IEP today. Ugh!

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    difficult child 1's IEP is later today. I hate going to her IEP's. They never have anything positive to say. It's always a bunch of negative. difficult child 2's IEP's are different. He is super smart, and although autistic, he does well in school. Teachers usually rave about him. difficult child 1? Not so much. She is learning disabled, her grades are poor, and she has emotional meltdowns in class. Her attendance is terrible this year. So far she has missed about eight days of school, and school has only been in session for about six weeks. She is flat out refusing to go. At least in high school the kids attend their own IEP's, so difficult child will have to be made at least somewhat accountable for her bad attendance.

    difficult child is in all self contained classes for the emotionally disturbed, except for one home Easy Child class that is general ed. In all of her Special Education classes, it's all boys. She is the only girl. So far she has yet to make any friends. She eats lunch by herself. This saddens me. I remember when I was in high school and my best friend moved out of state. For awhile I was sitting alone by myself too at lunch and I felt awkward. I always felt like people were staring at me because I didn't have any friends. I hate for difficult child to be going through the same thing. I am going to request that she get put into a mainstreamed developemental reading class. I have already contacted the teacher and she will be attending the IEP to explain the curriculum to see if difficult child would be a good fit. It's a slower moving class designed for kids, like difficult child, who are behind in grade level for reading comprehension. Half the students in the class are girls. I feel like it is important for difficult child to be surrounded by more girls so she can make friends easier. Hopefully the class is a good fit for her.

    I posted earlier about difficult child having a hard time with note taking in her foods class. The teacher was trying to talk me out of having difficult child in that class, even though she absolutely loves that class. I don't know if the foods teacher is going to be at the IEP or not. If she is, I am really going to stress how important it is for difficult child to be taking a mainstream elective class that she loves. Her teacher claims that she isn't getting anything out of the class. I beg to differ. She loves the class and loved it when they have cooking labs. She is fine when she cooks, it's just the note taking that she can't get the hang of. I am also going to request that she is able to practice note taking each day for 30 minutes in her study skills class.

    So anyway, hopefully I come out of this IEP somewhat successful. Hopefully this one won't end with me being in tears (like has happened at so many of her IEP's. So wish us luck today. Hopefully I will have good things to report.
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    How much of her behavior problems at school are the result of being in Special Education classes all day? Just wondering. Expecially as she is the only girl... and Special Education guys can be a bigger pain than average typical teen guys (who are bad enough).

    Her inclusion in mainstream classes does not mean she needs to be working at the full academic level. Here, they mainstream spec. ed. kids into all the hands-on classes - shops, cooking, sewing, art, music, etc. They have a modified version of the course - so, in your difficult child's case, she may not HAVE to do the note-taking etc. She can learn the cooking, and be marked on her cooking, and it would be a huge win. Ditto for any other mainstream class... great idea on that reading program. ANYTHING that gets her out in the general population, even if they have to re-define the class requirements for her. Because they can.