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Discussion in 'Special Ed 101' started by happymomof2, May 13, 2008.

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    IEP meeting is over. Phew.... I was proud of myself. I was firm and assertive. The whole referral incident was from something that happened yesterday that my son had told me about last night. Him nor I thought this would carry over into today but it did. Why the teachers aide gave him a referral today instead of yesterday is beyond me. Maybe to purposely get me shook up and think about not letting him out of self contained since it was against there recommendations? Who knows. But I think that was highly likely.

    He will still have IEP's and be considered an ESE student with all the rights as other ESE kids. All of this will take place next year. He will remain in self contained this year - which is 17 more days.

    Next year.... we will see what happens.
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    I'm glad it went better than expected. Good work, Mom!

    I doubt this was intentional on the sd's part. It use to blow my mind when my difficult child got a referral two days or two weeks after the "incident." Poor thing, he didn't even remember the circumstances surrounding his infraction by the time the paperwork got to whoever was suppose to get it.

    This type delay doesn't work well for impulsive or ADHD kids. They require immediate feedback in most cases.
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    Well done! I'm so glad things went so well! Now you get to feel like a true "Warrior Mom"!!!!

    You should splurge and buy yourself a nice big shake when the Ice Cream truck goes by!