IL House Bill 382


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It is being introduced a bill stating it be state law all school children wash their hands before eating.

OK, yes, I think people should wash their hands before eating, but, it seems a lil severe to me to make it a law.

If passed will there be hand washing police, escorting school kids off in handcuffs to jail?

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Scarey thing is, if people are paying attention, this is common. Laws like this are being slipped into place all over the country. People think them harmless and silly. Or worse, good for everyone. (thinking the smoking laws and seat belt laws, and the fast food no fat law) So no one really objects. No one takes them serious.

But it these types of laws that take away our very basic rights, one tiny bit at a time. Til one day we won't need to think for ourselves anymore. The government will be doing it all for us.

Paranoid? Maybe. I don't think so. Each time one of these types of laws are enacted and no one challanges them to get them back off the books, there are probably up to 50 more being written and presented in various forms to get them passed with little notice. These laws are becoming far too popular. Don't like what you're neighbor is doing? Get a law passed so they can't do it anymore. :rolleyes:

Sorry. In case you can't tell this topic is a major sore spot with me.


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Oh I am with you daisylover..very much so.
I got involved in a huge controversy debate over some laws for parentinng rights and things like teen screen etc.......not becuz I did not think some things should happen but becuz some things should not be made into LAWS......we should have some CHOICES.

I found out about this bill in my morning paper today....and while I will say handwashing is The. Single. Most. Important. Thing. You. Can. Do. to prevent spread of is THE BEST DEFENSE against things like flu.......I still have an issue with it becoming a law. There are already laws to vaccinate....and while my easy child had serious adverse reactions to vaccines and my docs think my illness was exacerbated much worse by vaccines I recieved as an adult---and while I hear people say - get a vaccine waiver--I never found any doctor who would sign off on a vaccine waiver.
While I do think children should be checked out for signs of possible mental (and other) illness, I protested mandatory at school screenings of ALL children. I feared abuses of that...and misuse and inadequete screenings and biased screenings.....and improper supervision of medications given to children. (and more) and yes I wonder who will enforce such a law as school kids handwashing and how to pay those who enforce it, we have traffic prolems and criminals already runing amo with not enough police to keep up and we have overcrowded courts so that the man who vicitmized m child and 6 other kids was arrested almost a year ago and stil no trial date in sight.
Sure seems there are more pressing issues at hand for them to concern themself with.....and it makes me wonder if they are turning our attention to this while they sneak in a back door with something else while our head is turned?


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Interestingly, our schools do not have sinks in all the classrooms, and so a few years ago it became mandatory for each child to have a non ending supply of babywipes at school sent from home AND lil bottles of samitizing gel. Then we found out they make them all community property at school, and they all share the boxes.....and they use them for all kinds of other things, too, like washing desks and cleaning the white board etc. and they leave them open and the wipes dry up.....well, truth is more and more they are making ALL the school supplies community proprty AND our district also has begun to not permit school supplies to be bought at regular stores, but now muct be ordered THRU school.....
ah but thats a whole nother topic.


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So how do they plan on enforcing this hand-washing law? Cameras in the bathrooms? Um ... no ... wait! Can't do that! The "hand-washing police" sounds like a wonderful idea to me! And it would make the unemployment rates go down! Of course, the juvenile court systems would soon be overwhelmed! I can just see whole courtrooms full of grubby-fingered first graders and their embarassed parents! In the states with "Three Strike" laws, some of those parents may never see their children again!


This is getting absolutely ridiculous! Why do "they" have to take what is basically a good concept and run it to absurd lengths! Is this "political correctness" run amoke? Have people just gone nuts?!?! They are talking about passing the "fast food" laws here too. It's only a matter of time before "they" are peeking in your kitchen window to see what you're cooking for dinner! "I'm sorry, lady, but we'll have to confiscate those french fries!" Darn it, if I want to sit on my couch eating Crisco out of the can with a spoon, I'll do it! Fortunately, I don't, but if I did .....! :cry:

The anti-smoking regulations have gotten just silly too! This goes waaaaay beyond what is needed to keep non-smokers away from second-hand smoke! Where I work is on 52 acres out in the middle of nowhere - you can see miles and miles of ... nothing! But we have to leave the property, not just go outside, we have to drive a mile down the road! It would take one heck of a lot of cigarettes to "pollute" those thousands and thousands of acres of "nothing"! :cool:

Now the latest one is to take the laws against using cell phones while driving (unenforcable too!) and extend them to include almost everything else that could possibly be considered "distracting" while driving! I've seen my share of zoned-out spacey people mindlessly jabbering on their cell phones in traffic, and I just want to slap them! But there's talk now of including things like eating, drinking, or smoking while you're driving! My little thermal coffee mug will become "evidence" if I'm arrested for driving while drinking ... Folgers! And I've smoked in my car while driving for 43 YEARS with never an accident or even a ticket - not even one! I think I have mastered the "difficult" task of smoking while driving by now. I can walk and chew gum at the same time too! :wink:

I drive close to 400 miles a week and I see people all the time with unrestrained children bouncing around in their cars, dogs in their laps, people blabbering on cell phones, doing their hair, putting on makeup or reading maps! And nobody ever seems to see it or even care. But it will be just my luck ... someday I will probably be busted for possession of Folgers Breakfast Blend and my Kool 100s! :blush:

OK, got that off my chest ... I feel BETTER now! :grin:



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donna, well, IIRC truth is, it has been "illegal" to not have both hands on the wheel all my life, LOL----now can I say I know 18 wheel truck drivers who make pots of coffee while they drive them big rigs down the road? and the cook oon their lil george forman grills while driving, too. whle they also have on their cb radio AND their satellite radio WHILE they talk on cell?

Several years ago our school DID make us parents sit thru a lecture of what is "acceptable" for breakfast lunch and dinner....and yes, they have "confiscated" lunches from kids when they did not approve of what was packed in said kids lunches, and then they got those kids a school hot lunch and withheld report cards till the hot lunch bill was paid.

One time, (I may have posted this before)- my oldest was at school, said she had a headache. nurse asked her what she hada for breakfast. kid replied "nothing" nurse did not call me, she called cps who did come and peek into our cabinets.....and she also went to interview all 3 of my kids at school....(without my knowledge) to ask my kids what I feed them.
Case was closed, unfounded- why? My house had prolly 15 boxes of various cold cereals, oatmeal, cream of wheat, a giant bowl of fresh fruit, frozen waffles and french toast, bagels, cream cheese, a few dozen eggs, yogurt, at least 2 loaves of bread, 3 kinds of pop tarts, 2 kinds of granola bars, pancake mix, bacon and sausage in meat drawer, tons of cans of tuna, a freezer full of meat, fresh frozen and canned veggies......
The reason my kid had a headache? her new medication. The reason she did not eat that morning, - she did not WANT to. what time did she start school? 7 am. what time was HER lunch time? 1 PM.
But yes, they DID come check.
I am a smoker of over 35 years....I understand people not wanting to be exposed to my smoke, but the people who upset me most when they comment to me are.....the ones who just left the tan booth, climbed into their Hummer, drove next door to the health club, stole the handicapped parking space to run in and get their time on the machines, run out and stop at the bar and have 2-3 coctails, drive their hummer from there to pick their 1 kid up from school and then drive the one block home.
BUt they are upset cuz I have a cig in my own home or in my car? Oh and very often they also have on so much perfume I am nauseaus and gagging and get an instant headache from their fragrance. (I am allergic or hyspersensitive to fragrance)