any in a long time. Her boys eat them all the time, so I figure she knows what she's talking about. Thank goodness a pot pie from banquet can still be had for .69 cents. But I remember getting them for .25 cents and it wasn't all that long ago.

    I get the "chubs" of hamburger because they're usually cheaper...........I don't know about cheaper but the last batch had so much fat in it, it was downright disgusting.......the meat was drowning in it. eww So far chicken is doing ok price wise.......I think we'll be eating a lot more chicken in our future.

    Cereal, thank heavens I can still get for under 2 bucks if I wait out for the sale and coupons. And we don't eat a ton of it so it last a long time. But yeah, donna, I went down the cereal isle with easy child at walmart monday and my mouth was hanging open.

    As for the dog food, mine are still getting supplemented with scraps. They're not complaining. But Molly is no longer overweight.

    I know they have to transport this stuff and the prices of that has gone up thanks to gas.......but omg......Do you think we'll see the prices go down again? I hope so, but I doubt it.....prices like to go up not down.
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    Cereal is easy... we don't buy it. Old fashioned rolled oats... cooked the modern way (kettle to boil the water, micro to heat it after it's absorbed the water... easy peasy). I'll send directions if you want.

    Dog food. Ummm... Ya. We go through a 40lb bag every three weeks. (110 lbs {combined total} of active dogs... )
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    donna723 Well-Known Member

    It funny but I'll skimp and save on things for myself and do without if necessary, but when it comes to my dogs, I drive 20 miles to the next county and plunk down the money for the expensive good stuff without batting an eye! I have one that's allergic to EVERYTHING including the corn that's in virtually every brand of grocery store dog food. If I gave her that, she would scratch herself bald in a day or two! And I have another one whose stomach is so sensitive that there are only a few things that he can eat without barfing. I wish they could eat the other stuff but if I did get that for them, I would have one itchy little bald one and another that would be in the corner barfing and I got tired of cleaning the carpet!
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    Seriously folks...go check amazon for the prizes of dog food on amazon. You man be surprised that it is cheaper and with prime you get free shipping. One family can have 5 people on its prime account. So 5 people could go in on that 79 dollar yearly rate to get free shipping. My dog food has no corn, no by products, none of that nasty stuff in it to make it bad. It has chicken, beef, salmon, veggies, blueberries, some other fruits, vitamins and some other stuff but no bad stuff.
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    DJ... "not in Canada"... same old same old around here.
    We pay (are you sitting down?) $75 per 40 lb bag... unless we get it on "clearance" (2x/yr at one outlet), for $45...
    They need special "large breed" stuff due to their build (not just weight).


    Well, better go put in a few more hours work tonight, so I can afford to go buy more dog food.
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    donna723 Well-Known Member

    Janet, just out of curiosity, what brand are you getting? Mine are on the Taste of the Wild bison & venison formula. Even with all her allergies, Ragan hasn't managed to become allergic to buffalos yet! This is a really good grain-free food and they sell it at the Tractor Supply store in the next town. If it wasn't for that, I'd be driving 60 miles to an even bigger town to buy their food. It comes to around $28 for a 15-pound bag and or just under $50 for a 30-pound bag. And there's four dogs so we go through quite a bit of food.
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    Our Tractor Supply just added the Blue line and is five bucks cheaper than the two other sources in the area. Ace does well on the Lamb/rice combo so I'm sticking to it. DDD
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    All I can say is if that's the worst thing you've ever said in Wal-Mart, you have way less of a potty-mouth on you than I do. Just sayin'.
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    IC... My jaw is bouncing on the floor. I get upset having to pay $25 for 40 lbs. I'm glad Bubbles can eat normal Pedigree. No generic, though.

    HaoZi... Umm, yes.
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    Prices are insane, even Sam's Club, 7 oranges were $7. I do know this week at CVS 5 12 packs of Coke are $10. The big problem in our house is people who waste food. I'm not having that anymore, if they don't love it, they better not make it- and if they can't finish, they'll have it later. Does anyone go to Trader Joes? I found 5 pound bags of frozen chicken breasts for a dollar a pound. Peanut butter was less than $2. We found some great prices there.
  13. Star*

    Star* call 911........call 911

    FIVE 12 packs of coke $12 dollars????? HOLY SMOKES!!! WE NEED AN ALERT or something like that for stuff like this to help each other!

    And the FOOD that casper can eat can't have corn in it - so Usually we have to buy Iams Lamb and Rice or the Sams brand of Lamb and rice - but they changed up and now the kid is itchy - all the time. We free feed, and he stuck his nose in the Food for the other kids and he's a mess.

