Major meltdown. Been a while. But there's so much progress, even in this...

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    Shari IsItFridayYet?

    Last night, as I posted, we went to a movie. It was a couple of hours from home.

    Monday and Tuesday, I was out of town for work. Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday, wee difficult child's SpEd teacher was out. Last night, he had his special needs sculpting class that his babysitter takes him to. The sculpting instructor was out, so it was a sub, too.

    Too much change. He fell apart and they had to remove him from the studio. The sub handled it poorly, and wee difficult child went into a full blown fight or flight rage. The sitter had to restrain him in the parking lot. She called me on speaker phone just as we were hitting the city but there was nothing processing in his little mind. The poor guy. After about an hour (and me frantically calling husband and exMIL to get help to the sitter and debating just turning around and going home) he calmed and they got him home. Not really any worse for the wear, other than the poor sitter was just exhausted. Wee difficult child went to bed early.

    He went to school this morning, but at about 945 the SpEd teacher called and said his morning aid went home sick, and even though he was doing ok. she could tell he was having to work a lot harder to maintain. After some brief discussion, we took him home.

    But look at that laundry list of change he handled this week. THAT is amazing, even if last night's meltdown DID hoover.
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    gcvmom Here we go again!

    Progress, not perfection! :bigsmile: