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  1. timer lady

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    Wii console with the Get Fit program (think that's what it's called).

    My brother & sister in law who both work in rehab situations told me it would help with strength training & more importantly my balance issues.

    I spent $200 on myself last week ~ new clothes as I've lost a bit over 40 pounds & some jewelry. Kohl's had a great sale - I got a spring jean jacket, 2 pairs of jeans, 4 tops & a cardigan. The jewelry was 70% off so I purchased a beautiful gold cross & a pair of earrings.

    This is the first money I've spent on me in many years. I feel so selfish yet I've worn makeup every day over the last week & am feeling much better about myself.

    So the Wii should be here by the end of the week (the complete package was $339 at the Target website - best price I've found).

    In the meantime someone emailed me a link to a website that's pretty cool for those who are hurting in buying food. It's called Angel Food Ministries. The site seems to be down right now but there is a huge savings in food costs during this recession.

    Check it out;


    Hope the link works ~ I ordered for April & will donate to the church that is sponsoring this service.

    Just wanted to share something positive for a change.

    by the way, I'm done spending ~ other than the remodel & some service to my van I'm done.
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  2. Wiped Out

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    Good for you! I've been wanting to add Wii Fit to our Wii for a long time-figure it would help me on days when I can't get to the club. I hope you thoroughly enjoy it!

    Good for you on the weight loss and on buying some new clothes:)
  3. Marguerite

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    Linda, you will LOVE the balance exercises! The Zazen meditation is a real challenge for people who can't sit still - difficult child 3 is amazedd that I got all the way through to the end on the very first go. The Zazen - you sit and watch a candle burning, if you move the candle flame flickers. If it flickers too much the 'game' shuts off and cancels the session. The game tests your concentragtion by the sound of footsteps coming and going around you, and by the flutter of a moth circling around the candle and even at times flying into the flame and getting singed. Meanwhile the candle burns lower. You are sitting on the blanace board during this time.

    I need to get back to the balance board and so some more - I like the one where you tip the balls on a tilt table and drop them through ahole into the level below. It really does help with balance.

    But the body test - it helps you keep track of how well you are doing, I really like that.

    It's good to do with others as well, you can support one another or even laugh at each other.


  4. Star*

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    I am a self-admitted non-coordinated wii looser. I tried it in the store and threw the paddle at the clerk on accident. I admire anyone who can do this - I can not.

    I like that Linda is taking care of Linda and getting a few things could never be considered selfish - I think it's healing,and good for you which will thus be good for KT and WM to see their Mom shine.

    You're a great lady - you deserve this!

    LOVE the new picture.......Your art is really coming along. I'm a big fan.

  5. rejectedmom

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    Good for you LInda! It's about time you took care of your needs also. -RM
  6. mstang67chic

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    Good for you Linda!!!

    I bought a Wii Fit and even though mine hasn't made it out of the box, I have played it. You'll love it and I think it will do you a world of good! Maybe having an empty house will be a good thing for it! LOL I felt like an idiot doing the ski jump game in front of the inlaws at my brother in law's house.