Meeting difficult child's teachers--you can't make up this stuff

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    So, I've been emailing, calling and otherwise trying to contact various teachers and special needs lead teachers at both of the schools that difficult child could go to -- we were trying to get him transferred because of fears of retribution when he snitched on his drug buddies.
    No response. Nothing all summer from the special needs dir or the school counselor.
    I tried again last week. Emailed two days ago.
    I also emailed the lead math teacher, to tell her that difficult child had serious difficulties with math and that we were going to have to set up something special.

    Finally, since yesterday was the first day of school, and difficult child went to his normally zoned school, I showed up and started introducing myself to people. Note that this is a HUGE school, with a student body near 2,000. I met the counselor, who told me that we'd meet in a week or two and she'd get together with-the spec needs people but she was set up in a temporary booth in the front hallway, making appts with- students who wanted to meet her. I met the cafeteria supervisors because difficult child had removed the gluten free cake I'd placed in his backpack and had taken the $3 I'd given him *instead* when I had intended it for drinks and fruit. I finally met the principal, who was in the middle of the hallway as lunch got out. As the herd dispersed (it's like being run over by a herd of African wildebeasts) wouldn't you know, difficult child was standing right next to me. "What are YOU doing here?" I could not have found him if I'd sent out a team of detectives but wouldn't you know, the time I don't want him to see me, we literally bump into one another.
    He disappeared into the crowd, and I chatted with-the principal. I told him that I was meeting staff members and trying to give people a heads-up about my son and was frustrated because no one had followed through in regard to contacting me.
    He asked how I had tried to contact them and who they were.
    I showed him my emails, one of which was to the lead math teacher.

    "She passed away last week. She had a lung transplant and rejected it."

    "So, I'll just wait for someone else to contact me," I suggested.
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    I am so glad you didn't let their unreturned emails deter you from your meeting them. That took some guts and I would have done the same thing. As for the uh-oh, maybe if SOMEONE had returned your emails, you'd have learned about the math teacher.

    You're right, this is better than fiction.
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    Well, okay, but what about the others?????
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    Good point.
    AND her name is still on their webpage with-an email link. :(
    I can see this school will not rank up there with-Johnny-on-the-spot kudos.

    by the way, the kids don't get their locker assignments for 2 more wks, and the AC doesn't work.
    And the parent/teacher/student online homework link will not be operational for another 10 days.
    WTH? Why don't they set up everything BEFORE school starts? They expect the students to have their supplies ready. Let's return the favor!

    Thanks for letting me rant.
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    Our kids have their lockers, and they spent the summer upgrading the HVAC (we also have 2 new school buildings, but they cut a bunch of teachers). We, too, cannot get to the homework link. They have no idea when.

    When I was looking at the gym teachers' pages in hopes I could find some clarification on the dance thing, I found their syllabi.

    in my opinion, a syllabus says what they're going to do, at least vaguely. Not class rules. But what do *I* know? I never saw a syllabus till college.
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    Arrgh. Another rant.
    difficult child was placed in advanced English. I have no idea what the diff is between honors, advanced, AP, etc. At any rate, he never did the summer reading or reports. They are due TOMORROW. He said yesterday that it was not necessary to do them.
    Say WHAT?
    He's starting out the yr like this?
    I emailed the lead teacher.
    It got bounced back to me. (I cut and pasted it.)
  7. TerryJ2

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    Okay, I just left an old fashioned message with the front desk person. :censored2:
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    Owww. Sounds like it might be a very stressful year already and it's not all difficult child this time. Hopefully they get their s*** together SOON!!!
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    Step, I hear you!

    I finally got a call back from the lead English teacher. She sounds young and on-the-ball. She gave me the name of the English teacher that difficult child has and said that she was in the ofc when the lead teacher took my more detailed, second call.

