I'm back I think???


Mom? What's a difficult child?
Have I slept???? Well difficult child 2 managed to scream most of the flight, was very scared our stuff was going to get lost when it went into "the belly"!!! The conveyer belt to the back when checking in... the Diazapam didn't affect difficult child 2 AT ALL!!! It did mellow out difficult child 1, we had a 2+ hour delay in Seattle, yeah.
By the time we landed both were holding there ears freaking out about the traffic and noise, while we waited for 45 minutes for our ride.

Grandma's went OK... like expected. No one gets it, as long as the girls look cute and we are monitoring them it is hard to really belive there is anything wrong with them... we are both good about whisking them out of the room when problems arise.

Anxiety was high for both girls and no one wanted to accept it, "oh they are fine" Poor difficult child 2 could not stop crying about missing the cats the time.
difficult child 1 did pretty good, lots of anxiety and could not sit still or focus.

Now difficult child 2... when we got to Chicago she slept pretty good, there is a crib and stuffed animals, comfort I suppose. When we got to Tucson... she cried, was angry, whined about going home, wanted her kittied, and did not sleep!!! We gave her more Diazapam on another night and it just did not affect her!!!
It has taken her over 2 days to recover since coming home... midnight on Saturday.
She is just getting worse and shows no remorse or empathy!!! AND we can not find a darn developmental pediatrician!!! I have a consult with her regular pediatrician next week.

difficult child 1 is doing ok her anxiety and depression are worse... I will post on her psychiatrist apt later....
I missed this place and it feels good to be home. Despite it being really hot, Tucson has a lot of medical and educational options!!!

Hope you all are doing well.


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I'm sorry it was such a bad trip. I think that's usually the norm for our kiddos, though. The change is so hard for them. I'm glad you're home and can regroup, now.


Mom? What's a difficult child?
You know what is funny? We actually had a good time in Tucson... I think we are so used to g'sfg and there issues that we still had a good time swimming, hanging out and we didn't expect a lot! So anytime we did anything I think we really appreciated it!


I'm sorry that difficult child 2 had such a hard time, but I'm glad you were still able to enjoy yourselves. Are 2 1/2 year old's capable of empathy? That's pretty young.

My mother was in Tuscon visiting a friend over the weekend. She flew in on Thursday and changed planes in Chicago. Small world, huh?

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That's a pretty busy trip for 2 such young ones - especially with their given issues.

I'm glad you found some resources in Tuscon - you're in a pretty isolated situation (help wise) in Idaho.

Hope you can recover from your trip & that your difficult children can find their routine again.


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Welcome back!

I really hate it when you do your darndest to keep the kids under control, and as a result everyone thinks you're over-reacting.

easy child used to get aggressively hyperactive if she had a certain artificial colour. But family wouldn't believe me, said I was overreacting. And one of my sisters gave her some drink with artificial colour in it, then got upset when easy child turned difficult child - of course it was my fault and not the drink. Luckily I come from a large enough family, others have had additive problems with their kids, and THEY stepped in to back me up.

Another sister of mine was visiting neighbours with her first baby who was about three months old. She left the baby with the neighbours while she ducked home to grab something (casserole in oven sort of thing) and when she came back found the neighbours dipping baby's dummy (pacifier) in beer, and popping it in his mouth. It was over and over again, not just one dip. And this was in the days before 'lite' beer, and this was AUSSIE beer, which was twice as strong as US beer in those days. She was not happy!

Some people!