I am rather ANGRY (another rant)

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    Jess was at the party store with my dad and thank you. Some guy was on a ladder, dropped something and fell on her. This was Wednesday.

    The person left, which made her wonder if it was an employee (from the description of the guy, it wasn't). There was an employee nearby and she didn't say anything, which made Jess think there was nothing to be done about it.

    By the time she got home she was sore. And it was getting worse. I called the store, talked to a "manager" who said to call back TODAY to report it to the general manager. So I did. It took 3 calls today to get to the GM. I left messages that were not given to the GM! I even have the people's NAMES that I left messages with.

    The GM wanted to know why I waited so long to report it!!! I DIDN"T wait. I called that day. I ALSO sent emails and 'contact us" forms to the corporate office, AND called and left 4 messages at the corporate offices.

    NO ONE called me back, or emailed me or anything. NO ONE CARED IF MY daughter WAS HURT.

    I am getting pretty sick of this.

    The GM did finally call me back (after 5 on Friday, of course) and got info to fill out a report for insurance. Jess thinks if they would just give her a costume that woudl be fine. But I am looking at more doctor bills, probably another prescription or two, and I have a kid who is in pain. We DID force her to go to school, but she has been miserable and clearly hurting.

    WHY did they have me wait? Why didn't they return phone calls or emails??


    Thanks for letting me get this out. It just seems so unfair that she has gotten hurt again.
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    can i make a suggestion?? Why don't you write the corporate office and explain what had occured to them? verbal does nothing anyway with stores like that they listen to you complain give you the "i'm sorry" bs and then end it.

    what is it you would like them to do besides ofcourse them acknowledging the incident? because then you can wrod that in the letter as well. also in the letter i would write how you were jerked around on the phone.
  3. amazeofgrace

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    I am making my protest sign in big pink letters, what time are we meeting?

    I am there!
  4. totoro

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    Sounds like the run around to me! I am so sorry. I am sorry for poor Jess. What is she supposed to take from this? That people can get away with this crud.
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    Like Jennifer suggested, I would be taking this WAY up the corporate ladder.
    Can you find the name of the company president, or a Regional Vice President or something? And then write a clear, concise e-mail or letter explaining what happened, the steps you've taken since, and the results (none) that you've received so far. Include the names of the people, dates. etc.

    If AOG's sign is bright pink, I will make mine bright orange for contrast. Just tell me where to show up. This sort of runaround burns me up!

    Give Jess a hug from Auntie Trinity. Hope she's not too sore.
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    I'll be there, with a purple sign...and a very loud voice...keep trying corporate, but you also might want to contact OSHA, since leaving ladders unattended is a big no-no, and since you're getting the run-around from the company, that would ensure you'd get noticed.
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    I got a call this morning (on Saturday) from a district honcho out of Dallas. He wanted to make sure the insurance info was collected and would be submitted.

    He said the magic words, words NO ONE at the store said. "I am sorry that this happened to your daughter. I hope she is feeling better."

    I think MUCH of my anger is because no one at the store asked how Jess was, or apologized for this happening. It is amazing how a simple apology can make me (and Jess) feel better.

    The district guy was HORRIFIED that no one asked how Jess was, or said they were sorry she was hurt. I am glad, hopefully he will do some retraining and teach them to say "I'm sorry."

    Thanks for protesting with me. I am still going to follow through with the insurance people, etc...

    Hugs to all.
  8. DammitJanet

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    I understand you are upset but if your dad didnt make a report with the store the day that it happened you are probably out of luck. Anyone could just get hurt anywhere and then claim they got hurt in a store to sue.

    Its bad that things happen like this but its really important that if you get hurt in a store that you make an immediate report to store management. I have been hurt a couple of times inside a store, once I needed needed medical attention for a broken finger from a cart collapsing, once I was just slightly cut and got a bandaid but I wanted to alert them to the hazard in case it got worse. Both times a report was immediately taken.
  9. susiestar

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    My dad and Jessie DID tell an employee of the store. They dismissed it, didn't take a report at all. There was an assistant manager in charge and she just said Jess was fine and walked away.

    I know (and my Dad does) about making immediate reports. Heck, I used to be a manager at a restaurant and had to MAKE the reports. At other stores usually someone brings out the paperwork and gets the info right then and there - not at this store. I swear they hoped I would just forget it. I understand that it was not an employee (by the way the guy was dressed), but the ladder should not have been left out. And it is store policy not to leave the ladder out - but they did. The assistant manager problem did not want to get itno trouble for leaving the ladder out.

    All my anger could have been diffused by a simple apology and asking how she was. Or almost ANY response - It shouldn't take so many calls to the store, to the corporate offices, and email contacts with the corporate offices to get ANY response! I know insurance isn't going to pay us anything - I really don't expect it to. And I won't sue. But I think their process is negligent and I WILL make myself heard!

    I am very appreciative of the Saturday call and APOLOGY from the district manager. I just wish they had been more on the ball. Jess is resting today, and if seh is still yelping when anything touches her hip/back then we will see the walk in clinic docs tomorrow. I may drag her in later today, but probably tomorrow.
  10. ML

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    I'm so glad someone finally expressed some compassion for your daughter and acknowledged some responsibility. I hope she is feeling better today. Hugs to you both xoxo ml