Lost it over the Pervert

Discussion in 'Parent Emeritus' started by Hound dog, Oct 16, 2011.

  1. Hound dog

    Hound dog Nana's are Beautiful

    I just so totally blew on katie, I mean HUGE blew on her.

    A friend notified me that they'd discovered a nude picture of M on fb........found by seeing he was a friend on kaities page. I now have a printed hard copy.......again.

    And here is the kicker:

    Kayla and Alex BOTH are friends of his and have access to his photos!!!!:grrr::919Mad:

    So yeah, just blasted the devil out of the girl. Once again I told her there is no excuse for this behavior I don't give a jack d mn what the man's background is, a pervert is a pervert! And he did this knowing FULL WELL that his kids would see the picture! And didn't care, which tells me a whole lot more!

    I told her either she takes steps to protect those 3 kids or I will. What I didn't tell her is I'm stopping off at cps when I go pay my waterbill in the morning and taking my hard copies with me and filing a report in person, regardless. Because I know she won't do anything.

    And I know both Alex and kayla were on fb today.

    I wasn't the least bit kind, I didn't give a d mn about tact either, I just let her have it. I am FED UP to HERE *hands up to the ceiling* with this sh*t!

    The man is a known pedifile. He was what in his mid to late 20's when he started in on her at 14? Doesn't make a bit of difference if he "married' her god knows how many years down the road cuz no one else would touch him.

    I'm so livid I'm shaking. Too bad it's frimping sunday, I need a good stiff drink and they don't sell hard liquor in ohio on sunday.
  2. KTMom91

    KTMom91 Well-Known Member

    Oh, Lisa...I hope CPS does something this time. Those poor kids.
  3. donna723

    donna723 Well-Known Member

    OMG Lisa! I hope too that they do something this time! But haven't you reported it to them before?
  4. keista

    keista New Member

    ((((HUGS)))) I hope things get "fixed" for these kids soon. Absolute nonsense.
  5. DDD

    DDD Well-Known Member

    Sending you some cyber scotch. Maybe that will tide you over until tomorrow. I think you are absolutely right to take action. Sending hugs. DDD
  6. susiestar

    susiestar Roll With It

    I would be as furious as you are. Did you print off his list of friends showing that the kids are on it? Can you get someone to do that? Who is the person who contacted you about the picture - can you get them to report also?

    PLEASE make SURE they know that Kayla is very close to his preferred age and if he hasn't already perped on her, he is going to very soon. in my opinion he probably has, and Katie and the boys have probable SEEN him do it, or been in the main room as he did it in the bathroom when they lived in that apartment.

    Can you get a statement of neglect written out by Evan's teacher? One about how the parents refuse to return calls, answer the phone when she calls, or come to meetings?

    Be SURE you tell CPS that even with hundreds of $$ in food stamps those kids are going with-o food 2 weeks a month - even with Nana teaching them how to be frugal.

    Even if you are not positive, include that M has spoken about having porn of teen girls on hs computer. It will be something they CANNOT avoid investigating in most states. If they don't do anything, go find a reporter. Call every single paper, local and otherwise, and ask for the name of any journalist you can find listed on their website or in the paper. Also call all the tv stations until you get someone to pay attention.

    I am so sorry. Maybe, just maybe, the picture wll be enough proof, if you have a list of his friends. I am praying.
  7. Hound dog

    Hound dog Nana's are Beautiful

    Well, kayla and alex are not using their real names, but I have it in my messages where she's IDing them so I'd accept them. And it took my friend nothing to figure out who alex was. by the way this is a board friend.

    So I can print my messages, or heck just tell them to give me their computer for 5 mins and show them.

    And yes, I've tried before, but this is the first time here I have an actual link to him and the kids when he does this. He knew that as soon as he posted that picture it showed up on their pages, they didn't even have to go looking for it!! And that might have been the snag before.....no tangible link that the kids were exposed to it, I dunno.
  8. Hound dog

    Hound dog Nana's are Beautiful

    Ok. I have a printed hard copy of the messages katie sent to me of what kayla and alex's fb names are, plus a printed hard copy of M's fb friend's list which of course has them listed there, plus copies of the picture and it clearly states that it is in his pics

    He can attempt to delete it from fb, he can unfriend the kids, whatever. I've got hard copies to prove it. AND Nichole saw it, she went looking when I told her about it. But I doubt he's bright enough to remove it from his computer, so if they take the laptop into evidence...........

    I have strong reason to believe there is much more going on between M and the kids. With katie defending him the way she does.......I'm even wondering if she's possibly in on it. Lord knows I've never seen anyone defend someone so adamantly when faced with such hard evidence as she does. Makes me sick, it also makes me very suspicious something much worse very well may be going on and either she's tolerating it or involved.

