i think i'm overwhelmed right now

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    i think i'm overwhelmed right now. there just seems to be so very much going on at one time. the medication i am on is helping i think alot keep me out of the dumps shall we say. ive been on zoloft for a mos. 25mg.

    between battling the endless difficult child issue and now the evaluation. being off dealing with the mtg.s at school teaching the staff what "mania" means because their clueless, re scheduling more testing at hospital at their request. then we have me who quit her job have financial pressure right now with hospital bill and yes i am lucky boyfriend is paying all the house bills yet i'm responsible for a few things which are tough now. then we have the stuff that's been going on with me not feeling well the dizzy spells numbness in fingers and feet as of late just having very bad days. then the issue of dealing with my past which is huge in itslef then our 5 kids with whom of late have been acting up together it used to be easy now it's getting harder. then his rest. which may have to be sold.

    the list goes on and on. i get it it's life but i'll be honest if it weren't for these drugs i think i'd be down in the dumps. oh and i forgot to mention i'm ngoing to sloan because i have a lump in my breast. lol

    i think boyfriend is feeling it too both of us are kinda numb tonight just sort of floating around eachother very numb.

    i've been going to therapy once a week had to cut back due to finances. taking medications' journaling every day hence haven't been postin gthat much been trying to journal and do.

    the drugs are taking edge off but i still crave so very much a diagnosis for difficult child, and just a touch or taste of what a normal life is like whatever that is. we've got alot of drama right now with-o our two teenager daughters. they just heighten our numbness i think the nights we have 5 of them.

    ok thanks for letting me vent and share this stuff. therapist says it'll be a whole new world once i move past the flashbacks that have quieted alot lately i've shelfed it again i had to nad once i release the pain.

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    I send hugs and support. That's about all I've got right now! Try to take care of yourself!