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We found Marina a car - a 1994 Ford Taurus, it is old, but it is SO clean and only had 48,000 miles on it! It was owned by an elderly woman who did not drive much before she went to a nursing home. husband installed the car seat and she has been mobile!

husband's friend that runs the staffing agency came through. She starts her new job tomorrow at a food packaging plant. It is full time days working 48 - 50 hours a week. It is still minimum wage, but as Marina says, it is a JOB. :) She is dying to get back to work and make her own money again. She is very independent and hates when we spend money on her.

We are meeting a babysitter on Saturday - she is a stay at home mom with a baby girl the same age as Connor. Before that, she taught pre-K for three years. Hopefully we like her and she will start watching Connor next week. It would be really nice for him to have a friend to play with. :)

Connor's donor sent Marina a card on Mother's day with a three page letter. A three page letter all about HIM. How he has not contacted her because it is too painful for HIM. How HE has no money on his account, wah, wah, wah. No questions about Connor, no thanking her for raising him nor saying how proud he is of her. Nothing. Clarity is such a beautiful thing. She saw clear through that letter and has no plans to even respond at this time. I don't need to say a thing about the jerk anymore and I don't.

She made sure she acknowledged husband on Father's day. Not only did she pick out the PERFECT card, she got a card for her brother to give to him, too, and posted on Facebook thanking him for believing in her and letting her move back home.

So, the only time things are hairy around here is when we both have PMS. Then we get close to choking eachother...lol.

Connor is just getting so big and started taking steps 2 days after he turned 9 months! :) We are leaving on July 4th for Massachusetts so all of the family can finally meet him. We are all SO excited!!!

husband is kicking butt in his new role as plant manager. He is in Philadelphia for a couple days right now for work, but I have gotten used to his new schedule and it is nothing now. I have signed back up at the gym and will be hitting yoga a few nights a week. May even try kickboxing. I want to get healthy and make sure I am here as long as possible! :D

I think about ALL of you and continually pray for all of our children. Marina is thinking about attending school to become an addiction counselor. She certainly has the experience behind her and she has always had SUCH a willingness to help others. She has several friends that have turned their lives around as well this year. It is awesome to see!! But she also has a friend that went the opposite way and is really going downhill. She distanced herself from him, but his mother is begging her to try to coerce him to going to rehab...(that is what brought up the subject of becoming an addiction counselor).

So, just thought we could all use a little hope and light. <3


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Sounds so wonderful! I am glad things are going well and that you are finally getting to focus on you a little.


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It sounds wonderful. I know you are bursting with love and pride for your daughter. Her board aunties are so happy for her. Kudos to all of you for all the hard work that made you guys who you are.


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Does sound wonderful PG...lol except for the "pms" part.
I'm SO glad you don't have to say a thing and that Marina see's through donor!
She is really growing/maturing and I love that she is so grateful to have a job and that she is not "using" you guys. That is a true sense of growth...When they stop using people, places, and things.

It's truly miraculous how far your daughter has come from where she was. And baby Connor is so blessed to be encircled with your loving family.

Hope the new babysitter works out. She sounds perfect!
And thanks for the update...I needed a reason to smile today.


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Just saw a post she made on a picture one of her friends going down that bad path posted and wanted to share truly how far she has come:

"I agree with them. There's nothing flattering about this picture. Your going down a long road of depression and hell. Making your family cry and worry about you every day. You know i was stuck on that road and kept doing it to myself. There's nothing gangster about any of it. Its just misery come ups and downs. Me and you need to have a sit down soon."

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