I dispise our court system!

Discussion in 'Parent Emeritus' started by DammitJanet, Feb 20, 2008.

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    As I posted in here on 1/15/08 Cory went to court...Superior Court...on one of his many charges. At that time the ADA, PD and the Judge all said that his charges would be combined and the next time he would have court would be 4/7. The reason it was so long off was that the ADA would be unavailable the entire month of February and his PD would be unavailable in March so the only month they could agree one was April.

    He/we were never notified that he could or would have any other court dates prior to April and no letters arrived for him. The reason I say we is that we are bond holders. Or whatever the term is...we signed the bonds. So obviously I keep up with what they tell us his court dates are.

    We just got letters in the mail saying his bonds have been forfeited because he failed to appear in court on 2/11! Now that simply cannot be considering what I heard everyone say that day in court. Im ticked off. Obviously someone entered something wrong because I remember this very well and I even came back here to read what I posted to make sure of the dates. He couldnt have had court if the ADA assigned to his case wouldnt be there this month! Duh.

    This is another showing of how incompetent our courts are here. One hand doesnt know what the other is doing and this time they are messing with me. I have no problem with Cory going to court and doing what they want to do to him but I dont want to have to pay the 8K they are going to want on this considering he wasnt given this court date. If they were going to change it from April shouldnt they have notified him? I know they didnt because I get the mail. If he had something from the court or his PD I would have opened it.

    This is bs...again.
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    How frustrating! It seems like our criminal justice system and mental health system were designed by the same difficult child!
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    When my son was out on a bail bond, the bondsman also received notice of each court date and the bail agency would send us their own letters reminding us of the upcoming dates.

    Can you check with your bailbondsman (if you used one) to see if they received notice of this phantom court date?

    I know things can vary from state to state but I do think if a bail bond agency is involved they have to be kept abreast of all the upcoming court dates.
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    Dumb. Dumb. Dumb. That's horrible, Janet. I hope you can get this straightened out. sheesh.

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    I'd imagine no matter where you are it's the court's obligation to notify you of court dates.

    Did someone forget to cancell a court date when the charges were consolidated? (which of course wouldn't be yours or Cory's fault)

    Good grief. I hope you can get it cleared up. I think I'd have smoke comin out of my ears.

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    Oh believe me, Im calling someone tomorrow and I will get answers!

    I already have a call into the bail bondsman. Last time Cory was out on bail he missed a court date because he wrote down the date dyslexic like. It was something like 7/12 and he wrote it down as 7/21 and his bondsman called us when the warrant was issued and he went in to talk to the judge to get it set aside and a new court date issued because there wasnt any court on the date he wrote down.

    Corys lawyer has been very good about sending us letters to remind him...plus she always gave him a card with the upcoming dates on it. I was also paying to log into a site to follow his court dates but I didnt pay for this month because we are broke. However, when I checked in January there was NO court dates listed for Feb. The next one was April.
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    Ok. Now how on earth can the boy miss a court date when none were scheduled??? That doesn't even make sense!

    Oh, to be a fly on the wall during that phone call. lol

    I'm sorry they're pulling you guys thru the ringer again. ugh

  8. Star*

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    Janet -

    I know exactly how you feel - HUGS......

    One hand is stirring the pot - one hand is waving to other ADA's - neither hand knows what it's doing.
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    Well I called two people...the PD's office and the office that schedules Superior Court cases. PD isnt there...may not be there until monday. The receptionist said that dates he missed were what I call Cattle Calls. They do nothing but call everyone in and the PD sets another date for later in that week. We did this almost every month since October. Maybe September was his first date...cant remember. But there would be no reason for him to have a cattle call because his trial date has been set. Or maybe its not a trial date but a date where he is supposed to deal with everything in court. She said that it was possible that the dates had been reset but that we should have been notified. Uhhh...we werent! Trust me, I would have been there plus I get all the mail.

    This simply makes no sense but then our court system is so messed up its not funny.