    I don't know if they'll consider this enough to do something or not. Cps.......well, I don't have a lot of faith in them for good reasons. But I as their grandmother, am going to do the right thing and file that report. It's up to them to do with it what they will. I can't do any more than that, but I can do that much for them at least.
  9. buddy

    buddy New Member

    Awkward white girl here trying to look cool but..... YOU GO GIRL (snap)
  10. Liahona

    Liahona Guest

    I don't have much faith in cps either. what would happen if you went to the police with it?
  11. JJJ

    JJJ Active Member

    I think the police are a better stop than cps. They are better trained.
  12. Liahona

    Liahona Guest

    And they can get a search warrant and find things that cps can then use. Hopefully.
  13. Hound dog

    Hound dog Nana's are Beautiful

    Yeah, that just occured to me. But would it be enough to get them involved? The kids have access to this picture of him, I can't prove that they've seen it, I can only prove they have full access to it.

    And I'm a tad confused......it states that the picture was published on Aug 6th......so that has me thinking that this is the picture katie thought nichole was talking about (it wasn't she was talking about the one on myspace)......so at least alex wouldn't have had it pop up on his page.....and kayla didn't get hers until sept so she didn't either. And I didn't see it there (trust me I always look) when I checked out his page as soon as katie friended him. So I'm guessing he had the album set to private and just switched it back to public again. Right?

    But I think I'll check with them first, they can always direct me to cps......
  14. Steely

    Steely Active Member

    Yes, I DO think this would be enough to get them involved. He has a record, right? He is violating his parole by doing this right?
  15. Hound dog

    Hound dog Nana's are Beautiful

    He has a record, but no he's not on parole. I couldn't be so lucky.......
  16. InsaneCdn

    InsaneCdn Well-Known Member

    If he's got a record - they are still able to jump on it harder and faster than if he didn't. i.e. someone with no record, they have to go really careful... could be false accusation. Once they have a record - they still have to cover the legal rights stuff, but are going to push harder and faster...

    Cops may start monitoring before they jump - and may hold off on CPS briefly while they do so.

    Oh, Lisa. NOT where you want things to go. All you can do is be there for the kids, to whatever extent possible. And reporting this stuff is part of being there for the kids.
  17. Hound dog

    Hound dog Nana's are Beautiful

    And so now she messaged me back (can't get this girl on the phone to save my life) that she can't believe she's been so dumb and now what should she do? So I told her to go to the police with all the evidence and anything else she knows and let them decide what should be done. Otherwise, whatever he's guilty of, she's considered an accomplice because the kids are also in her care and he's living in the home and she knew full well wth was going on.

    She says she called the sheriff and they told her she can't force him to leave..............Duh, that's why I tried to get her to keep him out of there. idiot.

    And she says she's afraid to confront him for fear he'll make trouble for the family. Well he can bring it on, I've got some lead with his name on it.

    Not that I'm really buying this sudden turn around. I have a strong suspicion she just figured out I can nail her *** to the wall right along with him.
  18. buddy

    buddy New Member

    Interesting, This summer we were in the pool and a cop came up to us and asked if we recognized this guy on a wanted poster. The only time we see cops around our houses is when a kid has a bike taken or once when my difficult child threw a rock over a deck, a brand new black shiny car visiting (and parked in a no parking zone) was hit so she called the cops and wanted him arrested.

    Turns out they had been monitoring this guys internet use, he was using an unsecured wifi and he was on a predator list. He was staying (didn't actually have a lease to stay in our townhome complex) with a friend. Scary. but being on that list and on parole they could do more, more easily...he was cuffed and taken away... I wonder what they need to be able to monitor his accounts etc??? Does FB have rules he is breaking?
  19. donna723

    donna723 Well-Known Member

    Lisa, just asking, but do they have any kind of video camera or a cell phone that takes videos? One of my brothers' wifes' relatives is in prison right now because her husband turned their two little girls (the youngest still in diapers) into little "movie stars" in kiddie porn videos that he made money off of on the internet! He was given many years in prison. The wife didn't actively participate in making the videos but she was sentenced to eight years in prison because she knew about it and did nothing to stop it and failed to protect her children from the abuse. And she is now on the Sex Offender registry and will be for the rest of her life! It's been several years now and both girls are still in counseling. The children lived with my brother and his wife for over a year before they finally went to live with their grandparents. I don't remember now how it all came to light but everyone in the family was shocked because nobody had a clue that it was going on!
  20. Hound dog

    Hound dog Nana's are Beautiful

    donna I have no clue about either the video camera or a cell that can take photos. Both are possible. You remember that 3k they got in back pay from disability that got spent......