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    Despite what Buddy has shared about our visit, Q was actually a great kid. At first, he did what I consider to be typical teen stuff like, "quit making comments" and "if you do that, I'm just gonna keep doing it". There was a HUGE difference after she gave him a Ritalin "booster" after we ate. He was an absolute joy while we strolled the mall. He and difficult child 1 got along great! It was interesting to watch the two of them together. It was awesome! I have "strongly" suggested she get Skype so the two of them can chat. I had kind of filled my boys in on some of Q's issues ahead of time and as we were driving back to the hotel, they both commented that Q "wasn't that bad" (meaning his behavior). I had to chuckle because what they saw while we were eating is exactly the way difficult child 1 gets so we are used to it.

    Now, Buddy on the other hand, is a hoot! Her and difficult child 2 DID get along great. He really enjoyed interacting with her. Buddy's stress showed but it didn't interfere with the fun we had. I was glad to see her loosen up while we were with her.

    We talked about some other activities we can do once summer comes. I am really looking forward to doing more things together now that there are "people" attached to the posts!!!
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    Sounds like you guys hit it off and had a blast. Good for you!! :)
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    It seems to be magic when we can actually meet and our difficult children find others they can relate to and interact with. Buddy does seem like an awesome person and mom to her son on this board. I hope you tow can have more memorable experiences, talk, and the kids enjoy each other's friendship.
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    lol!!! What TeDo didn't see is when Q came to ask me things, he was kicking me or pinching me. Then grabbing as much food as he could and walking around eating and he is not good about knowing if food is on his face, arg. But I let that stuff go, not the kicking...that is when I asked Integrated Listening Systems (ILS) to have him leave. But in the end he took his medications and so I allowed him to try to come to the mall and try again. Integrated Listening Systems (ILS) was with us 1/2 hr more and that was time enough for the medications to kick in and I was super proud of his turn about. No more calling me names or any little jabs. He got a huge reward at home for that! But he told me I could NOT compliment him, lol. I thought it was great that difficult child 1 and Q had some similar interests in the kinds of stores they wanted to look at etc. They are both little guys so though they are teens, they could do some of the younger kid stuff and look appropriate (the christmas train was there and just games and electronics and stuff. And, yeah. I could hang out with difficult child 2 lots of days. He has a goofy sense of humor like I do. HE would get along great with my nephews. They are very much similar in terms of sense of humor. One nephew is adhd and one is gen. anxiety disorder. both on 504 plans. (and at the same school, same grade, haha poor school) I really do enjoy middle school aged kids. they are still little but kind of having grown up ideas and opinions... it is a fun time of life when you can get past the ugly moments.

    It will be really fun to think of things to do in the summer months. One thing I do have to say about my kiddo, he LOVES to try new things. He is usually ugly (due to anxiety and routine change) but once into an hour or so, he usually does great. He is typically up to TRY anything. (then if you ever do it again, he will expect it to be exactly the, how many people, places you go, food you eat, etc. so funny. He will tell you details for years)

    Anyway I am rambling again... tonight went well. Q came to my moms to try to peel potatoes with his Integrated Listening Systems (ILS) worker. We saved two of them for him and he did well, only one little cut and he just kept going (we washed off that potato!) THen tehy went to MOA and he had a blast with her (no money no amusement park in the middle, just in the mall mode after being with TeDo and her family. Integrated Listening Systems (ILS) said he did great and last time with the lower ritalin, he spit at her the whole way home. SO, I have to really try to convince new doctor that this kid just has a totally different quality of life. I am not even needing to lock the inside locks tonight. He went past the kids playing outside, said he wanted to play, I said no and he came in! Can you believe it??? I am beside myself. I told him if he broke my trust we would not ever do this again. He said that was fair. WOW

    Happy thanksgiving all!
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    This sounds so successful for him and I am happy to hear it!

    Now, Buddy- when are you going to think about you and your need to just have some companionship? Seriously, no human can keep this pace up and not break at some point. And where will your son be if you were to let it get to that point?
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    Actually, I am going to see a really good friend that I taught with (she lives in this district actually and has two kids on the spectrum). Q is with Integrated Listening Systems (ILS) for 4 hours on Friday (They had both missed hours when he was in hospital so are working extra so I have been getting LOTS of breaks this week!) And we are going to go hang out.

    I spent tonight with my mom and that was sweet. Q came for about 15 minutes to peel the potatoes, then he gave hugs and went to the next activity. It was so pleasant.

    I am PRAYING that tomorrow goes well. We have about 30 people who come to our thanks givings, we always have extra family and friends who dont have a place to go. It is really nice. BUT given Q's choice of words lately and his outburst at papa's last sunday, I am super on guard. My sister who took us to the last hospital (and the ugly er) is a nurse and said it was jus ttotally like he was when we went, only she saw the whole thing beginning to upset this time. (the intensity was less, so no hospital, just that it was the same pattern). So, even with medications, if he has a seizure I am not sure what to do, except my mom's apartment is just down the hall from teh dining hall where we will be located so we can get him there if he needs to sleep (the post ictal stuff), and if that happens I will have someone help me get him to the car instead of letting him wake up and rage. My sister said she will try to make sure my little difficult child sister won't get so upset with him and tell him to stop etc. which just escalates things, esp. as her little daughter runs and tells on him over and over. (huge difficult child in the making, they are so struggling with what to do about her rages etc. school just put her in a "social" group at school because she is so bossy... NOT on the spectrum at all, and she is 1/2 sis to the anxiety nephew)

    I am little by little trying to get back to pre hospital life. Not that I did much but enough to feel not so immersed in Q world.
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    It's nice to meet other members in real life, great to be able to hang around someone you don't have to explain or excuse your child to. We got to meet Stang and Mr Stang a couple months ago, and Kiddo did decent but would hide her face when a camera was spotted and get tetchy about photos.
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    It's wonderful to meet up with fellow Warrior Moms. I wish I lived closer!
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    IF asked again, I may just show up :)
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    MWM, one of our thoughts was heading your way for a week-end. Since our kids could stay occupied and busy, we adults could have a great time "visiting". HEAR THAT ALL YOU OTHER WISCONSINITES!!!! (and anyone else willing to travel to Wisconsin)
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    And MI and anyone else surrounding ....heck even those willng to travel across country (for wisc. dells , haha.... but they do have great water parks!)
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    It's always fun to meet other people from the board :) I'm glad everyone had such a nice time!
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    I think it's great you and your children met up, Buddy and TeDo. Hope you find ways to connect up regularly :)
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    Hey Malika, if I win the lottery we can all fly out to see you!!!! now THAT would be fun.... (dont worry, since I will be so rich, you and J will come to the amazing beach house I rent somewhere, I will let you pick the spot since you know France better than I)
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    Come to the amazing beach house? With all your millions, I think the least you could do is buy us one :)
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    YES, how narrow minded of me!