Life;s Funny turns

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    I just got off the phone from my high school BFF. NOt Jill, I will call her T.

    We lost track in college due to misunderstandings and different goals. Our moms were in hte same support group (for the last 20 years) and are friends, and her dad is my dad's only real friend to go visit (he has to do SOMETHING while the cleaning lady comes!)

    Anyway, in the last 20 years we have each had 3 kids, about the same ages (her oldest is about 2 weeks younger than my oldest!), still have the same hubbys, (1st and only marriage for each of us), very similar health problems, different causes, but similar surgeries.

    She is now going through the post surg trauma of a hysterectomy. We talked a LOT about hormones, life, kids, families, etc...

    It was a really great chat. She lives about an hour farther away than my husband's job. We can easily meet in between when/if I can ever sit up long enough to go anywhere again. :slap:)

    Our other BFF from that time I talked to for over an hour last weekend. She was visiting her parents and wondered how I knew she was in town. :smile: I drive past her folks' house everyday taking my son to school and saw her huge van. She has 5 children, 3 at the same ages T and I have children, and then 2 boys she jsut adopted from overseas.

    It has felt so wonderful to reconnect with these ladies. We truly had good times, and really supported each other through some nasty health crises in high school. I have missed them both muchly.

    WOW, I have talked to the 2 people I wanted to see/visit with during my high school reunion. Neither of them can make it in for hte reunion this weekend, but I am not physically OK to go anyway. So, for me, it has been great!!!

    Glad I could share my happiness with my other source of support. I can honestly say that with these 2 people I could tell the overview of our struggles with difficult child and they were accepting. They both truly understood that we did everything possible and found the best solution for us. It is really great that after the early college miscommunication problems that separated us, we all still understand the essence of who each other is. And accept each other, and care. It is great.


    Susie (I feel all gooey inside, happy me!)
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    SusieStar.....HOW WONDERFUL FOR YOU!!!!!

    My reunion story is odd. Due to my marriage I lost touch with the one friend I had in high school. We had so many adventures together; our boyfriends were friends - that's how we met.

    My BFF and I lost touch after she had a baby the last part of HS. I thought she moved far away. Then I got married and moved several states away. Oddyly enough she rememberd my sisters BFF name and looked her up on, called her, got ahold of my sister who called me. I called my HS BFF and to my amazement she lived in the same state I did! We both had moved south. She was about an hour away. WE emailed and talked on the phone, but after 25 years we didn't have much in common.

    It was good to talk to her though so I can imagine how you felt.

    Lifes just full of those little turns for sure. Maybe someday we'll turn back to our home state and be in the same nursing home. lol.
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    What a great story!! I'm glad you were able to reconnect.