I WIN I WIN.....really I loose my mind


call 911........call 911
Hi family.....

Okay we were talking OUTRAGEOUS.....and I'm going to let you in on why I can laugh at everything.

Today difficult child leaves. I cleaned his room, gathered up all the laundry and started washing his stuff to be ready for Wed ....and

he came home at 7:30, went to his room. Came out and blew his mouth off about WHO's BEEN IN MY room. Gosh yes....who went in the den of crap and sorted, picked up YOUR clothes and washed and dried them. Jerk.

Then just moments ago.....he was walking down the hall with my starch, sizing and iron. I asked him WHY did he get into my stuff again? He threw a fit...and I said I have an iron FOR YOU here. (hand him my old but still good iron) and I told him he was NOT going to touch my ironing board. Sooo......(and this you wouldn't belive) but I have pictures.

He took (oh Gosh I can't believe it) HE took the dresser in his room (tall with 5 drawers) and (cripes is my life surreal?

He took the dresser, took out ALL the drawers, laid the dresser on HIS bed sideways so the side is the to and ironed his pants on it. You betcha I took pictures.....NO one that is involved in his case belives me when I tell them this stuff. No one but maybe a few of you here.

And the music in his room is so loud, and bass is up...and I can't hear myself think and he's slamming doors, yelling at me....and after I took pictures he comes in MY office with the dang thing...and starts to put HIS dresser together in MY office saying "YOU KNEW I WAS DOING THAT - you DIDN"T HAVE TO TAKE PICTURES and GET DAD - you are the firestarter here Mom, YOU, you antagonize me to no end I can't belive you went IN MY ROOM and Then ARrrrrrr you are a (censored).

I sat in my office and said....very calmly.

If you don't get the dresser out of my office I WILL call the sherrif and violate your probation. And kept typing an email.

But I stopped the email to post this to you all.

Yes Janet...he's a budding sociopath, but I've been told a lot of functional people are. I don't believe it.

C'mon Wednesday.....I can feel a stroke coming on. Even amidst the laughter. I'm going to stroke out. Taking a pill as we speak. Thinking calm thoughts. Going into my head and doing therapy tactics. Ohmmmmmmmm Ohmmmmmmmmmmm. (ohm)



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OMG!!!!! I DO believe you and I don't need pictures from you to prove it. My difficult child just isn't old enough to do those things yet, but it won't surprise me when he does. difficult child DOES do things to antagonize me, like it's an everyday thing that ALL children do to their mothers. He walks past me and snaps his fingers in my face, deliberately opens wide the opening in his boxers as if daring me to look, just things like that that go on and on. Oh, really......I do believe you. I wish I had words of wisdom for you to keep it together just till you no longer have to deal with it. I'll cross everything I've got that you have a better day tomorrow.


You know what? That would be the last time I EVER did his laundry.

Actually, most sociopaths ARE functional...quite charming, yet manipulative. I'm trying to remember how my therapist explained it to me, but can't at the moment. It'll come to me. Eventually.


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I believe you. Is there anywhere you can go to safeguard your health until Wednesday... like the hospital? Please don't stroke on us, you just came back!


call 911........call 911

As an OLDER Mom, I'm going to give this advice to you free of charge. Gladly.

As far as SNAPPING his fingers in my face. There is a small yet highly effective boat horn in an aerosol can that can be gotten at most marinas. It will fit into the palm of your hand. I would carry it around with me, and the next SNAP I would BLARE MY BOAT HORN. It will temporarily deafen the little scamp.

And as far as the boxer shorts? I would get a small spray bottle of pepper mace. The next time he opened the little window to his shorts? I'd spray his Johnson with pepper mace and watch him do a dance for rain.

~ Apparently I have forgotten how to parent effectively. I'm merely surviving.

And if there were a place I could go? I'd have gone, but there is NO way I can leave a disabled dad here to deal with this. Together we make 1/2 a brain and 1/4 a parent. The rest of that fraction went out the window with our sanity.

Thanks for the reality check everyone. Nice to know you aren't the only one in the row boat with one oar.


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Can you put him up in a motel until Wednesday? Let him disturb them? Honestly, at this point, I'd put him anywhere just to get him out of the house.

Sadly, I can see many of our kids using the logic of "since Mom won't let me use the ironing board, I'll use the dresser cause it's flat." Not too sure many of them would bother removing the drawers and putting it on their bed, though. Seems like a work when he could have just used the top of the dresser or the floor. I do love him blaming you for all of his behavior. That sounds so typical.

by the way -- You are creative in stopping some of the negative behavior. roflao

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I gotta tell ya Star, the boy's clothes would rot off his body before I'd lift a finger to wash another thing. He wants them washed, well there are laudry mats. Let him distroy their stuff. :grrr:

I know you're counting the hours til Wed. Is avoidance possible at all?? Or would it just make it worse?

Sociopaths are extremely functional. That's what makes them dangerous. Believe me, my Mom was married to one for the past 20 some years. He could fool anyone who didn't know him fairly well.
(a sociopath and a schizophrenic in the same house is not something most people can fathom)

Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers my friend. :flower:


P.S. Glad you got pics!


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What is this "iron thing" you guys are talking about?

I would never let my difficult child have one and don't think he would use it for his clothes anyway.....
UNBELIEVABLE!!! I know what you are saying is true, but real life is so much stranger than fiction!!!

difficult children - NOTHING THAT EVER HAPPENS IS THEIR FAULT!!! If I had a penny for every time one of my difficult children said this, I would have millions by now. And, I would be happy to gladly share the wealth with all of you...

So sorry - Your difficult child is a MAJOR PITA!!! And, I don't say this lightly!!!

Keep thinking calming thoughts... I think I'll join you...WFEN


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Well, I can believe you with no pictures. It sounds like something my older difficult child would have done back in the day. I just can't understand how the powers that be can be so stupid about this. In any case, I hope you make it till Wednesday. Can you lock yourself and husband in your room and not come out till then? Only kidding, sort of.


call 911........call 911
The iron is part of the narcasistic personality trait. He can use it, and I have to make sure it's unplugged.

He complained that his room was hot (we've had 15 100+ days here) AND I came home every day to find his window wide open. So I shut the air off, and he complained and took the portable fan. I thought fine, whatever I'm too tired to argue with him. That afternoon I went into his room which is torn apart again...and the fan was under a goose down matress pad.

His comment to that ? OH my #($)( You just can't leave me be, or compliment me on ANY THING (stretched out) then he grabs the iron and says "Which would you rather have, the iron left on or the fan, GO#&$*(& Mom you really are nosey. and I see you were in MY room AGAIN!"