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Wow-On Saturday difficult child graduates from high school, on Sunday we are having his open house, Tuesday he turns 18, and on Friday we are leaving on our first ever real family vacation (to Disney World).

Quite the milestones for my kiddo. When I think of my first dark days here, I'm not sure that we would ever see the day where he would be graduating. I've said before that this place has been a lifesaver; it has been. Looking at difficult child now, it is hard to believe he is the same child he was when I first came here (11 years ago) and the same child that went through six hospitalizations.

As many of the old timers know there were times we wondered if difficult child would be able to stay in our house because he was so violent. Thanks to a wonderful village including here, his doctors, and some amazing teachers he has come so far.

He is graduating with honors (although the classes are modified due to his learning disabilities). He is working part time still at a restaurant where he has been busing tables and dish-washing for almost a year. He will be attending extended school year this summer and his new case manager has already found him an additional seasonal job. He will go back to high school for the next three years on the "out" team where they will help him learn vocational and living skills.

I think it's kind of neat that for his open house other than family he mostly has invited former teachers. He has had some amazing ones over the years and the new case manager coming up has a tremendous program that he has built up over the years.

He still doesn't get invited to do things often with friends but has a few friends that do come over to hang out with him for a couple of hours once in awhile (which is huge). The kids at his school do seem to genuinely like him and he did get invited to one open house (a former student of mine). The important thing is he feels he has a few good friends (this is huge because the old timers will also remember that difficult child was never invited to hang out at a friends).

He is still a difficult child in so many ways but the progress on his journey thus far has been nothing short of amazing. I am sure there will be bumpy and some dark days ahead but I have hope that he will continue to make a lot of progress.

Just wanted to share because right now I am very proud of my kiddo (and, yes,I am still knocking on wood-always hoping the other shoe isn't going to drop:happy-little:).

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Well this is just a beautiful post, so full of love, hope and promise. I am so happy for you and your family as you celebrate this milestone.
How awesome, a trip to Disney World.
Enjoy these next few days as you make some wonderful memories that will stay with you always.



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Wonderful post Sharon, I'm happy for you and your son. Congratulations on all the hard work you've all done to support your son to get where he is today. Enjoy!!


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Wiped Im so proud of your son and happy for you all! It is great news to hear! The open house sounds like it will be nice and so sweet he invited his old teachers! Congrats!!!!


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Sharon, I remember well those scary dark days you had with Difficult Child. Time marches on and this too shall pass in the mantra of us warrior mamas!

Congrats to your son :student: and to both you and your husband for all the hard work over the years.

Oh, and enjoy those naps coming your way this summer!!!

The other Sharon :)


Congratulations to you and your son!
I am a longtime lurker, a member who checks in weekly but seldom posts these days. I have such admiration for you - you are such a patient, giving, optimistic person who has worked hard to aid your son in achieving this milestone. Such a terrific post! Congrats and enjoy Disney World!!

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Thank you so much everyone (Kate-you made me blush-that was so kind)! We made it through graduation and the open house today. It was a lot of work to get to get it together but so much fun. difficult child's former pediatrician showed up as well as several past teachers which was really cool. His middle school case manager that had him for three years came. She is a saint and was so pleased with all of his progress.

Sharon-You know me so well-I can't wait for those summer naps! :)