jodyice, how was the homecoming???


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<span style="color: #990000">how is difficult child doing since hospital d/c? is he settling in, calmer? how are you handling having him home again? have you scheduled an appointment with-his regular psychiatrist?

kris </span>


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hey kris.. he seems calmer since he's been home. Has talked some about the voices in his head. Apologized to me again for what happened. His appointment with psychiatrist is next Thursday. Medications still making him tired during the day. I think it will be an adjustment till his body is used to them. I know I'm only on 40mg of Geodon and it makes me sleepy during day time as well. One thing they did change also was the times when to give him his medications.. Geodon and Lithium I'm to give at 8am and 8pm.. or at 9am and 9pm.. but no later.
With school being closed today, he won't be able to see his therapist, which is disheartening. He needs that consistency and she's so good with him.
He still asks alot "are you mad?" but that's the facial expression thing again, after reasurrance, he's fine. Him and the cat sat on dad's lap last night, too bad I didn't have the camera.
Hopefully it continues to go well.

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Thanks for the update. I sounds like a fairly peaceful night.

Keeping fingers crossed that the hospitalization helped "jump start" a new direction for difficult child.

Hang in there lady - a day at a time!