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She is so beautiful. She is BIG...over eight pounds...and looks a lot like Julie, kind of Korean. What a lovebug. Can't wait to get my hands on her this Thursday when we visit for the weekend.

Anyone who wants to see a pix of the baby can PM me and I'll tell you how to find my FB. I don't use it much, except to crosspost for dogs and cats who need homes, but sometimes I put on family stuff, like the baby's picture and I don't mind people looking at it. It's not set to private because I need everyone to be able to see the dogs.

Anyhow, I'm going to sleep. Been a very hard day, very busy, very happy!!!!


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Welcome to the world, Kailie! May you have all things good in your precious life. You have a great and wise grandmomma!

Warm hugs for you MWM!


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Congrats on the arrival of beautiful little Kailie!! I am beyond thrilled for you and your family MWM!!!!!

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My first (and only right now) was due on July 2 two years ago, but ended up coming on July 4. Birthday time! (My easy child's child)


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Thank you to all. We just got to order some pictures from the hospital's photographer. She is absolutely gorgeous with a full head of hair and she looks just like Julie did and does. It is so amazing to see her child now since I didn't see HER until five months old. I can't wait to get down there tomorrow and hug her to death. This is truly another great episode in Julie's hard fight and happy story. I am so grateful.