    I'm going to check Amazon Prime......Not sure what that is - but it's got to be cheaper than $1.22 - $1.50 a pound and Donna like you - WE cut back on OUR food to make sure THEY have what they need. No cheap junk for them. But I tried that Rachell Ray food ???? I have five ----and a 17.5 lb bag was gone in 4 days.......I was FLOORED. I jokingly asked DF how it tasted because with it gone that fast and smelled that good I wondered who else was eating it.
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    I'm going to Trader Joes!!!!! OMG!!! I've never been there but OMG, this sounds AWESOME! UAN, you are my new hero.

    I'm with you on the food wasting. We had chicken and potatoes Tuesday night. I asked Jett to let them cool then put them away. Guess what was on the counter the next morning?! I hadn't been back upstairs. Then last night I wanted celery and carrots and ranch dressing, and the carrots were not only slimy but SQUISHY. Onyxx had BEGGED me to buy them... They were under something... Never got eaten. I was SO ANGRY. And being hormonal on top of that..................

    I'm also going to CVS. husband loves Coke, Jett loves Sprite, I like Cherry Coke and Onyxx will drink it all as long as it's POP!
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    Oh... A pet food co-op works, too. My cats ADORE Fancy Feast but it's really expensive. BUT, sister in law works at PetSmart. So Mom and I take turns buying it - her cats will not eat the turkey - mine love it - so we will buy 1-24-pk cans and split it. Her cats get a can a day. Mine half. Mine are both fat, so I have to be careful. Also when she gets some kind of dry food hers won't eat, and vice versa. No waste.
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    I have a whole herd of outside kitties that I feed too. I was getting store brand dry food but it only came in small bags and probably wasn't very good. So I've been buying the big bags of 9 Lives dry food at a local discount store. They also have the 4-packs of 9 Lives canned foods for $1.50 which is cheaper even than Walmart. Breakfast is at 9:00 am for every cat that shows up on my front porch and sometimes they bring their friends. They seem to know what time it is too and they're always waiting out there! I get a bowl of dry food, add a bit of warm water and then mix in two cans of the wet food (smelly fishy variety) and they love it! My oldest Boston, Ragan, takes three pills in the morning and she will willingly gobble them right up if they are mixed in a spoonful of smelly cat food! I'm not fooling her, she knows the pills are in there, but she agrees to take them in exchange for getting bites of cat food.
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    I have never heard of Trader Joes. It sounds promising, if I could find one. (I'm impressed with that PB at 2 bucks thing lol )

    I dunno, I've never been able to bring myself to do the super expensive food for my dogs. It's certainly not because I don't love them, but I look at the ingredients and think well shoot.....they get that stuff every day. I have someone got to learn to cook for 2 instead of 5+. (I never cooked for 5, I learned to cook for a BIG family, we almost always had leftovers as another meal) But even saving leftovers for another meal or two there is a considerable amount left, which goes to the dogs. Betsy is not so fond of potatoes unless you literally feed them to her, but other than that all 3 like just about every veggie there is. Molly is especially fond of baked potato skins. lol

    I did let Molly try the Rachel Ray food. She went totally bonkers for it. It does smell good. I just can't afford the stuff. (I'd gotten a free 5 lb sample)

    I'll check Amazon. easy child and Nichole both already have Prime. I don't really care where I get it from as long as it's cheap. I had to take Molly off the moist n meaty stuff as it was doing a number on her skin. She can't do can or else you can't live with her. Phew! She needs a small kibble replacement and I haven't found one I can afford on a reg basis. Pedigree has one, I think it's a senior formula, but it's more expensive than their other ones. If I can find it in bulk.......but so far I can't.

    I'll check our Tractor Supply Store too. I keep forgetting them. I shouldn't, but I do.

    We stopped soda pretty much completely. But before we did, we stopped the cans and switched to 2 liters. With the right sales I could get them for less than 75 cents each. Now you feel good if you can get them for a buck, so I stopped.
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    Lisa, I forget the name of it now but Tractor Supply has come out with their own brand of dry dog foods and it is supposed to be very good high quality food. I haven't tried it but a friend has been getting it for her pampered Airedales and she's very pleased with it. She compared all the ingredients and said it's comperable to Taste of the Wild or Blue Buffalo but much cheaper.

    I had never been in a Tractor Supply store, had no idea they sold pet foods, until someone told me about it.
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    I use Chicken Soup for Soul dog food and I think it is made by the Taste of the wild folks. It has been known to clear up the skin allergies that I know...I read the reviews. My dogs dont have skin issues but I was reading reviews anyway before I put bucks into paying the prices.

    I pay 37 bucks I think for a 30 bag of the large breed bag but I share that with my little dog. It is just little gold nuggets really but Nina thinks they are heaven in a cup. She turns her nose up at kibbles and bits now. I ran out a few weeks ago and had to buy a bag at the store waiting for the shipment from amazon and Nina practically picked at her food. I gave the 17 pound bag from food lion to Cory for his dog. My 30 pound bag will last me at least a month feeding Nina and Buddy.