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I saw this on a card when I was shopping for my mother and thought you guys might enjoy it:

<u> The Mom and the Kid Story </u>

Once there was a mother,
Once there was a kid.
The kid loved the mother,
And the mother stuff she did.

The kid grew up and realized
That all this mother stuff
Had helped prepare the kid for life,
And life sometimes is tough.

And maybe Mom can't do it all,
Can't always "make it better",
But even if it's just a talk,
A phone call, or a letter,

A mother's way of seeing things
Can help a kid see
Another way of doing things,
Another way to be.

And that's the way it was (and is)
For this kid and for others.
So listen, kids, the moral is:
Appreciate your mothers!

The End :smile: :wink:


Thanks. I like that.

I have to say, my kids appreciate the heck out of me when I'm buying them something. :rofl: