IEP Team meeting today -- wish me luck!

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    gcvmom Here we go again!

    Actually, I'm not too worried about today -- more like curious about what I'll learn. This is mainly a check-in for me to let everyone know how difficult child 2's summer went, the new medications, how he's doing now, and find out from his two teachers how his first week went. I think it probably went o.k. He said he hasn't had any problems on the playground (which has been his biggest challenge forever it seems), and there are only two homework issues I'm aware of. He's due to get his Alphasmart next week, so hopefully we'll find out when the training session will be.

    I'm waiting for the psychiatrist to fax authorization to the school to administer his afternoon Seroquel -- he's now taking 100mg of the regular to get him through the day since the XR seems to wear off by lunchtime. I moved the dosing up a 1/2 hour earlier to 12:30pm at the start of his lunch. I'm hoping that is enough time and enough medication since he seemed very agitated and wound up earlier in the week when I saw him. I left a message for the psychiatrist about my observation but no call back. So either he's too busy or forgot or doesn't think it needs to be changed... I dunno. I'll watch him closely this weekend and call on Monday if it still seems to be an issue.

    difficult child 2 is REALLY thinking and processing things better and faster since we dropped the Depakote. And I think Seroquel is really helping him. I'm still not sure he's at an optimal dose, but I do feel that what I'm seeing are positive changes and that he's finally headed in the right direction. (Whew!) :abouttime:
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    I'm glad things are looking positive! Here's to keeping it up!

    Here's some good luck vibes for you, IEP meetings are stressful, even if we don't anticipate an argument.:cutie_pie:

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    Sending Good Luck Vibes your way!
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    I hope it went well. Keep us posted.
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    gcvmom Here we go again!

    Thanks, ladies! The meeting is in about 45min from now. I'll let you know how it goes.
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    gcvmom Here we go again!

    The meeting went very well. difficult child 2 gets his Alphasmart on Tuesday. The teachers were very candid with their observations for this week. He had some wonderful days, right on task and everything clicking, and some not-so-good days where he was just very unfocused and not holding it together very well, yesterday in particular. He even asked his math teacher if he could remove himself from his desk and go to a different spot where he wouldn't be so distracted by people around him (wow).

    He will be getting involved in the mentor program, most likely with some 2nd graders (he does GREAT with younger kids). There's also the idea of letting him work with some students from his 3rd grade teacher whom he knows very well and likes. The school is going to continue to document his needs and will resubmit their referral to county mental health for services for him since it was denied this summer. They still feel strongly that he would benefit from social/emotional supports.

    He will be going to the office at lunchtime to take his afternoon medications. His teachers said they will try to remind him and the school psychologist said she will also enlist the help of one of the noon duty supervisors who can discretely ask him if he's taken his medications at lunchtime.

    So far, no major issues on the playground (YAY!!!). The principal said he seems to be much more stable than he was at the end of last year -- she said she could just see it in his face and his whole demeanor. The teachers will help him make sure he's got his assignments down in his planner. It's hard for me to say what modifications he'll need this year because he is responding to medications so differently than last year. It's really kind of a day-to-day thing that we'll all have to monitor and respond to as time goes by. I feel that everyone is cooperative and interested in seeing him succeed which is a huge relief.

    The school is also keenly focused on transitioning him to middle school next year. They realize that there are many things he must master this year to be successful there, and I think they will take every precaution to make sure his new school is aware of his special needs and that the appropriate supports are in place to help him succeed. That is a huge relief!

    The jury is still out on whether the afternoon dose is at an effective level. I guess I'll give it some more time and then will poll the teachers perhaps at the end of next week. If the consensus is that he's still struggling in the afternoon, I'll get the psychiatrist on the phone.

    by the way -- I brought a basket of snacks and bottled water to the meeting -- they all LOVED it! Just wanted to share that for anyone who's never been to a hot Friday afternoon meeting to discuss your problem child :D
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    That sounds positive to me! difficult child has been somewhat hypomanic this week so I guess (hope) it's the typical settling into the school year. It sounds like you've got alert teachers and a good IEP team. Here's hoping it stays constructive all year! difficult child deserves kuddos too- can you let him rent a movie or get a little something this weekend for his efforts? My difficult child gets a bonus on his allowance if he makes certain efforts to problem-solve that week. It sounds like your's did his own!

    PS- I love the idea about taking snacks to the meeting- I think I'll try that!
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    Sounds like the meeting went well and the teachers are on top of things. Way To Go warrior mom!