i regret being a mother

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Hugs to you, Teri.

Being a mom is hard enough without added woes.

I was talking to one of my neighbourhoods about this very thing just the other day. She has kids in the early 20's and 30's, and she's going through some issues with one of her middle children, and she said to me, "I wish I could go back to the days when they were younger". She added, "when they were acting up, I'd turn them over my knee, then plop them into their cribs".

Made perfect sense to me, because at least we were in charge when they were younger. A spanking, a change of diapers, and time in the crib. What could be more simple. We always knew where they were and we were in complete control. Peace of mind.

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Adding to my previous post, I did the same in my home. The crib served as a great place to contain an unruly or acting-up child while providing me with the freedom to do whatever I needed to do.

Also remember marching my older ones (under the age of 5) down the hallway to their rooms to get them ready for bed promptly after supper, when their behaviour failed to measure up to household expectations, and many a spanking was administered on those nights.

Those were the good old days.


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Our older two boys are wonderful, respectful, productive adults. They are from our first marriages. We married when they were 5 years old; they are now 30 and 31. A true joy!!

Our son together, our youngest is our Difficult Child, has had every opportunity. He chooses the thug life.

I have once again put him in God's hands. I need to just leave him there!!


I wonder if I had any inclination that this could happen if I would have had children. We waited 7 yrs to.

Our twins are a pure joy, tonight they are excited for back to school night, they will. E Juniors this year! They have become very close to us and we are very frank about goings on. If our older ones choices save these two....at least that is productive.

Sadly, I cling to these two, hug a bit tighter .


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We were 11 years before we had our son. He was a pure joy until grade 9 when he started to slip, it is a very tough question but the thought has crossed my mind once or twice that I would have been better of childless. We all get exhausted of the fight.