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    It probably took about 2 hours on the phone between being on hold FOREVER and then giving all the info to the intake lady. Hopefully, I'll get a call from an attorney tomorrow. This is about the foreclosure sell (to try to get it postponed)- she said I had to go thru this same intake process again for bankruptcy. I have a feeling that the foreclosure attorney is going to tell me to file for BK asap. I stayed up late last night reading about all this stuff- apparently there is strategy on when to move and stuff or else it can mess your credit up worse.

    That's ok though- the sooner I file for bankruptcy, the sooner I can requalify for fed jobs, whether in HI or not. The market is so bad right now for my field that I just can't afford not to try to keep the door open in that sector. The security person in HI told me that I wouldn't even get a fed position that didn't require a clearance until getting the credit straightened out, and I have to do it anyway so I might as well rush it up. (I would have done that already if I'd realized just how much the current fed government makes issue about it.)

    Also, I went thru all my websites for job listings and sent a few more resumes out. I was trying to stay off the phone this afternoon just in case an attorney tried to call me today. I'll go back to making calls from the phone book tomorrow.

    difficult child called last night- he's having a horrible week. He was in tears on Sun. over all this and said he would commit an offense to be held in incarceration longer if they planned to send him anywhere but home. Then, they moved him out of his unit to the unit where the kids go after they completed their required treatment program. He hates it because he was used to the way things were on the other unit- which he had been in since May- so he's going to try to go back to that one but has to wait until next week.

    I'm really bummed about learning that difficult child's judge is leaving the bench, too. I think I'm going to send a letter to the people overseeing the judge's to put a good word in for her.

    Soooo....BLAH to it all! LOL!!