    The fact that by coincidence, difficult child read ONE of the books on the summer reading list (Frankenstein, a gift from his bio grandmother) is going to be a boon. Also, he did read this summer, so he can actually write a report on ANY book he read this summer, despite the fact that the online book lists were supposedly required.
    (Reminds me of my first week as a reporter, way back in 1988. Mgmt told me they expected 10 lead stories a week. I busted my b*typical teen and did it. They were shocked. "We don't actually expect anyone to do that. If you really do 10 stories, about half of them will be community pieces or something easier. We were just seeing what you could do. Four will be fine."
    Grrr. Trial by fire.

    difficult child told me to trust him; English is his strong point. Okay, I think that's a good idea. :)
  10. TerryJ2

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    Oh, and they are aware that difficult child has a 504 and that he is literal. I told the lead teacher that if he is supposed to write an essay on the main theme of a book, he'll read the last sentence, which will say something like, "so-and-so died," and he'll think that's the point. She chuckled and said, "That's all right, we have all kinds of students here and different types of learning and interpretation."
    Hmm. I thought this was an advanced class ... but I'm very relieved, at least at this point. I was afraid this would be a sink-or-swim situation.

    Their first class assignment will be to read either the first or second (I can't remember) book in the Hunger Games series. :)

    And maybe, just maybe, difficult child and I will actually have something in common ...
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    We had a back to school open house the week before school. difficult child got his locker assignment and class schedule for the entire year. He didn't want any thing to do with me so as he did whatever with his friends, I met all of his 1st semester teachers. If he knew what I shared with a few of them, he would have come with. I told one of the English teachers about his diagnosis and history of non-reading (he would be super mad if he knew). I told her that his issues have been resolved, that he has a good handle on what he needs to do to stay on top of things. Once he is in her class, she will not believe what we have been through.

    difficult child has two English classes this semester. The students were advised that if they had two that they should consider getting one switched to next semester. Why doesn't the school adjust this instead of having to make the change once the year had begun? The problem is I believe today was the deadline to do so and none of the kids will know until the middle to end of next week what their entire work load will be. difficult child is determined to keep the 1st semester as is so that the 2nd semester will be a bit lighter. He has Advanced Placement US History, biology, geometry, accounting, wildlife perservation, and two English classes. With bowling practices three times per week and a tournament every Saturday for September and October, I hope he can commit to the time needed for homework. Last year he budgeted his time very well with the use of atudy halls so he very seldom brought work home to do. He can get a lot done during study halls this year but will still have one to two hours of homework.

    Two of the bowling practices is right after school so that will not be a problem. It is the 6:45 - 8:15 that is going to be a challenge to work around. Last night he was up late doing homework. I get to follow his work via computer so should be able to tell immediately if he is struggling somewhere. I am also encouraging him to get to school early to do homework in the media center. If he is going to drive to school, he needs to go early anyway for a parking spot.
    I can't get into two of the teacher's individual sites and need to find time to call and ask for tech support. The teachers have e-mails but I can't find one for the computer staff! Frustrating since I don't have time during the day to deal with it?
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    I hear you, Andy!
    I know, you'd think they would do all the paperwork and class adjustments ahead of time.
    However, a friend pointed out to me that in the public school system, by law, each student in the district is GUARANTEED a placement, and those students zoned in that district have to physically show up and GET A DESK. We live in a military area and many parents didn't register their kids until the first day of school. I don't know if that's because a new group was just deployed or what, but at least, that's one explanation ...
  13. tiredmommy

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    Alicia read The Hunger Games last spring so I'm sure difficult child won't have a problem. :)
  14. buddy

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    It makes my head hurt thinking of it. I feel like all common sense much less the extra sense needed for our kids is just gone from our world. So he is staying in the school with the kids he snitched on? Glad he didn't blow up when he saw you. I had to drive medications over to Q's school ....also an enormous school ....he saw me and yelled in the hall...." what the he77? " but that was all. He ended up giving me a high five and being fine----exhale.
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    Where's the "like" button? :)