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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by ML, Aug 21, 2007.

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    I am so impressed. Tomorrow is the first day of school and today was meet the teacher, drop off supplies day. We had her all to ourselves as the time was spread out over 4 hours and we just hit it right. I gave her a thank you card for her call regarding difficult child and homework over the summer and we talked about his issues. I thought they knew ahead of time who the "special" kids were but she hadn't even known about his 504. She agreed to use the communication log (thanks Marg) and even talked to Danny about how to communicate his anxiety levels (1-10) by writing it on a piece of paper. He practically exhibits a form of selective mutism in school so there is no way he'd ever talk to the teacher on his own. She is so cool. He got seated next to his favorite girlfriends (like girls better than boys) and he's happy about that.

    Now I just have to get the right medications and who knows, maybe we'll have a good year. Anyway, I'm hopeful at this point. It's nice having a new fresh start.


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    I am happy for you. School can be so stressful. Sounds like it is off to a good start.
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    I'm so glad that you were able to talk to her and put your mind at ease. Way To Go, Mom!
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    That's really good news, for a start.

    A thought, about anxiety issues, communicating feelings, etc - difficult child 3's aide made him a circular thing with a hand on it (like a clock face with one big hand) and around the edge she put various faces to show his mood. He could dial up how he was feeling, without having to put it into words.

    We also have the HUGE poster with simplified faces, each showing a different facial expression. He's outgrown it now, I think, but it was very helpful for a long time. We would play "expressions" with him, we'd say a mood or feeling, he had to mimic it. One of those games where playing it also rehearses it.

    I hope it continues well after this good start.

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    So glad to hear things went well! Crossing fingers it's a great school year.