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    My family is from Minden and I spent many summers with My Oma and it is the sausages and breads that I remember the most. The bread truck would deliver hot bread everyday, and then it was trips to the markets for the fresh offerings of the day. My family owns a hotel/ spa in the Rhine valley. I worked my tail off cleaning and cooking from the time I was 5 years old. I loved it.
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    The breads were wonderful. I had a friend who lived off in the Rhoen Ring in a tiny village and they had the bread truck, the bank truck, and the grocery truck.

    I lived in a small town, but it was close enough to a larger town with the amenities that we didn't have the "consumer services" trucks coming by.

    Sausages? Well, those're a funny story. First of all, you need to know that husband and I both grew up in kosher households. We also ate a lot of European sausages.

    Imagine how excited we were to find the "original versions" in their homeland! We went wurst-crazy. Got our treats home, and each and every one of them had the same, weird taste and texture to them.

    Couldn't figure it out for the longest time. husband finally finished chewing and swallowed a mouthful. "It's pork." he proclaimed.

    He was right. When we were growing up, we got our sausage at a kosher deli, so they were all made with beef.

    In Germany, the original versions were made with pork, so tasted weird to two people who, while by this time no longer kept kosher, but had never eaten European sausages made with pork.

    We came to love them made that way, and in fact, these days, I prefer pork to beef for the most part.
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    I'm so sorry. Ours is out very soon. All he had to do was work. Sinking is a very good description of the feeling. :(
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    Just got verification that substance abuse IF you have successfully completed a treatment program qualifies you for Voc Rehab. Also checked the web site and got this...

    "To be eligible, you need to have a physical or mental impairment that causes problems with working and need VR services to be successfully employed."

    Just for clarification, the impairment must be formally diagnosed.
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    Formally diagnosed (sigh).

    Ok. Well, that's how I got help there and your son can't. I do think something could be going on with your boy, but no point pushing it if he is unwilling to be tested.
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    Yeah, that tends to be a road block for people who are unwilling to accept that they may have mental health issues. Then again, we only live a mile from the Career Center which has TONS of help and he wont go there either.
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    Career centers are terrible why because the only thing you can do to help someone get a job is basically helping them get right to the interview. Basically like a friend or a relative who can well put some strings and get him a job. You see there is nothing bad with that most of us get hired like that.
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    Actually, our career centers offer a wide variety of assistance. They actually do mock interviews so you can improve your skills. They offer the National Career Readiness Certificate testing and study guides. For those of you in the U.S.A. do some research on this. Having this certificate apparently GREATLY helps in getting employment. They offer grants for technical training. They also network with local businesses so they know who is hiring, what they are looking for, and can assess whether the person might be a good fit for that company. Almost forgot, they also have computers where you can search online and fill out online applications as well as study courses if you aren't computer literate.
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    Mine was eligible for tuition assistance to complete his certification for welding as well as help with housing and transportation. He qualified due to his age and disabilities. This was through Workforce Solutions. He figured they would drug test him so he did not go back.
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    A dad, not here. Often they have rules that related people can't work together. The last place I worked before this one was like that.big tried to get my son an interview there and was told. It's not uncommon.

    Here nobody will hire you without going through the motions unless you happen to be related to the owner of the business.
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    The grant money through the Career Center's doesn't require you to have a physical or mental disability. It could be as simple as you need steel toed work boots and don't have the money and as complex as getting welding or CDL certifications. They also work with Voc Rehab.
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    They had a youth program for individuals up to 21 years of age who were homeless or could qualify if they lived at home but had a disability. After age 21, they would go through the adult system.
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    On the grants, age is irrelevant. Well, I'm assuming they wouldn't do it for a 15 year old but you know what I mean!
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    All academic for our son since he won't go. :( He went back a couple years ago, said he had trouble filling out applications or something on their computers, couldn't get any help, and that was that. He never is willing to try something twice. Nor does he listen when told what to look into.

    I'm more worried about the fact that J may or may not be elsewhere when we get home. I reminded Difficult Child last night that they needed to spend the day #1, looking for somewhere for J to be. #2, checking the charities to see if there is any rental assistance available to him. and #3, but not least, Job Hunting!!!

    I do not look forward to any confrontation about J staying longer. I wouldn't have a problem with him staying longer, but he's eating us out of house and home and Jabber is much less lenient than I - and I don't want him to get comfy. They BOTH need to go asap.