Hpdate on the animal cruelty case...what Jamie found out for me

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    Seems he found out from the investigator here..that according to my neighbor, he had "proof" that he had animal complaints against me where my dogs had gone in his yard and attacked his animals and him. If I went ahead with this complaint he would go against me. Well, number one, why hadnt he done it before? He hadnt even called the cops or made a complaint. He had shot another of our dogs and we suspect he poisoned another but he did it in a field that a neighbor owned. He shot the other dog thinking it was a dog that went in his yard but before he shot her, the other neighbor specifically told him she was not the dog and the dog he wanted had a long tail. My dogs tails were docked! This was several years before the puppies too.

    He also only had one year to bring charges. So why they were even entertaining his complaint is beyond me.

    They also said that if I had called the humane people out to get the dogs, I wouldnt have had to pay but since I took them in to the vet I was responsible. Huh? I didnt even know that was a possibility. Why didnt they tell me that about the second dog after I took the first one in? Why when I told them the second one was acting like he had been shot too didnt they tell me to call them to bring him in instead of telling me to go get him so they could see if he had been shot?

    Idiots. Well, I am gonna tell them all that they can order me to pay this but it will be a cold day in hell before I will do it. I dont much care. I know my dogs never did a thing to that guy but I can tell you that if his dogs or cats ever so much as step foot in my yard they will be history.
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    It sounds to me like this is a case of the good ole boys club making up a story when they got questioned by an outside officer about some way they covered up for each other!!!! No way did this guy have complaints against you.

    I am quite sure that if you had called they would not have cared for your dogs after they learned the name of the guy who shot them. There are few ways you can win this. Not sure if you can take this guy to civil court or argue against it in small claims. I would just do all I could to mess with the guy with-o giving him any proof it is you. He has it out to get you anyway, from all he has done over the years.

    Not sure what they can do about collecting the money from you, but both the vet and the animal control guy should have been able to tell you that if you took the dog in then you had to pay. If you have bad credit already, and this won't make it worse, do what you want to about it. If you are making even a $5 payment a month most states won't let them garnish your wages. Not sure they can garnish disability, but they may be able to garnish Tony if his name was on the bill.

    I am sorry. There is little you can do as long as this neighbor's relative is in the good ole boy network and keeps covering for him.
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    This chaps my chapstick........by the way is El Climber boxed in yet?